We are late by a day, but we aren’t short of amazing new and notable apps for your iPhones and iPads in this edition of our weekly roundup of the best apps. The list comprises of some handy utility apps, couple of new games ported from desktop and some nice artistic apps.

Please note that the list includes both free and paid apps. It’s also important to note that some of the free apps (specially the games) are in fact freemium apps, in the sense that they include in-app purchases to get the full experience. Nevertheless, you should definitely check out each of the app we have collected for you this week.

Serial+ ($2.99)

Serial+ is a handy Warranty & Serial number manager many of you were looking for. Unlike other competing apps, Serial+ provides a simple and easy-to-use way of managing both hardware and software serials and warranties right from the iPhone. The app costs $2.99, but a great choice if you are looking for an effective serials and warranties manager.


Tunetrace (Free)

How about an app which can convert your sketch into music? Fun, right? Tunetrace does exactly that. This free app translates the photograph of your art piece into a cacophony of beeps and drum-based sounds. Of course you can’t expect melodious tunes as such, but a very interesting and absorbing experiment nevertheless, specially if you have kids around.

Fry (Free)

Visually Stephen Fry is first of the many upcoming apps by Headcast which is a broadcasting and animation platform aimed at connecting celebs with their fans. In their first app, Stephen Fry records and pushes out short voice messages to his fans accompanied by an animated, virtual avatar which lipsyncs with the voice recording and can also mimic hand gestures and facial expressions. A must try app even if you are not a fan of Mr. Stephen Fry.

Karateka Classic ($0.99)

Karateka was a classic game on Atari. Their creators have now re-released the game in its original glory on iOS and Android. Those who had played the original Karateka can now have a trip down the memory lane, and others can have a look at the video below to know what it’s all about.

Haunting Melissa (Free)

Haunting Melissa is a serialized video horror story delivered in the form of an iOS app. Watching the first episode is free, and then you’ll have to wait and pay to keep going with the narrative. Haunting Melissa is produced by Neal Edelstein who also produced the US versions of The Ring and The Ring 2.

A Beautiful Mess ($0.99)

A Beautiful Mess is the easiest way to make pretty photos and to share them with friends. Add new life to your favorite photos with custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles and share them with your friends via rmail, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Limelight ($1.99)

Limelight is a new way to browse and organize your movie library. Become a movie critic and share your library with friends. Organizing your entire movie library is now easy. You can easily keep track of the movies you want to watch and when they’re released to theaters. It uses TheMovieDB for its catalog of movies.


Arpeggionome ($0.99)

A New Musical Instrument for controlling Arpeggios with the touch of a finger. Arpeggionome for iPhone transforms your iPhone into a new and expressive musical instrument. Arpeggionome has been around for a while on the iPad, and is now available for iPhone as well.

Go Home Dinosaurs ($4.99)

Though it looks like a game for kids at first glance, Go Home Dinosaurs expertly combines tower defense with puzzle elements, and should appeal to many casual gamers. It has been garnering rave reviews ever since it was released few days back. Do check the video trailer below.

Mystic* ($0.99)

Mystic* is a new photo editing app with lots of interesting filters, light effects, textures, frames, words or enhancements such as sharpening, contrast and color tone. The filters/effects/overlays are fully adjustable. Give it a try and you’ll love it.

Impossible Road ($1.99)

Impossible Road is a minimalistic and casual game that requires very little thought, but might drive you mad. This app is great for hardcore gamers looking for a casual game to pass the time. The gameplay is pretty difficult and is quite a challenge for many.

Hangouts (Free)

Google I/O was devoid of new product launches this year, but the Mountain View giant announced unification of its messaging apps with Hangouts, offering instant messaging, photo-sharing, emoji and video calls in one package. Connect with friends across computers, phones and tablets.

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (Free)

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for iPad presents four of Beethoven’s legendary recordings of this iconic work (9th Symphony), with the amazing ability to switch instantly between each performance at any point in the piece. You get two minutes for free, with an in-app purchase unlocking the rest. And the app download is a whopping 1.53 GB in size.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 ($2.99)

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 1 is a colorful 3D adventure title in which you take on the role of a young whippersnapper called Jacob. The gameplay involves solving puzzles, and interacting with all manner of creatures and critters, including talking foxes, celebrity-obsessed barmaids, and dim-witted hunters.

Star Trek Rivals (Free)

A highly addictive, strategic, and free collectible card game featuring the characters and ships from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. You can play multiple matches at the same time, each side alternating turns similar to games like Words With Friends. Luckily, there are no in-app purchases involved and the game is absolutely free to play.

Frozen Synapse ($6.99)

Despite it’s 70′s sci-fi style choices, Frozen Synapse is actually a fairly advanced strategy game. It’s a port from the desktop, where the game was an award-winning effort, and it definitely doesn’t fall short of that standard on mobile.It’s a classic turn-based strategy style game with some modern twists that will keep you engaged and on the battlefield.


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