Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, has surprised the audience with interesting features and high-end specs. After Google announced their recent partnership with the Seoul-based company to release a Nexus variant of the phone with Vanilla Android, we now discover that the fourth generation S may be accompanied by two other siblings.

Rumors have it that not one, but two variants of the Galaxy SIV will soon be announced officially. The first one, entitled Zoom, should have a high-end optical sensor capable of 10x optical zooming while the second, named Active, should be a rugged handset aimed for those outdoorsy. As it figured, pictures and precious details about the Active have leaked.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – a smarter Xcover 2


Samsung has made a habit out of exploiting every possible sector of the market. Although it’s a try and fail process, the manufacturer has managed to attract a very broad area of customers. This time, it’s trying the sea with a high-end rugged smartphone like no other. Compared with the Galaxy Xcover 2 we saw a couple of months ago at MWC, the Galaxy S4 Active comes with a better processor, slimmer forms and a wide range of smart functions. But what does separate the Active from the classic S4?

Internally known as I9295, the Active is powered by a quad-core 1.9GHz processor packing an Adreno 320 GPU, probably from Snapdragon 600 origins, which is less than the usual eight-core attached to the original model. Rumors claim that the display manages to rise up to expectations by supplying the same 1080p quality (Full HD), a bigger pixel density of 480 ppi and a screen slightly smaller than 5-inch. When it comes to the camera, the rear unit can supply only 8-megapixels, a clear downgrade from the 13MP sensor.


Even though all of these details are pure speculations at the moment, it turns out that the handset has been recently displayed in Croatia, so Samsung might take the stage any moment. From the pictures spotted, we can observe that the form, shape and general design of the Active is completely different than those of the casual S4. The shell is fully metallic, with bolts on the back and three hardware buttons present on the front-facing side, right below the screen.

The smartphone should be waterproof and dust-resistant, as shown by the change log of latest version of the WatchON TV control application, developed by Samsung’s partner Peel. In the lines detailing what the new version is capable of, readers could also observe the unofficial confirmation of the Galaxy SIV Mega, possibly a smarter phablet version of the recently-announced Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8. Also, the Mini variant was mentioned.

Spigen Slim Armor Case Lookalike


The design of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active looks dangerously close to Spigen’s Slim Armor case. We were alerted by an alert reader of the similarity and it does look like Samsung is heavily inspired from Spigen’s design. Spigen has made a name for itself as a quality rugged case maker for several smartphones (including the Galaxy S4) with a double layered TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case. Let us wait and see how close the Galaxy S4 Active design comes to this. [H/T: Daniel Kujawa]

Update: Samsung Galaxy S4 gets leaked in a video now.

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