May 2013 is coming to an end and the last weekly roundup of the best apps for iPhone and iPad we came across since the last roundup is here. Next month will be even more exciting with WWDC 2013 kicking off on June 10th. iOS 7 is expected to be announced with a new design, courtesy Jony Ive. But that has not hampered the inflow of many new exciting apps being submitted and approved on the App store.

This week we continue to shortlist the most notable new apps we came across, and it includes a couple of clock apps, a couple of sequels and an addictive game. Mind you, the listing is not in any particular order as such.

Mailbox for iPad (Free)

Mailbox, one of the most hyped up email apps on iPhone is now available for the iPad. Though the app promised more than it delivered, the hype hasn’t died down, thanks to $100 million purchase by Dropbox. The increased real estate on the iPad get you a reading screen on the right side of the inbox queue, while the gestures remain same as the iPhone version.


Slonce ($0.99)

We are seeing a greater surge in clock apps in recent times, but that hasn’t stopped the developers in releasing their own. Slonce joins the list as an interesting clock app that splits the day into vertical sections on the screen. The time is denoted by a single horizontal line between the current hours. It does look as weird as it sounds.


Wake Alarm ($1.99)

The second clock app in this week’s roundup is in fact a dedicated alarm clock app. Wake Alarm is a gorgeous looking alarm for your iPhone. It does have some useful features like Slap to snooze, flip your phone over to turn off alarms or Shake to wake, but the USP is really it’s looks. Wake Alarm has a simple gesture-based UI and is a perfect app for everyone from heavy dozers to lighter dreamers.

Quotato (Free)

I know of several people on twitter who are crazy about quotes. If you are one of them, you will love this app. Quotato is an amazingly simple minimalistic app for collecting your favorite quotes. It’s a simple quote collecting app which lets you quickly note down a quote and enter the name of the person who said it. Not something everyone would like or want, but those who do will surely appreciate this free app.

Mentor (Free)

Mentor is a part of new-generation motivation apps which let you connect with both strangers and friends, to ensure you keep your pledge. It’s a combination of a wish list, social network and a task manager. A perfect app that can help you turn all those New Year resolutions of yours into reality. It’s optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch only.

SntapCamera (Free)

SntapCamera can be a perfect replacement for the default iOS camera app. It allows taking a real quick picture by just tapping the screen once. The app has no buttons, and works completely with gestures. You can use it for capturing photos & videos, and sharing your media over Facebook, all with a few swipes. It’s an universal app and free to download.

Halftone 2 (Free)

Halftone has been a popular photo app on the App store, and here comes the sequel which re-imagines what it means to turn your photos into professionally-themed comic book pages on a touch device. Halftone 2 is designed exclusively for iPad and iPad mini and is free to try, but involves in-app purchases in order to unlock the full functionality.

Blip Blup (Free)

Here is yet another minimalist & addictive puzzle game which promises to consume your thoughts and occupy your dreams. The basic gameplay involves triggering pulses of light so that they fill in all the empty space in each level. Light pulses can be blocked by walls, and won’t travel around corners but will travel diagonally. You can either buy the ad-filled free version of ad-free paid version for $1.99.

City Guides by National Geographic (Free)

Explore the best of four of the world’s most vibrant cities—London, Paris, Rome, and New York—with City Guides by National Geographic. Included free with each city are local tips, current weather, fun facts, and a selection of iconic photos. In-app purchases will unlock curated point-by-point walks, customizable itineraries, city secrets, stunning photo galleries, and much more.


Rainingfm ($1.99) started as a web app that streamed the sounds of rain in loop. Such a simple idea has turned viral and the developer is now releasing the dedicated mobile apps on iOS and Android. The new app features an elegant design, a rolling rain track with a volume control, and three different weather extremities. At $1.99, the app doesn’t come cheap, but can be a real good stress buster for many of you.

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