You might remember that a few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled their new console, the Xbox One. However, at that time, there was no information revealed about the pricing and availability of the device. Today, at E3, we found out more information about the device.

The Xbox One made quite a stir in the gaming community. Opinions vary from “no one will buy it” to “it brings together the entire multimedia experience”. While we are not here to debate if the Xbox One is or is not a great device, we can give you some information about its price and availability.


Microsoft’s Xbox One will cost $499

We’ve learned today that the new Microsoft console will be available in 21 markets around the world for the price of $499 in the US market and €499 for Europe (£429 for UK markets). November will be the month when potential customers will be able to purchase the device, but for the moment, Microsoft has not announced exactly in which countries it will be made available.

Those who will part with that sum of money will most likely expect something good in return, and included with the console, there will be a wireless controller, the new Kinect sensor and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold. The subscription is worth about $5 (sell value from other sources), and if you want to renew it, it will set you back about $15  per month, which is the relative equivalent of a pay-to-play game like World of Warcraft or Lord of The Rings Online.

Microsoft will also have a limited edition “Day One” bundle that includes a custom controller, special Xbox Live achievements and unique packaging. The commemorative package will come at the same price as the regular version, but only a lucky few will be able to grab it in time.

At the launch of the product, Microsoft will be also releasing  for separate purchase Xbox One Play & Charge kits as well as Xbox One Headsets. Game developers that will release games for the Xbox One are also trying to give customers some extra content when they pre-order games. So, if you plan on buying the Xbox One and some games like Forza Motorsport 5, Son of Rome or Dead Rising 3, expect to get some bonus material as well (this additional material will also be included in the Xbox One Day One Edition).

Pre-orders for the Xbox One can already be made on Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and several others.

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