Weather apps are a dozen a penny, irrespective of the platform whose app store you decide to raid. And they come in all shapes and sizes, from Accuweather’s information packed app to Yahoo!’s relatively simple yet elegant app that pulls images representing the weather and place from its vast Flickr collection. Then there are the gesture-based minimalistic apps like Haze, which turn on the class while telling you whether it will rain tomorrow. Round that off with the rather powerful apps that come installed on most smartphones and you would wonder why anyone would need to spend time downloading another weather app.


Well, they would if the app was like the rather curiously named Swackett. Yes, it is not a spanking new app and has been around for a while, but hey, we just noticed it a few days ago, courtesy a few readers, and well, now we just cannot get enough of it. It is a 2.4 MB download on Android, a 4.0 MB one on the iPhone and well, if you want to savor its joys on the iPad, get ready for a 26 MB download. There is a silver lining, though – it is totally free.


Start off the app, however, and you will see why we consider it to be so special. For instead of the plethora of data that emanates from other weather apps, Swackett mixes graphics, trivia and information, in what is a pretty potent cocktail. Of course, you can get the basics such as current temperature and forecast over the next few days, but adding a spin to them are some very interesting illustrations. You will, for instance, always see a person dressed up in a manner that the app considers appropriate for the weather it is representing – and you can swipe up and down to get more options (they are available for both men and women). There is also a UV index that indicates whether you need sunglasses, a sunscreen or a hat, and even an index that shows just how much your pets might like the weather. Round that off with slices of trivia (ranging from coffee plant yields to pet behavior to skin problems), and what you have is a weather app that goes beyond information and gets close to entertainment territory.


There is information too, for those who prefer mathematical figures to human ones or are just plain weather freaks – you can get forecasts and satellite imagery. But if it is plain common sense information you want about the weather, presented in an entertaining format, well, Swackett is an app that you really must download. The interface can be a little cluttered, but when in doubt, just swipe in any direction and it is a fair chance that you will come away with a handy snippet of information. Hardcore weather fans will still opt for Accuweather’s data delight, but those wanting something less intimidating and more, well, interesting, will just love Swackett.

We certainly do.


Download from: Google Play, iTunes App Store
Price: Free

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