Instagram might have made image filters – those apps that add a new dimension to your pictures by placing a layer over them – a rage but it does not really offer a whole lot in the filter department itself. Of course, that perfectly suits the needs of those who want nothing more than the ability to tweak an image a bit and then share it. But what of those who want more? Well, for them, there are apps like Vintique, an app dedicated to throwing your images into the past by daubing them with vintage camera effects. It has been around for a while and has now got an update, taking it up to version 2.4.


At 48.2 MB, it is a very hefty download for a filter app, and it comes with a 99 cent price tag too. But then, it does deliver a lot of bang for that slightly lesser than a buck price. Mind you, at many times, it does seem like the antithesis of Instagram. Unlike that worthy, Vintique lets you generate images in three different resolutions – a very basic 612 x 612, a more hefty 1224 x 1224 and an even heftier 2448 x 2448. Yes, you can actually think of getting prints of images tweaked using this app.


And tempted to get prints you will be because Vinitque literally throws the kitchen sink at you when it comes to playing around with filters, and delivers some very good results. To start off, there are thirty-odd filters (you can purchase another 26 for another 99 cents if you like it), which is plenty more than what Instagram gives you and what’s more, they are all pretty high quality, if you loved the seventies and eighties. But add to that the option to increase or decrease the effect of the filter, the ability to play around with elements like temperature and exposure, the power to add vignetting and texture, and a top that off with the option to put the picture in a frame (there are dozens of those too, with the option to add more if you wish to part with some money), with text to boot, and the app takes on a whole new dimension. You have of course the option to share the fruits of your filtration genius across social networks and mail, if you think it worthy.


Yes, it is the antithesis of the simpler and more intuitive Instagram in many ways, but what cannot be denied is that for those wishing to spend time willing to master it, Vintique delivers some stunning results. It is not perfect – it takes some time to add filter effects and frames and the interface can feel intimidating to some- but if you are willing to give it time, Vintique is perhaps the best vintage camera filter app we have seen, in terms of not just effects but also the flexibility to tweak them to your convenience.

Available from: iTunes App Store
Price: US $0.99

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