Facebook is continuously upgrading and adding different features, in order to keep itself the most used social network world-wide. A lot of new features were implemented in recent months and some of them aren’t as popular among users. If you’re a regular user who access Facebook on a daily basis, then you are accustomed with the basic operations, such as deleting or adding a friend, organizing your applications, wall and updating status.

Aside from these basic functionality, other subtle and interesting changes were also added to improve the Facebook experience. Those who don’t know about these not-so-well-known features will be amazed by what Facebook can really do, once they’ve been made aware of the following Facebook tips and tricks.

Facebook tips and tricks you didn’t know


Facebook was initially launched only for students from the Harvard University in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues. Later, in 2005, when he saw its true potential, he launched it world-wide and now, it has over 1.1 billion active users. This social network is part of our daily routine, so let’s together discover some new and interesting things about Facebook.

Add Facebook Chat to Firefox’s Sidebar


Facebook Chat represents a new method through which people can easily communicate online. The big disadvantage of this chat is that it’s placed on the bottom of the Facebook page and when you want to read and write messages, you will always have to return to the tab where Facebook is loaded.

What if it could be put in a place where it can be always accessed? Follow the next simple guide and you will find how to add it to your Firefox’s sidebar:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and on the top of the screen, search for “Organize Bookmarks” under “Bookmarks” and select it.
  2. Click “New Bookmark” and enter the following information
  1. Just go again to the top and click “View”. From the new menu, select “Bookmarks” which can be found under “Sidebar”.
  2. Now, click “Chat (Facebook)” from the sidebar and start sending messages to friends.

 Schedule Facebook Messages


It would be great if we could schedule Facebook in order to send messages at a certain moment in the future, wouldn’t it? Sendible offers this feature which helps you send messages to your friends and colleagues at a precise time in the near future. You only have to make an account on the site (the first 30 days are free) and link your Facebook account. Now, just create a new message and set your preferred parameters.

The big disadvantage of Sendible is the price, because the cheapest account type costs $39.99 per month and offers management for up to 40 services. So in my opinion, it doesn’t deserve the money if you use it for personal purposes only.

Alternatively, you can consider using Buffer which is simpler, but has a very good free option as well.

Remove Facebook Advertisements

Advertisements that appear when surfing on Facebook can be very annoying and bamboozling. Facebook: Cleaner is a script that can be easily installed in your browser to remove many of those (un)avoidable ads. It’s simple and can be even updated, as new adverts continuously come along.

Adding GIF images in Facebook Page Tab

Basically, Facebook doesn’t allow users to upload GIF files on their profile, so it’s technically impossible to add one. However, there is a trick that allows users to do this, to avoid the limitations imposed by Facebook. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First of all, Adobe Photoshop and QuickTime Player are necessary to go through with this guide. Open Adobe Photoshop where you will have to choose “Import -> Video frames to layers” from the “File” menu.
  2. Choose the name of the file and the desired GIF. To resize it, go to “Image Size” under “Image” and in the dialog box that appeared set the dimension to 111 x 74 pixels.
  3. Lastly, save the file in the PSD format and don’t forget to check the “Layers” option.
  4. After having added an application tab to your profile, log in to your Facebook account and click on the pencil icon from the tab.
  5. Click on “Edit settings” and change the custom tab image with the one you just created.

Restricting Your Facebook Profile Photo

Not everyone wants to share his profile picture with other people, but how to make it un-clickable? If you are interested, follow the next steps to know how this trick works:

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click on “Albums”
  2. Choose the “Profile Pictures” category and select the current picture that is used the profile one.
  3. From the privacy settings change the option to “Only me” and from this point, nobody will be able to click to see your profile picture.

Make your status blue


Everybody has lots of favorite pages and friends on their Facebook profile so that the News Feed is always overcrowded. If you want to draw attention when updating your status, transform the standard black status in a blue one.

It’s a nice trick that will get attention for sure and in addition, not many people know of it. To do this, just type the next code in the status box and write your text:

  • @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type your text  here]]

Stay Undetected on Facebook Chat


Not very long ago, Facebook introduced a feature to its Chat service that shows if the message that was sent was seen by the receiver. Having this capability, you cannot hide from somebody if you want him to think you aren’t using the computer then.

A nice trick to stay undetected is an application that permits you to hide the read receipt from the Facebook Chat:

  1. Download the application from here. To do this, press the green button that says “Get Chat Undetected”.
  2. This is an add-on/extension that will be added to your browser. Next, close your browser.
  3. Browse to the location where the program was downloaded and install the setup (chat-undetected.exe).
  4. When the installation is finished, open the browser and search for the add-on/extension to activate it. Note that if you are using Mozilla Firefox, it will ask for your permission to install and activate it.
  5. After this, enjoy Facebook Chat without being afraid that someone that you don’t want to talk with will see that you read their messages and refused to answer.

Download Facebook Photo Album

Facebook2ZIP is an application that allows downloading photo albums from your personal Facebook page or your friend’s page. This is a very good modality to back-up your personal photos in case something happens and you lose everything, because this online application can download all your photos from a specified album with just some clicks.

Just log in with your Facebook account through the website, choose your desired album and all photos will be downloaded in a ZIP archive. To use this nice app, go to their website and start using Facebook2ZIP.

Post Upside-Down Status Updates


If you are searching for a way to confuse your friends and make them think that something is wrong, post an upside-down status and you’ll succeed. How to do this awesome trick? FlipText is a website that lets you transform a normal text in an upside-down way.

Go to their website, write your original text in the first box and it will automatically change to upside-down way in the other box from the page. After that, just copy the resulted text and post it on Facebook.

Use Special (ASCII) Characters

Using special characters represents a very nice way to decorate status updates, comments or to use them when you’re chatting. It’s a very simple way to do this, just visit this page and copy the preferred character and paste it. Now, you will be able to use stylish symbols and different icons with just a couple of clicks.

Change Facebook Theme Color


Many updates were made to Facebook from the beginning, but it never had a major design change. The traditionally blue theme for Facebook can be boring sometimes, especially because you use the social network every day. It would be nice if you could change the color theme and add a personal touch to your Facebook experience, but how to do this?

Different developers thought about this problem and concluded that something must be done to remedy it and they created a nice extension for Chrome browser. The name speaks for itself, Change My Facebook Color, and allows users to choose their own color for themes. Follow the next little guide to discover how to do this:

  1. Download the extension from Chrome Web Store and install it.
  2. Go to Google Chrome’s settings and under “Appearance” from “Settings”, tick “Always Show Bookmark Toolbar”.
  3. Select the newly installed application, Change My Facebook Color, which can be found on the top-right of the screen.
  4. Choose the color for background and foreground and drag the arrow icon to the bookmark toolbar.
  5. Go to Facebook and press the button from the toolbar and enjoy your new Facebook theme.

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