A while back, we took a look at some awesome gadgets that a spy might use on his next mission. Now, we have a new mission for you, and you if you choose to accept it, you will see what are the best apps for a spy to use on his iPhone. While a spy will most likely have a secret, non-traceable mobile phone linked up to a satellite that has an auto-destruction feature, their personal phone, the one that they use on regular basis, to keep up appearances, might be an iPhone.

These apps, granted that some some of them work better than others, might indeed give a run of the mill iPhone some spyphone-like features. If they are useful or not, it’s up to you, and keep in mind that some of these apps are better at make-believe than reality. Nevertheless, they are still cool to have and they might stir up some laughs at the very least.

What spy apps could you download?


As a spy, you might be in a tough situation every once in a while, therefore, you must rely on your gear to obtain the information you need, and of course, to escape. When spying on enemies, it’s a good idea to have a recorder app on your iPhone, even more important, a recorder app that runs without giving you away. There are some apps out there that use clever interface tricks to mask their identity so that an observer won’t know that he is recorded. The same is true with video surveillance.

Another good tool that you might consider adding to your iPhone spy app collection is a GPS tracker that will update your phone’s position on a regular interval. This will help your allies to know where you are and, if the worst should happen, and you are captured, they can send reinforcements.

Secret coded messages are what any self respecting spy will send. And before he can send anything, he must scramble the message, so if it were to be intercepted by enemies, they will only have an encrypted message that will look like gibberish. The same message might be even equipped with a self-destruct function, so it will delete itself after a few seconds of being received by the recipient. This will ensure that no trail will lead back to you and blow your cover.

As you can see, there are a number of possible functions that some iPhone spy apps can add to your device. But, from the thousands of apps that are on the iTunes Store, which are fit to be used by a spy? Well, if you want to turn your smartphone into a 007 iPhone, then check these apps out.

Best iPhone apps for spying


As mentioned before, some of these apps do not have a practical use, and they are only able to give off the impression of a spy gadget, but nevertheless, they are still pretty cool for some make-believe spy role playing. We’ll start off with some of the apps that actually offer a functionality to the user.

  • My Hidden Folder Pro ($0.99) – A safe iPhone file vault is a great idea for a spy to use. This is where he can keep his “sensitive” information away from prying eyes.
  • Spy Kit ($0.99) – Offering a number of tools for the novice spy, this handy toolbox can be easily accessible and its tools can be quite useful in a number of situations.
  • ReconBot ($2.99) – If you want to get some evidence against your enemies, then this discreet video and audio recorder might just do the trick.
  • Security Cam with Dropbox & YouTube Sync ($9.99)– Offering a number of impressive features, such as audio triggers and others, as well as instant upload, this app is a good solution for getting information out fast.
  • Secret Voice – Recording Voice Secretly ($0.99) – This app can record sound even when the screen of your device is turned off. This makes it easy to record unsuspecting victims.
  • Call Log Pro (Free) – If you have important conversations in the US and you want to record them for later use, then this app is the perfect tool to do so.
  • Top Secret Audio Recorder (Free) – A tool for secretly recording sound that shows different backgrounds on your iPhone’s desktop. It also has some other interesting features to check out.
  • GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad – Standard Edition ($3.99) – This app tracks via GPS your every step, so your superiors will always know your route and your exact position.
  • The Spy Recorder ($1.99) – Schedule your iPhone to start recording a specific time, so you will be free to do all the other spy stuff and not worry about your phone.
  • Self Destructing Message (Free) – If you have to send sensitive information, better do it with this app. It will “attach” a self delete feature to the message so that it will delete automatically after a set time.
  • Spy Gizmos (Free) – Sending secret information poses a risk, and it’s better to have your message encrypted before sending it. This app can encrypt or translate to Morse code any text.
  • Contact Spy ($0.99) – Spies change phone numbers like they change their socks, so a search engine for phone numbers might come in handy sometimes.
  • Night Vision Camera ($0.99) – A spy might have some sophisticated video surveillance equipment. With this app, you can at least pretend to have the same gadgets.

A word of advice


Apart from these simple apps, there are other services, like mSpy, that actually allow you to spy on other phones. However, it’s not recommended to use them on unsuspecting people. They are mainly used by employers who want to make sure that their employees don’t use company resources for personal gain, or for others that are really in need of such software. In some parts of the world, it is even illegal to use such services, so be careful and try to stay away from them.

Also, keep in mind that filming or recording someone for your own benefit and without their knowing can also be considered a crime, and, in fact, is illegal in some parts of the world.

These apps are perfect for those that want some cool iPhone spy apps on their device, so that they can benefit from some awesome features, or just for some role playing. Whatever the purpose for this type of apps, it’s a good thing to know that they are here, at your disposal, whenever you need them.

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