Each person inevitably hath his or her favorite place. Make that “places” if they are the type that gets around a fair bit. And oh yes, a list of places to visit as well, based on advice from friends, colleagues and the like. Now, while the good old smartphone revolution does indeed allow you to find places on mapping applications, saving a list of places to visit or simply places one likes on a map app is not exactly convenient. Let’s face it, developers made maps for helping you find your way around, not keep track of where you wish to go and where those places are located.


Which is why we have developed a soft corner for Capsule, notwithstanding its insistence that we shell out USD 1.99 for the privilege of using it. The app itself is a small 3 MB download and works best on the iPhone. It starts by (obviously) asking permission to use location services and that granted, starts doing its magic. You start off with a map, with a search box on top and options to calibrate your location, a button to find nearby places and the My list option. And oh yes, that blue dot on the map is thee!


That pretty much is it. Capsule’s information base is FourSquare, from which it pulls out recommendations for places close to you. Choose a place and it will show you the information about it in the form of a card with contact details and tips left by FourSquare users if any. You also have the option of naming places if you wish. And well, then there is the matter of lists – you can select places, add tags and notes if you wish, and of course, go right ahead and check it whenever you wish. You can search for places in your vicinity, and get contact information and tips about them. You can also save your current location with tags, and search through your list of places. Sharing places with friends over mail, message and social networks is available too. We saw the option to get ‘driving directions’ to the place you choose, but tapping on it simply opened up Google Maps and did nothing else.


That little stutter apart, we must say we liked Capsule. It is a simple, small app that lets you find interesting places around you, and make a list of the ones you like, complete with locations on a map. Definitely beats dropping pins on Google Maps and yes, we love the card based information interface, which combines information with good presentation. No, we are not too sure it would be very handy in areas where FourSquare is not too popular but if you are in a big city and like to get around using your iPhone, this app is for you. Well worth the price, we think.

Available from: iTunes App Store
Price: US$ 1.99

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