The ingenious smartwatch Kreyos Meteor that has already reached its funding goal on Indiegogo, comes at a moment when the world is awaiting for Apple’s iWatch. Just today, Sony also announced SmartWatch 2, the updated version of its smartwatch product. Even if Kreyos Meteor is still in its funding phase, if it gets released with the features that are being promoted on the crowdfunding platform, then it has all the chances of rivaling with the best products in the market, including the hugely popular Pebble smartwatch.

The unique selling point of the Kreoys Meteor smartwatch represents its voice & gesture control ability. And what’s really impressive is that the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch is also waterproof, a feature that didn’t allow Pebble to make use of Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Kreyos meteor comes with a microphone and speaker, letting you control your smartphone hands-free by using voice commands. Now, this is one gadget that cycling lovers will definitely appreciate!


Kreyos Meteor: the Star Trek communicator of our times

Being able to control your smartphone through your smartwatch by voice is highly advantageous, if you’re in need of such a device. Though it will be interesting to see if the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch will rise up to our expectations in real-life usage, it promises that after syncing to your smartphone’s voice command system, it will let you do the following things:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Activate SIRI remotely
  • Call friends
  • Respond to SMS/text
  • Change your music
  • Post to your social media accounts
  • Reply and send emails
  • Receive and reply to notifications
  • Set up alarms and appointments
  • Access certain applications

If you think controlling your smartwatch by voice is not enough, you should know that the team has also added gesture control support.

It has inside a three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and other internal motion sensors that are able to detect a customizable set of wrist motions. Currently, the device recognizes four different hand motions but the team will add more in the future. Gesture control is a much needed feature, because it allows you not to look weird when talking to your smartwatch.

Kreyos Meteor will help you find your phone, in case you have forgotten where you have put it, thanks to its lost phone alert function. This smartwatch is perfectly suited for tracking your fitness goals and accomplishments thanks to its activity trackers that can count your steps, burnt calories, distance and much more. Being waterproof, it’s also a gadget that you can take with you swimming, in the shower or in bad weather. The Kreyos Cloud will let you share important information with your teammates, coaches and trainers.

Is this the smartwatch you were looking for?

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch doesn’t satisfy only sports lover, but also fashion addicts as it is highly customizable in terms of design. You can change your “watch face” and choose from 20 different models with more being added in the future! Watchbands and accessories made from durable silicone and with “hot” colors will let you further customize your smartwatch. See in the gallery below the colors that it comes with: Boppin’ Black, Wintry White, Poppin’ Pink, Bo’ Berry Blue, Luscious Lime, as well as the accessories: BeltClip, LanYard, WatchBand.

The guys working to make the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch a reality are pretty confident about their product:

Unlike the first-generation smartwatches that only provide one-way notifications, the Kreyos Meteor is the first and only interactive smartwatch to let you use voice and gestures to control your smartwatch. Built into the operating system of the smartwatch itself, this technology is far beyond the capacities of the first-generation watches prepping for the market today.  In fact, voice and gesture control cannot be easily added to other watches because adding voice and gesture control requires hardware, rather than software, integration.

For those interested in the hardware specifications of the Kreyos Meteor (and those that can understand them), here they are:

  • Ultra Low Power MCU
  • Ultra Low Power 1.26 Inch Memory LCD Screen 144 x 168 pixel
  • 4 Waterproof Buttons
  • Vibrating motor
  • ANT/ANT+
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
  • 3-Axis Gyrometer
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Water Resistant Mini Speaker
  • Water Resistant MEMS Microphone with HIGH SNR and Flat Wide Band frequency response
  • Water resistant – Good for swimming and shower (ATMs: TBD)
  • 150 mah Lithium Rechargeable Battery (7 days battery life)
  • USB Interface for Charging and Watch OS Update

Those who will buy the smartwatch through Indiegogo can still get it for only $100, along with a black WatchBand + the free Kreyos app. But this offer is limited, so hurry up if you’re looking to save. For $119, you will get a black Meteor smartwatch and for $129, one of any color. Have a look below at a first look at the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch.

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