It’s that time of the week when you get to know about all the new apps that made buzz earlier this week. Along that, we will also see which software of yours need an update. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

Best Web apps and Windows software

Kingsoft Office 2013 (Free/Pro)

If you aren’t happy with the size a typical office productivity suite occupies, and writing few documents & making some presentations are the only things you use it for, you might want to try Kingsoft Office 2013. Kingsoft Office has a word processor, a presentation program and a spreadsheet tool. Interestingly it gives you three interfaces to pick from, one of them resembles the Office 2003 suite, and the other two are modern ribbon typed.

The suite sports almost every functionality you need from an Office suite including enough templates, charts and transitions effects. That said, It also provides support for dual monitors. At first look the application seems to have the interface which looks like someone has mixed Libre Office with Microsoft Office.


RipTunes (Free)

If you want to grab the audio files of your favorite YouTube videos then RipTunes is for you. The program detects the audio quality of the file and lets you download the version you like. Not just that, if you use iTunes, the app can integrate with it and send over all those audio files to your account. The recent update has brought improvement to its search functionality, which makes the program return more relevant results.

Meople.Net (Free)

I have personally used dozens of social network apps both on my mobile and computer, but none of them are as sophisticated as Meople. It integrates with all your Social Networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, you-name-it and brings their update at one place. You can also click on the circled “+” logo to leave a new status update. By visiting the Inbox tab you can access all your messages and DMs. For news stories, click on the rightmost tab.


DeskNotifier (Free/Pro)

DeskNotifier connects your Android powered smartphone to your computer to bring all the phone’s notification on your monitor. The connection can be made over WiFi or through USB cable. The notifications include incoming text, call, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp notifications.

Software Upgrades

Windows 8.1


Microsoft doesn’t usually provide a huge update for their operating system so soon. But on public demand to bring back some of the old features including start menu and the ability to boot directly to the desktop, Microsoft has been gracious enough to provide a fix. To get a detailed information of everything you will be getting from this update read our post on it. If you want to get this update, this is our guide on how to download it.

Comodo Internet Security 6.2.282872

This free internet security suite has received an update. The new update fixes over 200 bugs, including the one that was responsible to hog too much memory. It also brings with it the feature to exclude certain files during restoration from the virus vault. It also seem to have found solution for the virus that tricks the computer and lands it to blue screen of death.

Google Earth

Google Earth for iOS received an update this week, and so has its desktop version. The new version resolves the corrupted text rendering on many graphics cards. Imagery won’t stay blurry upon zooming in even if the cache is full. Among many other things, the UI of the flight simulators have gotten some noticeable improvements.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

One of the popular web browsers, Maxathon Cloud Browser has been updated this week. The new update is said to have brought support for Webkit. Beside that, Magic fill has got some improvements as well, and the problem which was happening due to split screen has been resolved.

Firefox 22 (& Beta 23.1)

Speaking of web browsers, Firefox too received an update this week. Firefox has clubbed with Chrome with native WebRTC support. For those who are unaware of what it does, WebRTC allows you to make audio and video calls without the need of any 3rd party plugins. Apart from it, WebGL performance has been claimed to improve, and support for CSS3 is now enabled by default.

Thunderbird 17.0.7

The popular desktop email client from Mozilla, Thunderbird has received an update as well. The new update brings some security patches.

Web Extensions

New Tab Page

Love the Google Now? How about bringing it to your browser? The Chrome extension New Tab Page installs Google Now on your new tab page of the browser. With Google Now you can make voice searches, check on weather, news and other things.



Google Reader is going off air in 2 days, Feedly is no doubt one of the many cool alternatives to it. But if you miss the minimal look of Google Reader, then this extension for Chrome will help you clone that interface on top of your Feedly page.


We all know about the NoScript extension for Firefox that automatically blocks the harmful JavaScript we come across surfing web. NoScript brings the same features to Opera.



One of the few issues with Firefox browser is that it eats up too much memory. To avoid that, suppose you are browsing with many Tabs open, with UnloadTab you can free up the memory from all the tabs you aren’t using at that very moment.


Tip of the week: Don’t bother about the license agreements

When was the last time you read an agreement before signing up for a service or installing an app? Nobody does that. Well, the downside of it is very often the apps we install leave behind pop-ups, adverts, toolbars and all the life sucking tools that we don’t want. EULAlyzer is an app that will speedily analyze the license agreement for you and will list down all the hidden costs the app is coming along in simple plain English.

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