The iOS app juggernaut is moving faster than ever, with lots of interesting new apps being churned out on the App store every week. As always, we do the bulk of the hard work and handpick few of the noteworthy apps which otherwise you’d have missed.

The best iPhone and iPad apps this week includes a couple of weather apps, a compelling Siri alternative, a couple of classic games from 80s and 90s ported on to iOS and a couple of heath apps to help you stay fit and healthy. Let’s dive in right away.

DuckDuckGo (Free)

DuckDuckGo has been an unheralded alternative for Google and Bing, but with the recent revelations about NSA snooping has given a shot in the arm for this search engine. DuckDuckGo lets you search anonymously. Unlike other search engines, it does not collect or share your personal information. The new iPhone app is a blend of search and news, and definitely a compelling try for everyone.


Three ($1.99)

For some reason developers can’t get enough of Weather apps, and so do we. Three is a brand new weather app which helps you decide how to dress for the day. Yes, it’s similar to Swackett in concept, but differs in execution. Along with the current temperature, it lists three articles you need if you leave your home right now. Handy indeed.

Futureful (Free)

Futureful was released as an iPad app for US only earlier this year. Now, it’s available globally and optimized for iPhone as well.If you love to read articles around the web, but don’t know what exactly you want to read, then Futureful makes it easier for you. You can choose and combine interesting topics, and then share any article with friends and family.

Weathertron ($0.99)

Weathertron is a live infographic of the entire day’s weather. See exactly what to expect from every minute of the day — clouds, rain, snow, and temps — on one screen. Unlike most apps, it’s powered by 16 different weather data sources, statistically aggregated and weighted, so you always have the most accurate results for your location.

Diabetik (Free)

Diabetik is a new kind of diabetes management application built for speed and flexibility. Its innovative Smart Input technology knows which medication you’re most likely to be taking and when, helping to take the sting out of monotonous data entry. Diabetik lets you track and manage your diabetes the way you want. It’s result of a kickstarter project by developer Nial Giacomelli.


TouchCast (Free)

TouchCast is an iPad-optimized video authoring tool that lets people create and watch videos that are layered with
live Web pages, YouTube clips, Twitter streams etc. which can be expanded & manipulated easily. The idea is to offer a powerful video creation tool that doesn’t require all the work that video editing normally does.

Sewer Escape ($0.99)

Sewer Escape is based on the old classic tale of three hamsters who eat radioactive sludge and acquire new skills that will help them make their way through the New York sewer system as they try to escape a mad scientist. Enjoy 40 levels of mad fun spread through five unique game zones.

Boxes (Free)

Boxes is a tool to help you make the most of the stuff you own by organizing and keeping track of all the stuff you love in one place. It enables opportunities that you wouldn’t easily have otherwise. You can use Boxes to organize your collections, wardrobes, and most valuable things; to plan a move to their new home or office; promote your brand, products, or artwork; to buy and sell the stuff you love, and so much more.

Donna (Free)

Donna is an awesome smart personal assistant that has just come out of beta for everyone to try. It manages your day, proactively giving you everything you need for an appointment: when to leave, if you need an umbrella, directions, attendee information, and one tap access to conference calls—all in a beautiful, simple interface. It comes with Smart notifications, anticipatory calendar alerts and mapping facilities. Currently, it’s US only, with support for more regions coming soon.


Contra: Evolution ($0.99)

Konami has released the iOS avatar of the ultra-popular video game of the 90’s, Contra. The popular shooter game was deemed as one of the toughest games on consoles. Grab the iPhone version for $0.99 and the iPad version for $2.99.

Wibbitz (Free)

If reading long articles on a mobile device is little too tedious for you, then you should check out Wibbitz. It’s an innovative app which creates beautiful video summaries out of text articles. It’s more like Summly (which got acquired by Yahoo), but with a video angle to it. Check out the demo below to know how it works.

Colin McRae Rally ($4.99)

The classic rally racing game Colin McRae Rally has come to iOS. This Codemasters game features the original cars and tracks from the 1998 hit and allows you to compete on 30 stages totaling over 130 kilometers of track in different locations around the world. Check out the trailer below.

Foresee ($0.99)

Foresee is the third weather based app in our roundup today, and deservedly makes it to the list. By intelligently analyzing your ideal conditions with the latest weather data, Foresee provides you the best times for your activities. It’s extremely customizable and highly intuitive. Do check this oit if you’re more of an outdoor person.


Fuelzee (Free)

Fuelzee helps you find cheap gas based on price and location. Moreover, once you arrive at a gas station you check-in to earn points and can redeem points in the gas station for discounts on fuel, soda, candy, and more.

Scientific 7-Minute Workout ($0.99)

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout is specifically designed to provide the maximum fitness benefit for the minimum amount of work. This is an ideal way for people with busy lives and can’t find the time to commit to a gym, and claims to be actually BETTER than jogging for 30 minutes or more!

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