Nokia will be unveiling their biggest bet for this year at an event in New York on July 11th. Carefully taglined as “Zoom Reinvented“, the Finnish giant has left very little to our imagination about what to expect from the event. Ever since the company released the original PureView, the Nokia 808, there have been numerous rumors about a Lumia phone with 41MP sensor. Well, we’ve done all the hard-work and present to you the worthy rumors and leaks about the upcoming device.


Nokia Lumia 1020 or Nokia Lumia EOS

Back in June this year, Vizileaks, an anonymous twitter user leaked a video of what he calls Nokia EOS which clearly shows the mighty 40MP sensor on back of a black Lumia phone, with XX MegaPixel, PureView and Carl Zeiss branding. From the looks of it, Nokia has managed to slim down the sensor considerably as compared to what we saw on Nokia 808, which has a big protruding camera sensor at the back.

Some believe that XX MegaPixel implies a (relatively) smaller 20 Megapixel sensor on Nokia EOS, and that should explain how Nokia has managed to bring down the size. Still, the bulge is somewhat more discrete, though still manages to fit in a Xenon flash. On the software front, it’d come with the new Nokia Pro Cam application, which suggests that Nokia is set to pack the upcoming smartphone with various new camera capabilities over what is available to other Lumia owners via the Smart Camera app.

From the front, the Nokia EOS looks much the way that Nokia’s other recent Windows Phones have appeared, with the same unibody casing and smoothed-out edges. Earlier today, the popular serial leaker @evleaks leaked a press shot of what’s believed to be the AT&T version of Nokia EOS, and it matches with what Vizileaks had leaked earlier last month.


From the pictures, it’s still not clear if Lumia 1020/EOS uses the same old Polycarbonate or the aluminum unibody, but from our interactions with Nokia executives in the recent past, it’s very unlikely that the company will let go of the knowledge and prowess they have gathered with Polycarbonate casing.

Earlier, a Windows Phone blog, WPDang had posted some leaked pictures of Nokia EOS, which clearly shows the hump at the back for the camera. The site also claimed that Lumia 1020/EOS will come with a detachable wireless charging case due to its twin back-facing ports below the lens.


As for the other specs, the display is rumored to be a 4.5″ OLED panel with a resolution of 768 x 1280. The internal storage is pegged to be 32GB, and microSD is expected to be absent again. It is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 1GB of RAM. There were some rumors about Lumia 1020 being the first WP8 device to come with a quad-core processor, but that seems more like a wish than a fact.

Nokia Lumia 1020 release date and price


Now that the event launch is confirmed for July 11th, we expect the release to be late July or early August in the US, with AT&T bagging the honors for the first carrier to get hold of the new flagship from Nokia.

Price-wise we haven’t heard anything regarding the Lumia 1020, but you can expect it to carry a hefty tag if the rumoured specs below turn out to be correct – so you might want to start saving.

We will be there in New York on July 11th, so be sure to get the latest updates as it happens.

Update: An interesting development unraveling right now. @evleaks hints about the official name of the Nokia EOS device to be Nokia 909 and not Lumia 1020 as rumored before.

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