We are back with a list of all the new amazing software, browser add-ons and upgrades that came out recently. This week you will learn how to mute a particular topic from appearing in your social media newsfeed / timeline; a program that will let you access locked processes; tool to protect your privacy; how to bring Windows 8 Metro UI to your Chrome browser; and email and desktop clients and much more.

Best Windows software


Opera Mail

Earlier an integral part of Opera web browser, Opera Mail is now available as a standalone desktop email client. It’s lightweight, easy to use and has almost all the key features of Gmail and Outlook. Mails can be intuitively sorted with the help of labels. It supports both IMAP and POP access. Best of all, it comes with a built-in RSS feed reader with which you can get all the updates of all your favorite websites. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Bing Desktop


This desktop tool lets you search the internet without having to open any web browser. Not just web search, but Bing Desktop also lets you search your local files. After a recent update, you can now search for texts inside a Word and PDF document as well. The results are back fired in a pop-up window. It also brings weather updates, news, trending topics and Facebook notifications.

Skitch Touch


The add-on tool for Evernote, Skitch provides a way to annotate images. The Modern UI version has been explicitly made for Windows 8. Open an image, and add more details on it, Skitch Touch perhaps is the best annotating tool around. If you feel uncomfortable seeing so many tools, the good news is, in Skitch Touch you only have to worry about 7 tools.



Ever got stuck with a file which can neither be copied nor deleted? This free utility forces the computer to rename, delete, move, and copy such files which are otherwise locked. The only snag is to un-tick the Delta toolbar at the time of its installation.

IObit Driver Booster


You update all you software, but how often do you update your system drivers? That’s what IObit Driver Booster is for. Updating your drivers will prevent any software-hardware conflict, and will significantly boost your Audio and Video detail. It analyzes your system status, and gives you option to update all your drivers in one-click.

Software upgrades

Skype 6.6

The video calling and IM application, Skype has pushed another update. Notably, a few optimizations to the video messaging service has been made. The new update fixes the playback issue for Windows XP users; while resuming PC from sleep, the new Skype won’t crash; Its file sharing functionality has got a critical update as well. Apart from these, contact sync issue for Lync has been resolved.



Music streaming app, Spotify has strengthen its music discovering functionality and now returns results based on what other users are listening and what they have to recommend. There are several bug fixes and the new version seems more stable.


The popular virtualization tool, VirtualBox has received an update as well. VirtualBox lets you run an operating system on another operating system as an app. Apart from regular bug fixes, the new update brings support for Windows 8.1 beta edition.

Recuva 1.47.948

The file recovery app Recuva has got some massive improvements from this update. The new update adds more file type filtering to perform deep scan. Memory usage has been optimized; the app can now detect removal storage devices more precisely; support for VHD image creation has been improved as well. The interface looks much better with the added context menu.

Sumatra PDF 2.3.2


The free PDF document reader has added support for OpenXPS document. Notably Sumatra is one of the few readers which can run ePub and Mobi file on Windows running computer. It also supports CHM, Comic book file types – CBZ and CBR and DjVu and XPS. The new update now lets you scroll up and down the document by pressing Ctrl + Up and Ctrl +Down respectively.

Browser Extensions



I have been looking for this extension for a very long time. Have you ever found your twitter timeline or Facebook newsfeed flooded with a particular story, say a soccer match update, or anything that you don’t wish to see? Finally, Silencer for Chrome lets you mute such updates. Whether it’s a TV show episode that you missed and don’t want spoilers, or updates on your favorite team loss or some news story that you just don’t want to annoy you anymore, install this extension, put the keywords, and it will disappear them.

Modern New Tab Page


This add-on brings the Metro interface look of Windows 8 to your Chrome browser. You can customize the look and add your favorite websites on the new tab page. You can also customize tile size, and put a background image of your choice.


This Mozilla Firefox add-on protects your privacy by blocking the various web tracking elements. Last few weeks have really changed the way we used to think about our privacy. Now we need this tool more than ever.

Tip of the week: Unfreeze crashed program


Freezing of programs in Windows is a very common thing to cite. However, instead of terminating the process there is a way to bring it back to life. To do that, you are required to open the resource monitor, for that, open start menu and type resmon, locate the process, right click on it, and click on “Analyze Wait Chain…”. A window will appear which will list all the processes that are linked to that program and (possibly) hogging it. You can now kill such processes and your program will spring to life.

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