Vacations are the best part of the year because people are going with their families to a nice place for a week or so, to have fun and rest after an exhausting working year. Planning every detail of the holiday is the first thing that everybody does, from choosing the accommodation, which can be a hotel, motel, boarding house, hostel or even a rented apartment, to deciding what trips they should take there.

The accommodation is the most important part of a holiday because it represents the place where they’ll stay the most. But what happens when somebody misses his flight or he is at the reception with his family and luggage and they say that their reservation was canceled for different reasons? He has to act fast and find another place near to that location without having to break the bank.

How to Find Last Minute Hotel Deals?


Having to search accommodation from place to place is not a good idea especially when you have a toddler with you. That’s why you have to be prepared and find something nice, safe and find it fast. In this article, we’re going to show some services that can locate the best accommodation offers and last minute hotel deals near your location. is one of the most accessed and largest hotel booking sites where one can find discounted and last minute deals for a large number of hotels. It’s a popular and trustworthy intermediate between hospitality companies and clients, and it’s said that it has almost one hundred thousand transactions per day. has a huge database with over 320,000 hotels and all types of accommodation spread all over the world, so it’s a good chance to find a place that suits you. Also, you’ll be able to read through other customer’s reviews to visualize the quality of the hotel.

The site is very easy to use and it will ease all the work, because users only have to put the city name in the location box and select the checking dates. Instantly, will load a list with all accommodation types that were found for that location. In addition, one can filter the results, by price, area of the city, number of guests, review score, facilities and so forth. All that functionality goes great when someone is looking for a last-minute deal. In addition, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll be alerted about flash deals.

Another advantage of this service is the fact that customers do not pay a dim for their reservations. They even let you cancel the reservation at the reception of the hotel if you’re not pleased with it. Also, comes with a mobile application that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.

Room 77


Room 77 is a website where one can find a nice place to sleep for the night at a good price. It searches in over 200 000 accommodation places that can have even 50 per cent discount from the regular price. The website has an easy and user-friendly interface which only needs basic information (the destination, check-in and check-out date and number of guests) to start offering results.

The destination can be the name of the city, of the hotel, an address or even a landmark. In addition they have some great deals for AAA members, seniors, government and military people. The search query will show results from a bunch of worldwide travel sites, such as Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, or letting you choose the best option.

Every result includes photos showing the rooms or the views from the window, a floor layout and a graphic that shows how well is the room compatible with your search. After the room is reserved, they also permit customers to choose their room preferences like the distance from the elevator, lower floors or upper ones and so forth.

In conclusion, if you are in the ungrateful position to have to find a hotel deal fast, Room 77 represents a good start. Also, developers created an application compatible with Android and iOS devices for greater portability.

Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight is an application that provides last minute hotel deals that can go up to 70 per cent of discount. The application is excellent, because it finds an accommodation place for that evening in over 100 cities in 12 countries. If you need a place to stay at the last minute, this application is the one you need.

Search results are categorized in five different types (lux, hip, solid, basic, charming and ballin’) each with photos so that you’ll know what to expect to. Even more, the intuitive interface and nice graphics makes it easy to book a hotel’s room nearby your location in just seconds.

Even if it’s a last minute hotel booking app and offers only daily discounts, it permits to book a room for multiple days at a guaranteed price. Unlike similar services, this permits booking the room from the middle of the day, at 12 o’clock, to two o’clock in the morning. While the service does not include many countries, developers are saying that they will add more locations for other countries soon.

The free application can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Hotel Deals by


Hotel Deals by is an application that uses the site as a hotel search engine to find three to five star hotels and luxurious properties at incredible prices, up to 55% off. This application is perfect for people who miss their flight, have their reservation canceled or are looking for a weekend getaway.

Basically, the application works like this: the user selects the check-in date which can be that very day, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and a list with hotels that are located nearby pops-out. Furthermore, users can type another location or they can even zoom in and out the interactive map to see what top rated hotels are located near to that location.

The application allows filtering results by price, distance, stars and customer rating. One of the best things of this application is the payment modality: users only need to take a picture of their credit card after they reserved a room. This is a better and preferable way than having to type credit card info every time you book a new room.

Hotel Deals by also has something mysterious, by the name of Top Secret Hotel. This section of the application offers great deals at 4 and 5 star rating hotels, but in exchange they keep secret the name, photos and facilities of the location until you pay for the reservation. It may seem a little awkward, but they guarantee that you’ll not repent.

All in all, this application is a good way of booking a hotel when your schedule doesn’t work as planned. The application can be downloaded from iTunes for free.



Blink is a hotel booking application especially designed for Europe that offers discounts and last minute deals that may go up to 20-30 per cent. This works with over 800 hotels from almost 150 cities across Europe to offer the best possible rates each day. It’s very handy when somebody misses their plane, has problems with their reservation or it’s in a spontaneous trip and needs a place to stay for the night.

Blink also permits to book a hotel room from 11 am to 6 am for the very same night. This is very good if somebody encounters a problem late in the night and needs a room in a very short time. Rather than displaying a huge list with results, Blink show only the best four offers of the day for the desired location.

It has beautiful graphics, easy navigation and smooth animations that permit users to fulfill a booking with only 4 taps of a button. This app is a great tool because it’s fast, good looking and has the best prices for hotels from Europe. So if you’re interested, download it now from Google Play Store or iTunes.



Airbnb is an innovative website that was founded in 2008 and increasingly grew up so that now it’s a 1.3 billion worth business. Basically, the concept is not to look for hotel rooms or expensive villas, but for more conventional and price-attractive accommodations: extra rooms of various people.

This idea popped out when the creators of the website were struggling with money and they had the idea to rent their extra rooms. From this little thought it emerged to the business that is known today as Air Bed and Breakfast. Also, last year, its creators announced the 10th million night that was booked through their site.

Airbnb has a huge database with over 20 000 houses for rent from more than 34 000 cities in almost 200 countries. This site can represent a good choice when having problems with the accommodation place. It’s a trustworthy site where customers can talk directly with owners of the accommodation places about rules of the house or they can make other inquiries, besides the information that is already written in the post.

The bad thing is that if you are in a hurry, it may not represent the best choice because when a guest puts a reservation request, the host has 24 hours to accept the deal. After the reservation is complete, guests can leave a review to help others to know about their experience there.

Airbnb is also available on iOS and Android devices which is a great fact, considering that nowadays portability is very important. Furthermore, guests can take photos with rented house and instantly upload them to the Airbnb site, through this applications.



You should also take a look at CheckInTonight which is a mobile hotel booking application that allows users to get great last minute deals everyday for hotels from Asia. It includes countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Honk Kong and more and developers are continuously expanding their offers. The discount can go up to 70 per cent letting people access exclusive price.

The application splits the offers in three different categories: deluxe, classic and boutique and lets users to book a room for the same evening or for the next day. The daily deals are available from 11 am to midnight, with the possibility to book the room at that particular price for up to 4 nights. In addition, developers offer a 24/7 hour support which can be accessed from the mobile application through the chat service.

All in all, it represents the best choice if you are having problems with the accommodation place in one of the major cities from Asia. So first of all, check the offers from CheckInTonight on your Android or iOS device and choose the one that is suitable for you.

Hotwire Hotels


Hotwire Hotels is a travel website and application that offers discounts at hotels, rental cars and vacation packages. It’s one of the pioneers of this branch being launched in 2000 and offering excellent discounts that can go up to 50%. It’s available in all major languages and can find an accommodation place in over 40 000 cities.

After you set the destination point and the neighborhood, this application will show a list with hotels that are compatible with your query. The bad thing about it is that it doesn’t display the name of the hotel until you actually book it and the information about the accommodation is very basic. Though, it offers a good list of filtering options, such as star rating, price, distance, customer rating or the type of the room (condos, hotel rooms and so forth).

All in all, this is a good application that can offer one of the best prices from the market for a large number of hotels, but it has the disadvantage of not revealing their identity. To bring more portability, developers created a mobile app for iOS devices that can be downloaded from here.

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