Yesterday, Micromax launched their latest Android flagship phone, the Canvas 4 in New Delhi, India. This was their fourth flagship device in the last 9 months, and succeeds Micromax Canvas HD A116 which was announced back in February this year.


The expectations were huge from Micromax, specially after innumerable teases about the Canvas 4 smartphone, both on social media and national television. The company has strived hard to make a positive impact in the South Asian smartphone market and has quietly succeeded to an extent. In fact, the company announced that it had a whopping 24% share in the smartphone market for the previous quarter. Undeniably, much were expected from Canvas 4.

There were speculations that the device will rival the specs of Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest flagship device of a company which is closely monitored and to an extent, mimicked by Micromax. Surprisingly, Micromax has chosen to drop out of the specs race and is looking to concentrate more on the experience.

Canvas 4 falls terribly short of what bloggers and fans were expecting in terms of experience. So much so, that a security guard at Delhi airport asked me “How is it any different from Canvas HD?” Yes, Micromax is that popular in India and sadly, common people are led to believe more on the hardware specs than the experience they can expect from a device. With the good old quad-core Cortex A7 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and just 1GB of RAM, it won’t make heads roll as such. The display looks slightly better than Canvas HD, but is still 720p on the spec sheet. But the differentiation is in the experience.

Possibly for the first time, a local OEM is looking to better the experience instead of talking big about the hardware at an affordable price. With Canvas 4, we are seeing OTA feature from an Indian OEM (possibly for the first time again). So people can expect faster firmware & OS upgrades over the air. Also, Micromax has worked hard to bring some of the best and most talked about features like video pinning, gesture control, smart pause etc in Canvas 4.

Our first impressions about Canvas 4 is mostly positive. The display looks crisp and sharp, and the navigation was mostly devoid of lags. Though Micromax has meddled with the icon design, the experience is mostly stock Android. 13MP camera looks promising, but we need to take it out and test for a longer time to form an opinion. The build quality has definitely improved in comparison to previous Canvas models, and the aluminum casing surely adds to the look and feel of the device.

The device goes on sale this weekend across India and will be available for Rs.17999. The price looks competitive for what the device has to offer, but we can understand the groan of fans who were expecting either a 1080p display or 2GB of RAM for a similar price. Expect the detailed review very soon.

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