We are done with reeling all the major updates that happened this week in the PC domain. While there has been more buzz at mobile biota, your computer isn’t too behind. This week we will look at some amazing browser extensions that can simulate Firefox OS on it, and one that will help you discover content according to your taste and many other interesting tools, so let’s check out the best PC tools that came out this week.

Best Windows software

DDownloads (Free)

If you have recently formatted and reinstalled your OS, remembering all the must-install software could be a tedious task. DDownloads can help you with that, it suggests and lets you download all the essential software – system tools, anti-virus suites, playing media files right from within the app. It can also be used as an app manager to monitor over your installed software and you can also update the software from within the app.


SecuSend (Free)

Troubled with others sneaking into your data? SecuSend will encrypt your files and help you send and store your data much securely. What makes it distinguishable is that with this app you won’t have to bother remembering the password. When you run it for the first time, you can fill in your details and create a public key file. Another noteworthy point here is that you will need to have this app and the key file on every computer you want to access your protected files on.


RefreshPC (Free)

If your computer has started running slow, and no matter what tweak you make, it just doesn’t help, then perhaps this app is what you should be using. RefreshPC keeps your PC refreshed by resetting the services and process to its default value, which will definitely speed up your system.


Software upgrades

Google Chrome 28


Pushing the version number to 28, the new update brings many functionality with it. To start with, rich-notifications will let Chrome apps and extensions developers to push the notifications to the desktop. Another exciting update is oft-discussed notification center which is as of now available only for Windows users let you receive updates from Gmail and other services right on the desktop even when the browser is closed.

Internet Download Manager 6.17 Build 2

The most popular download manager, famous for downloading things at insane speed has received an update. The new update brings with it an improvement over this app’s integration with Internet Explorer 11, and support for the recent technical changes in YouTube. Also Tonec Inc, the firm behind making this app, promises to fix some bugs.

Sandboxie 4.2

The app that strengthens the security environment to run other software now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processor architecture. The new update also brings support for many newly released programs such as new version of Avast and Office 2013.

Microsoft Silverlight 

The app that enables support for multimedia playback such as vector graphics, animation etc has received a security update.

Notepad++ 6.4.2

The powerful alternative to almost all your text editors, Notepad++ has after a while got an update. The app has now included many a plugins such as NppFTP, Plugin Manager, DSpellCheck. Along with many other minor improvement, the find/replace dialog status bar overwriting memory problem has been resolved as well.

Dropbox 2.2.8

The popular cloud storage app, Dropbox, has fixed a lot of bugs including the one which was causing the duplication of folders that contained non-ASCI characters. Along with that, the endless syncing problem over permission issue too has been fixed.

Browser Extensions

Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox recently showcased their mobile operating system Firefox OS on selective OEMs like Alcatel. This week they have released the simulator of that OS, which means that now you can run it on your Windows, Linux based and Mac computers. Available as a Firefox extension, the simulator is built to attract the developers to persuade them to make apps for this platform, so it could feel a little edgy to non-developers.



One amazing way to discover content of your taste. This web service analyzes your taste by going through your browsing history and suggests what other users with similar interest have been visiting. The service keeps all its users anonymous, it only checks their browsing pattern and doesn’t reveal your identity.

Once you have installed the extension, the service will be able to make suggestions in realtime sparing you from visiting the website.

Youtube Smart Pause 0.1

Available as a Firefox extension, the add-on pauses the YouTube video that you are watching as soon as you switch to a different tab. It changes the favicon to something related to the video that you just paused.



If you don’t want to miss out on any event, this smart extension is just for you. Available as a Chrome extension, it detects the events on web pages you visit. Not just that, it can also add them to your Google Calendar. Once you have registered with the website, it will inform you about all the upcoming events in your nearby places.

Evernote Web Clipper

The popular note-taking app, Evernote has released an extension for Chrome users which will let them save their emails from Gmail to the app. Just highlight the content and it will save it to your account.

Tip of the week: Double click vs Drag for selecting a text

When you want to select a word, what most of us surprisingly do, is drag across that word to highlight it. That, as David Pogue puts it, is the waste of our lives; what you can instead do is double click on that word, and regardless of what editor or browser you are using, it will work. If you click one more time, the entire paragraph will get highlighted.

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