The weekly roundup of the best new and noteworthy apps for iPhone and iPad is back after a long hiatus. This ensured we had a wide variety of apps released over the past 2 weeks to choose from. In turn, our roundup for the week ending July 21st has apps from photography to productivity to media, and some of the stunning games we have seen in recent times.

Let’s get started! And mind you, the apps are in no definite order whatsoever!

VLC for iOS (Free)

VLC has been a one stop app for many users on multiple platforms. Sadly, iOS users were deprived of this utility for long, but not for long. The new VLC for iOS app is here and is available for free worldwide. It requires iOS 5.1 or later and supports the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s completely open sourced and is built ground-up. A must download we’d say.


Everlapse (Free)

From the app description, “Everlapse is a fast and fun way to share life, frame by frame. Create photo collections called clips by adding your own photos or by inviting friends to contribute to clips you start.” Yes, that’s a very accurate description of what this app does. It has an elegant UI and worth checking out.

Narrato Journal ($3.99)

Logging and journaling have been around for a long time, but lifelogging is something which is going mainstream only now. Unlike the other two, lifelogging involves sharing your life moments publicly. Narrato is a new kid in the block which neatly integrates Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram into a nice journal. Facebook integration is coming soon. Check-in to places, update what you’re upto and indicate your mood, all in one place.


iShows ($1.99)

Second screen apps for TV are nothing new, but iShows deserves a mention for being slick and an easy-to-use app. It has two different layouts, Poster and FanArt, to browse all your TV Shows. It tells you what TV shows are currently trending, and has a social element too, wherein you can share the episodes you see with your friends.

Riffsy (Free)

Animated GIFs are back in rage after the Geocities era. Apps like Riffsy makes it simpler to create animated GIFs. Take an existing online video, create a 5 to 10 second clip and share it instantly. So it’s just like Vine or Instagram Video, but without having to worry about producing the content.

Dollarbird ($1.99)

Finance apps are aplenty on the app store, and so are the smart calendar apps. But what about a smart calendar which can do the budgeting for you? Enter Dollarbird, a new personal finance app with calendar. Track and forecast your money as easily as adding events to a calendar. It’s your complete and flexible money handling tool that helps you put your money where it matters.

IFTTT (Free)

“Put the internet to work for you” has been IFTTT’s tagline and this awesome web service is now available as a standalone iPhone app. For the uninitiated, IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That” and it lets you hook multiple web services together to perform automated actions for you. In addition to the recipes and channels available on the web version, the app taps into apps like Photos, Contacts and Reminders. More apps to be added in the coming version. Another must-have recommendation from us.

Deus Ex: The Fall ($6.99)

First-person shooter games are aplenty on the app store, but they are known to be tough to pull off on touchscreens. Deus Ex: The Fall is a spin-off from the hugely popular 2011 cyberpunk shooter and does pretty well to replicate the gameplay on iOS devices. A must-try for FPS fans, but $6.99 price tag might put off some of you.

eBay Exact (Free)

3D printing is about to go mainstream, with some crazy innovations like 3D printed houses and 3D printed food already happening in this space. Now, eBay has partnered with 3D printer bigwigs like Sculpteo, MakerBot and Hot Pop Factory to offer a range of customizable products, from iPhone cases to jewellery. US Only for now.

Tiny Thief ($2.99)

Coming from Rovio Stars, the new subsidiary of Angry Birds maker – Rovio, Tiny Thief is a combination of puzzle and interactive gameplay. The game throws some seriously mind-boggling puzzles at you, with tons of surprising interactive gameplay elements along the way.

layrs (Free)

True multi-layer photo editing is finally available on mobile devices, thanks to layrs. This app enables the mobile photographer to easily separate a photo into layers and edit each layer individually. It’s incredible how so many features are provided for free by the developer. If you’re into mobile photography, this is surely a must-try app for you.

Walking Dead: The Game (Free)

As the Walking Dead followers wait for the second season, they can download and play this special episode for Season 1 of The Walking Dead which tells five linked stories of survival. It’s a freemium app, so most of the features can be unlocked via in-app purchases only.

Grid (Free)

Grid is a neat idea organizer. It helps you keep and organize notes, pictures, people and places in your own unique manner. The uniqueness of UI means it takes a while for you to get a hang of how it works, but once you get it, you’ll love the interface.

Gentlemen ($4.99)

Gentlemen is an iPad only multiplayer dueling game with an awesome background music befitting the fun game.The visuals are cute paper-cutouts painted with complementary colors. Watch the video trailer below to know what it has in store for you.

A thug in time (Free)

A Thug In Time is a top-down shooter that takes you on a journey through time. It promises dual-stick shooter action on the go across 65 levels, 35 weapon types, 20 unique enemies, and eight mini-bosses to blast through. It’s available as a free universal app on the app store right now.

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