What an engaging week this has been in technology world. First we saw Ubuntu Edge seeking life support from crowd-funding platform, then there was another mid-range Windows phone coming out of the Finnish store. This was followed by Apple’s Q3 earnings, meanwhile, we got some sneak peek into Blackberry‘s A10 and Moto X smartphones. Then finally, Sundar Pichai showcased the new Nexus 7 tablet and the much awaited Android 4.3.

As the week finally descends, it gives us the chance to list all the expedient PC tools that emanated since our last weekly roundup. As always, we have some of the coolest new Chrome extensions, new software and important software updates in the Windows world.

Browser extensions

Google Cast

This week, Google launched a tiny gadget Chromecast which essentially is a streaming device that you can plug into the HDMI port of your TV and replicate your browser’s activity on the big screen. Google Cast, the Chrome extension that makes it attune with that device is available on the Chrome store.


Realtime Search Engine

From the makers of the popular URL shortening service Bit.ly, this extension finds the best content for your search queries shared by its other users. Realtime Search Engine, its extension for Chrome searches all the popular social networks and finds the most popular content.



From the creators of DoNotTrackMe that stops web cookies from tracking you, and DeleteMe which helps to remove your online presence, comes another super awesome tool named MaskMe. Continuing the same path, Abine has released this handy tool which prevents other from knowing your real information. It creates fake email IDs, names, even credit card details and assigns them to you. This way, all the gen which are required by a service at the time of registration is provided to them without revealing your actual information.


Context Menu

I wrote an article this week about 9 lesser-known features of Google Chrome. This extension brings array number of more things to Chrome. You get to share links on social networking sites, you can email, perform image and content search, make QR codes, and you can even check news right from this extension.


Word Count Tool

This Mozilla Firefox extension helps you count the number of words and characters. You only have to select the text and this add-on will display the required stats.

Software Upgrades

Any Video Converter 5.0.7

The popular media conversion suite, Any Video Converter has received an update, the new update brings with it a complete new interface. The conversion pane, and the entire app has been refurbished with a new design. Other than that, among many other bugs, the one that was causing software crash while adding effects on the video has been fixed.


CCleaner 4.03

With each update this nifty tool rolls out amazing new features. In the recent most update, CCleaner has rolled out support for Windows 8.1 preview. Not just the OS, but new browser like Internet Explorer 11 and Opera 15 too can now be tuned with this app. Extension of support for Chromium based browsers has been provided, and now Hindi translations can also be cited in the app.

Dropbox 2.2.10

The cloud storage app Dropbox after the upgrade loads up fast at the login to Windows account. The initial linking time too seems a little speedier, the endless file sync issue has been resolved. The bug that was erasing data from the proxy settings has been fixed.

OpenOffice 4.0

The alternative to Microsoft’s productivity suite, OpenOffice has pushed much awaited update to reach its version number 4. The sidebar has been introduced to the app which will help you easily edit the document properties. On top of it, there is significant improvement in graphics and performance.


LibreOffice 4.1

Speaking of Microsoft’s productivity suites alternative and not mentioning LibreOffice will be completely unfair. Just a day after OpenOffice 4.0 release, an updated version of LibreOffice suite too came in existence. It too has included sidebar but as an experiment and have disabled it by default. Other than that, there are around 30,000 bugs fix, and now you will be able to rotate any image to about 90 degrees in their Writer app. The other tools have got some fancy new features as well.


Noteworthy mentions


In the new update there are couple of bug fixes including the editing of notes across various Evernote clients.

Winamp 5.65

The media player after the recent update can optimize the memory more efficiently, besides, many bugs and its integration with Firefox browser has been improved.


Network Speed Test

Exclusively available for Windows 8 and RT users, the app displays detailed information about the network you are on and the strength of your Wi-Fi signal and all the other network you connect to. It also evaluates your connection’s latency, delay factors, download and upload speeds and other network related parameters.


Simple Custom Search 3.0

Available for all versions of Windows, the app allows you to use multiple search engines in one click. You can add more search engines or websites if you want. The program works with the default browser.



If your computer has good amount of memory, RAMDisk utilizes that memory and creates a virtual drive on it. This way, the computer thinks of it as another drive and since we know RAM operates at faster speed as compared to a regular hard drive. You can then store your browser, word editor, or any program that requires more memory and witness swifter performance. The best part is that even when you turn off your system, the files don’t get deleted from the RAM.

Nexus Radio

As the name suggests, this freeware app lets you listen and record music in high-definition quality from 12,000+ radio stations. You can also then send those audio tracks to your phone and tablet. Not just that, Nexus Radio also lets you cut HD quality ringtone from the recorded music. It supports most of the popular audio file types and for better discovery the songs are categorized genre wise.

Tip of the week: Get that song out of your mind


Remember that song that keeps ringing in your head all the time? No matter what you do, but that thing just won’t go away. Turns out there is a service called Unhearit which uses as they call it, reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology that suggests you a different song or random sound after hearing which your mind is set free…from that old song. Though, how your mind deals with the new song is still a mystery!

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