The past week has been a very busy one for Android users all over the world. Google has announced the new Nexus 7, that is now thinner, lighter and comes with the same affordable price, but with a high-resolution that obliges Apple to bring Retina Display to the next edition of the iPad Mini. At the same event, Google has revealed details about Android 4.3 and the main innovations that it comes with – Bluetooth LE, OpenGL and multi-user support with restricted profiles.

Google also said that there are now more than one million Android apps in the Play Store which is truly impressive. Despite being a busy week for Androiders, developers continued to develop new and interesting apps. In our list of best Android apps for the week ending on 28 of July we’ve gathered a good mix of entertaining games and various productivity apps.

Google Play Games (Free)


Back in May, Google has announced the Google Play Games service that was bringing such new features as multiplayer, achievements or cloud saves. Now, Google has launched the Play Games app, mimicking Apple’s Game Center. Basically, the app will be used as a gaming hub for those spending a lot of time playing on Android smartphones and tablets.

Inside the app you will be able to see all your installed games nicely organized, the achievements you earned and your list of friends.

Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame ($2.99)

Prince of Persia has been one of the first PC games that I played as a kid. The latest sequel on Android to the famous game is called Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame and is now available for three dollars.  Everything is just the same – you have to run, fight and solve puzzles to rescue the princess. The graphics of the game are really awesome and the 14 beautifully crafted levels will promise that you will become glued to your smartphone or tablet until you complete your quest.

Quad Drawer ($0.99)

We mentioned earlier that there are now more than one million Android apps in the Play Store. And so many of them are actually very useful and helpful, especially for our digital lives. But downloading so many apps makes our stock drawer be overwhelmed by apps and it becomes difficult to find and run the right app you need. Quad Drawer is another basic, yet highly useful app that lets you open an app just by typing a few letters from the name of the app. A nice concept that works like a search function for Android.

Riptide GP2 ($2.99)


Riptide GP2 is one of the best Android hydro racing games you will get to play. Riptide GP2 is the update version of the popular water racing game and just like its predecessor, it doesn’t disappoint. Lifelike water effects, lighting, textures, physics, water physics, depth-of-field have been much improved from the previous version. The game feels fluid, if you will allow me to say so and has a very crisp visual aspect. A must-have especially if you enjoyed the original game.

Smart Layover (Free)

Recently, I traveled to Thailand, a country that’s more than 13 hours of flight away from me. Because my flight was delayed, I had to wait for a few hours in the airport. If I had Smart Layover on my Android smartphone back then, it would’ve been much easier for me. The app transforms your layover into a pleasant stay, thanks to its useful set of features: booking directly from the app (pay only for the time you spend in the room), sightseeing advices, deals for food and beverage at the airport, airport maps, flight alerts and notifications and much more. For those traveling a lot and not only, Smart Layover is a true help.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Free)

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is one of the most awesome games to play on your Android device, and I really mean it. Though the game has been around for a while, it was only available for Tegra devices, probably because of the “graphics burden”. Now, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD works on most Android devices. Get ready to immerse yourself in this 3D space adventure game that comes with more than 50 customizable ships and literally hundreds of various weapons. Explore 30 star systems, over 100 planets and become the ruler of your galaxy.

Permission Manager (Free)

Whenever you install a new Android app, you need to agree to the permissions that it comes with. And it seems that in the upcoming Android 4.3 update there will be an option to tweak them. Until you get it, you can use a new third-party app called Permission Manager that lets you choose what permissions you are giving to the app, such as reading your contacts, accessing your location or something else.

Team Red Cross (Free)

The Red Cross organization is doing a tremendous job, helping people from all over the world. And now, you can be a part of it through the Team Red Cross app. You can use the app to be able to take part in disaster assessments, feeding, bulk distribution. If you have participated in volunteering before, then you’ll find the app to be very well engineered. You can also be “briefed” on volunteer jobs based on your location. As recognition for your work, you will be able to earn digital “badges”.

Gentlemen ($4.99)

Gentlemen is a two-players Android game that happens only on a singe screen. Because it needs the space to accommodate two players, this game will only work on Android tablets that have at least seven inches. The action in Gentlemen is Victorian era-themed. This is a head-to-head arcade battle where you use knives, bombs, homing pigeons as your weapons. Master the art of the gravity flip in this fast paced duel game.

iHeartRadio (Free)


If you think you still need a good radio Android app, then maybe you need to have a look at iHeartRadio. You will be able to listen to free music, as iHeartRadio will stream your favorite live radio stations. Using the app, you get your chance to become a radio star, by creating commercial-free radio stations.

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