For a student, money represents one of the most important problems that he encounters every day. Students have to pay lots of money in order to buy laptops, materials and other things that they need for college and the biggest problem is, of course, the lack of funds. The same thing applies to pupils, teachers and why not, even schools.

When sponsorship deals are too hard to be found, when your parent’s wallet is a bit empty or when simply this year’s budget has been severely restricted, choosing to buy smart and take advantage of present deals can be the exit point. That’s why in the following lines we’ve presented some cases from where both students and professors can get everything at a lower price.

Getting Good Tech Deals for Students, Professors and Schools


Unfortunately, students have to be very careful when they want to buy a new laptop and not to exceed their limited budget. They have to save as much money as possible and search thoroughly the market before actually buying something. Having an extra job may resolve a part of the problem, but they also have to fraction their time between school, spare time and work to pull things through. Pupils may fit in the same category, while teachers and school managers can be heavily restricted by a budget.

Dell’s offers for schools


Dell is one of the biggest companies worldwide that offers some interesting deals for students. A student gets a $200 “Promo eGift Card” if he buys a $699 (or more expensive) laptop, money that can be used on Xbox Live. Also, they give to each purchaser a Dell Advantage membership which offers a bunch of facilities (free shipping or exclusive offers).

Students can choose between Everyday Laptops, Multimedia/Entertainment Laptops, On-the-go Ultrabooks, Tablets, Desktops and even the special series for playing games, Alienware.  So, there are plenty of options to multitask, surf, socialize, play and more, just decide at one laptop that suits for you and buy it in order to enjoy this awesome discount.

In addition, they offer to every Dell Advantage member lower prices for electronics and accessories. So, if you’re searching for a new smartphone, software, Xboxand more, this is the place where you’ll find all of them. For the ones that are made by Dell, they offer a 5 per cent discount, and for the ones that are made by other manufacturers, it’s a 3 per cent discount.

Take a note that this offer is available only from 5/2/2013 through 9/26/2013 6 a.m. when it will finish. For more information, visit Dell’s official site by clicking here. This is the current promotion but check Dell’s webpage for more after it ends.

Lenovo Academic Purchase Program


Lenovo is one of the first three manufacturers of laptops worldwide that offers some good deals for students and college administrators. They all need laptops, workstations or tablets and Lenovo offers them at special prices that can be discounted up to 35 per cent, through the program named “Lenovo Academic Purchase Program”.

Students that are interested in Lenovo’s laptops have to enter on a special page from the official site and select their state and school. Depending on the options that were selected, special offers will appear for pupils that learn at that particular school. All of these are made in order to offer a computer that fits to the educational needs of every student.

Lenovo doesn’t stop here, because they offer stunning services and equipment for college and university administrators. In order to make this happen, they build durable devices that are designed to be easy to deploy and maintain. Administrators and professors have a special application (Lenovo’s Classroom Director) through which they can make learning more efficient in a relaxing way.

The program is able to control the PC power, prevent students to access other applications than the specified one, track lectures in order to improve them and more. Also, they offer special deals in the program “Back to school” that are available and can be accessed from the first of August.

Buy from Apple


Apple is one of the biggest companies on the planet that produces devices implemented with the latest technologies. They offer a great way for students, professors or faculties to purchase iOS devices, Mac computers or other accessories at discounted prices from the Apple Store for Education.

In order to help students and administrators of the universities to save some money, Apple offers at every purchase an App Store Gift Card that can go up to $200. While for every Mac computer or laptop every student receives a $100 Gift Card, for an iPhone or iPad it receives back only a half, a $50 refund.

With this card, users can buy different things from iTunes or App store, such as applications, music, books or games. Also, they can use it to buy unique accessories for Mac computers, the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre, external hard disks, exclusive backpacks and more. The nice thing is that every device benefits of free shipping, so students don’t have to pay extra fees to deliver their purchases.

Another useful thing that they offer is a funding program in partnership with Barclaycard and VISA. Every student that wants to benefit of this has to apply for the Financing Visa Card from that particular bank and select the amount of money that he wants to borrow. If the monthly payments are made in time, no other fees or interests have to be paid.



BestBuy is an American company which sells all kinds of electronic equipment that has stores also in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and China. It was initially launched in 1966 as an audio store and twenty years later it was rebranded and became the one that is now known as BestBuy. It has a great number of stores that are scattered all over the world.

They sell lots of electronics, computers, phones, games and more. They are aware that teenagers are their best buyers and they offer some great deals to them. All they have to do to be eligible is to be a student at a college and have an .edu email account. Furthermore, they offer a newsletter service through which they will directly email all of the promotional codes.

The lower prices are applied to almost everything that can be found in their store, from laptops to freezers and in addition they offer free shipping for all of them. Students have a discount of $100 for every MacBook, iMac and HP Pavilion Desktop PC, $100 for home appliances, $20 for Dr. Dre’s headphones and more.

A nice thing is that they offer a free 16GB Flash Drive and Free Office 365 University for every purchase of a touch-screen computer with Windows 8. All in all, the well-known electronics retailer, BestBuy, offers some nice discounts for students.

Globe Student Discount

Globe Student Discount is a portal that every student has to check when he wants to buy a computer, software, rent textbooks or to travel. In this place one can find free tips about discounts offered by different stores where they can save up to 80 per cent from the initial price.

On the website students can find a “computers” and a “software” category where they can get the best prices that are available on the market. While in the computers section, they can find lower prices for student laptops, Apple computers, desktops and netbooks, in the software section, they can find discounts for the top companies like Microsoft or Adobe.

The computer and software prices can go down significantly in order to offer the best prices for students. The website embeds a great number of discounts and it offers external links for each offer (for example for Academic Superstore which has discounts for students, professors and schools).

In conclusion, the Globe Student Discount website represents a good start for students when they are preparing to go back to school and they have to buy new things.

Another thing you should also take into consideration is to make an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) card, because it offers discounts for every purchase. It’s internationally recognized being available in 124 countries and offers over 42 thousand lower prices in over 126 thousand locations.

Black Friday and Back-To-School


Black Friday is the day that follows Thanksgiving in USA, when every important retailer has huge discounts at his products. Initially this holiday appeared in USA, but with time it was exported to all major countries and nowadays can be enjoyed almost worldwide through the biggest online retailers like Amazon or Apple.

What’s more important is that retailers are going further with this and they begin their Black Friday on Thursday night, when they start lowering prices in order to keep one step ahead their competitors. Other even turn this special day into a whole week-event.

Black Friday can represent a good period to buy new things because of lower prices, but you should also keep in mind that this particular day is one of the busiest shopping days in USA. If you are up for this, you should know it will be a long day at the queue.

Students and professors can also find some interesting discounts through the Back-To-School program, which is launched every year near the beginning of the school and university. Besides discounts, retailers usually offer free shipping, gift cards or other devices for free for every purchase that is made. All in all, keep an eye on the period before the school-year starts, because you could save a large amount of money buying computers and other devices at lower prices.

Also, you should take a look at other companies which offer discounts for students and professors too:

  • Sony Academic Store  offers discounts up to $500 (for example, for a Sony VAIO Ultrabook you could receive back $200).
  • HP Academy saves up to 20% from the initial price of a product.
  • Microsoft has discounts of 10% for software, surface and accessories.
  • Amazon offers to each student that signs up special offers like 50% off for borrowing Kindle books or watching movies and TV episodes.
  • Ableton offers special discounts that can save up to 40% from the initially price.
  • Guilford Press has 40% discounts for every book.

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