It was considered revolutionary a few years ago, but today is considered a drawback if found in a device. We are talking of Intel’s Atom processor which spurred the netbook revolution in 2008, but seems to have fallen from favor since in the eyes of most critics and tech pundits. In fact, its decline has been almost akin to that of Julius Caesar who was killed by his own friends and colleagues. No, we are not saying that, like Caesar, the Atom has met its demise, but well, we do think that if Mark Antony had had a chance to defend the processor as he did Ceasar, he would have done so in these words:

Friends, Geeks, Tech Countrymen
Put your phones in silent mode
Talk off those Bluetooth hands free sets
And lend me your ears

I come here to defend the Intel Atom Processor
Not to praise it.
The evil that processors do tends to be remembered long
The good oft forgotten
And so it has been with the Atom

Many noble tech pundits hath told you
That the Atom is but a poor processor
If true, that is a grievous fault
And grievously hath the chip paid for it.

I have nothing but respect for these pundits,
Who are all honorable men.

Come I to speak in the Atom’s defense,
It served me well, right from my eeePC to the Iconia W3,
Constant, committed, never tiring, and affordable
And yet some pundits say it is a poor processor
And of course, they are honorable men

It made computing truly portable with netbooks
Took battery life to new levels
And did so while being affordable
Is this the sign of poor performance?
And yet some pundits say it is a poor processor
And sure, they are honorable men.

It runs not PhotoShop well, they say
It cannot play high-end games, they allege
But yes, it does everything
That most people want – browsing, e-mailing and writing,
And does it well, without costing a bomb
Is this poor performance
But well, the pundits say it is a poor processor,
And aye, they are honorable men.

I am not here to disprove what the pundits say
But I speak of what I do know
It is a processor that works well for most tasks
Boosts battery life, makes devices mobile
Sooth, it does not let one do high-definition tasks
But then, how many of us yearn for this
Are not smooth browsing, composing documents,
Mailing, social networking, any less important
Or do we all – ALL, I say – buy computers
Only for the sake of testing the limits of computing power
Rather than savoring what it can do?

You all loved it once
You hailed it during the netbook revolution
What makes you turn your backs on it now?
It does most tasks well
It makes devices affordable
It lets you carry your work around in your pocket
It doth make battery last and last…
I used it in the past
I use it today
I used with Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8
I have no regrets
It cost very little
And gave more than it took.

And yet some pundits will insists it is but a poor processor
And these pundits are honorable men.
And very rich too.

PHOTO CREDITS: leviathansmiles
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