It’s August already and many of you must be wondering when Apple will announce their new set of devices. iPhone 5S and a cheaper version of iPhone (iPhone 5C?) are expected to be announced in next few weeks. Though the sales of iPad have slowed down relatively, it hasn’t impacted the quality and quantity of apps flowing into the App store every week.

For the week ending August 4th, we have curated some of the best apps for both the iPad and the iPhone. There are a couple of cool music apps, a photo gallery app, an awesome document collaborator and many more. Let’s get started!

Expenses Planner ($0.99)

Most expenses-apps track your past & on-going expenses, but what about planning your future ones? Expenses Planner is a beautiful, minimalist app for keeping track and reminding you of your upcoming expenses and due payments. Payments are sorted chronologically and alphabetically if they are on the same date. Also shown is the total, so you know at a glance what you’re dealing with. It uses Dropbox to sync across all your devices.


Receiptmate ($2.99)

Evernote can be used in multiple ways. This new app, ReceiptMate, uses Evernote to store receipts. It’s a fully integrated client that allows you to scan your receipts, enter the amounts, specify the notebook and tags, and report on the totals. Integration with Evernote ensures your data is secure, while allowing you to change devices without worrying about losing your data.

Dialogue ($6.99)

Technically speaking, Dialogue shouldn’t have found a place in our weekly roundup, as it’s not an iOS app, but rather a Mac app. But then, it’s a cool piece of software which uses bluetooth to connect your Mac with your iPhone. It allows you to answer and make normal phone calls over your Mac. It’s as simple as that. Furthermore, Dialogue lets you record your conversations to play them over and over again.

Tapsbook (Free)

It’s been a while since we not had a photo organizer and gallery app in our list of top apps every week. Developers are finding ways to make a mark in the crowded gallery app space on iPad and iPhone. Tapsbook is an innovative visual storytelling app that solves this problem and let you tell your beautiful stories in a fast and simple way. It automatically organizes your scattered and tucked away photos, based on their date, into beautiful virtual photo books on the cloud that can be easily viewed and shared.

Quip (Free)

Quip is by far the most interesting app we found in the last few weeks. It’s a modern word processor that enables you to create beautiful documents on any device. It combines documents and messages into a single chat-like “thread” of updates — making collaboration easy. It’s one app which has true real-time collaborative editing and host of other features, all for free!


Lumosity (Free)

Lumosity is a new iPad only Brain-training app, which aims to improve your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts. Fortunately, the games are mostly fun, so the positive side-effects are just a bonus to the overall gaming experience.

Splyce (Free)

Music player apps are aplenty on the app store, but not many of them can DJ your entire listening session for you, complete with automatic mixing of your favorite tracks. Splyce calculates the BPM of all the songs in your music library, matches the tracks that have a similar speed, and mixes them together to provide a DJ style sound. What more, it can connect with Philips Hue lights providing synchronized music & lights automagically.

Dropchord ($2.99)

Dropchord is a music-driven, score challenge game with mesmerizing visuals and an original electronic soundtrack. Influenced by music visualizers and score attack arcade games, Dropchord is an original experience that’ll test your dexterity while providing endless fun. The game was previously available for PC and OS X, and now makes its way onto iOS.

Rymdkapsel ($3.99)

With such a weird name, Rymdkapsel has enough to garner a glance, but it offers more. It’s a meditative strategy game set in space. Take on the challenge of building the best possible station by commanding your minions and exploring the galaxy around you. Check out the trailer below to get an idea.

Imgur (Free)

Hugely popular image hosting service, Imgur now has an official app for iOS. Thanks to Reddit and other communities on the web, Imgur has become a go-t-destination for viral images. It’s the best place to spend your free time on the go.


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