Android and iOS tablets are becoming more and more the solution for those who really want to enjoy the vibrancy of colors when reading comic books. Now, through the use of portable applications and other types of resources, users can have their favorite Marvel collections, PDFs, CBZs and CBRs comic books on their mobile devices.

Fans all over the world are thrilled because Superman, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Batman and other superheroes come to life on portable devices. The greatest advantage over the classic paper comic book is the fact that users can store all their favorite books in a single gadget, without worrying to bring the comic book in every trip or without having to carry an entire collection everywhere. In that fashion, we have assembled a list with the best Android and iOS applications for all comic book fans.

6 Comic Book Apps to keep you Entertained


Comic books are publications, initially launched in USA in the 1930s, which are composed from multiple juxtaposed panels, each describing an action. They are also called comic magazines or comics and their action usually follows the life of a superhero. Every page is organized in panels of different sizes which contain dialogs placed in word balloons. It’s important to know that despite being “Comic” books, they also tell stories for other genres (History, Adult, Wars, Crime or Fantasy).



Comics is an iOS application which was awarded last year in the Top Grossing iPad app with the 3rd place. It’s made by comiXology , a company which transforms traditional paper comics into digital ones in order to offer fans an easier way to organize their books and the possibility to access them through a smartphone or a tablet.

Basically, it’s a library which includes titles from all  major companies, such as Marvel (Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Wolverine etc.), DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Watchmen, Justice League and more), Image Comics (The Walking Dead and others), IDW (Star Trek, Mutant Ninja Turtles and so forth), Disney (Mickey Mouse, Cars and more) and others, having in total over 40 thousand titles available.

Furthermore, they have exclusive series that can be found only on their site or through their special application. The majority of the books can be read only after paying a fee, but developers also offer a bunch of free books every week. The most interesting thing about this application is the Guided View technology which offers a revolutionary experience when reading.

Also, they have a “buy only once” policy so that if somebody buys a book, it will automatically sync with his other devices too. The app is free of charge and is available for multiple platforms: Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices.

Marvel Unlimited


Marvel Unlimited is a subscription service application that offers digital content for worldwide usage. This means that fans will get over 70 years of comic books history directly through their very own mobile device. Here they can find over 13 thousand titles, such as Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man or The Hulk.

This service has a simple method of payment, users only having to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and they are free to read as much as they can. Furthermore, every user that has a subscription receives a newsletter every week with new books that were added. The same thing can also be verified and seen in the notification area of the app.

The interface is very nice and easy-to-use because it has all the menus and buttons good placed and a special screen where users can browse through all their available books. Whether it’s a book that is available in the subscription or a free one, the loading time for each can vary from one to another depending on its actual size.

So, if you are interested in Marvel comic books this is your chance to get all of them in digital format for only $9.99 monthly or $69.99 a year. They can be accessed either through the Marvel official website or through the special designed application for Android, iPad and iPhone that can be downloaded for free.

Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse Comics is the biggest independent editor of comic books and manga from America, which was established in 1986. In order to offer fans an easier way to access all their favorite comics, developers created a special application with a very nice, colored, vibrant and easy to use interface.

Users can read well-known titles with awesome stories like Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Tarzan, Terminator, Sin City, Hellboy, Serenity and more. In order to draw more attention to their comics and new fans to adhere to Dark Horse Comics, the comic publisher also offers free titles besides the paid ones, which have a starting price of $0.99.

In addition, more and more Marvel and DC Comics fans are crossing the side to Dark Horse comics due to their specific way to keep readers always on the boil. Also, every book can be accessed from multiple devices thanks to the cloud based technology which permits users to switch from one device to another.

Another good thing is that it’s very simple to start using this service, all you need is to make an account on their website and start adding titles to your collection. Buy your favorite books and read them using the browser or the special free Android or iOS application.



Madefire is a revolutionary and award winning application which has lots of good reviews from well-known publications like USA Today or Wired. Last year it was chosen one of the best applications from the App Store due to its innovative reading experience. Users can find here exclusive comics created by legends, such as Dave Gibbons creator of Watchmen, Liam Sharp or Bill Sienkiewicz creator of Elektra: Assassin.

Fans can enjoy a beautiful interface from where they can browse and read their favorite titles. The most interesting fact about it is that developers are creating content specifically for mobile devices for a more dynamic experience. Basically, with this technology they combine 360 grades panoramic views with music and sound effects.

Another good thing is that the application offers all books for free in the initial release period, and after, for a starting price of $1.99. Besides exclusive titles, users can enjoy content from IDW (Star Trek, Transformers), Boom! Studios (Testament, 2 Guns) and ITV Station, current partners of Madefire.

It seems that Madefire is very close to signing a partnership with DC Comics too, but particular titles that will be available were not announced. All in all, this free application can represent a very nice asset to every comic book fan and if you are interested, you can downloaded it for your iPad, iPhone or iPod from iTunes.

DC Comics


DC Comics is one of the biggest and most important comic publishers from America thanks to the popularity of its superheroes and villains. They publish over 80 titles per month and 1 thousand comic books and novels every year. Also, DC cheers fans over the world offering their favorite comics and fantastic stories from the DC Universe in multiple languages.

Users can find within this application a lot of well-known superheroes alongside which we grew up, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many more. The app is powered by comiXology and thanks to it, fans can enjoy the revolutionary Guided View technology or the classic full-page view when they read.

The good thing is that it offers a greater portability because using it you will be able to organize the books in a better way and you will be capable of reading them anytime. Whether you are at work, in front of the computer or walking using your mobile device you will be able to see all your favorite superheroes coming to life.

The application is very nice made and it can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Official Comic-Con App


Comic-Con is the Mecca of all comic book fans and with this particular application, users can be kept in touch with everything in this industry. The app offers basic and detailed information, such as the map, schedule, exhibitors, awards and more. This application is your fully digital guide for Comic-Con events, showing even the special guests that attend at different stands. Also, everything can be shared over Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS in order to let your friends know the news.

The big advantage is that it automatically updates for every show and it’s free of charge being available for Android and iOS devices.

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