WhatsApp has just made a cool new addition to the uber-popular messaging app, by adding Voice Messaging feature through a “Push to Talk” button. This was possibly the most requested feature from its users, and WhatsApp has ensured no one feels betrayed, by making the feature available on all the platforms simultaneously.

Sadly, the feature is being rolled out in phases for users on different platforms. Unlike other apps, merely updating WhatsApp doesn’t guarantee the availability of Voice Messaging feature. In case you aren’t sure if you’ve got the update or not, see if there’s a microphone icon as shown in the image below:


If you don’t see it, don’t fret. Here is a simple tweak to make sure you get the update right away. I’ve personally checked the method, and it works great on Android, and should work on iOS, WP8 and BlackBerry as well.

The idea is to fool WhatsApp by pushing the date on the device by a week or so. Just go to the Settings and change the date to 14th August or so, come back to WhatsApp, send a random message to someone in your list, close the app and wait for a couple of minutes. Boom! You should now see a microphone icon as shown in the image above. If not, try rebooting the phone, and it should be there.

Bonus Tip: If you are on Android/iOS, try recording something on WhatsApp and cancel it mid-way. See the magic!

Source: @iMaddy

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