As another week descends, we’re back with our download directory. This week, we’ve listed a tool that can rip music and video out of any program and game. We’ll also see a suite that helps to perform complete system tuning, we take a look at the browser that lets you surf the internet anonymously, an extension that lets you password protect your bookmarks.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.




X-Ripper is a file extracting tool which can snatch video and audio content from programs and games. This comes handy while grabbing background music and video clips from a game in which the media content can’t be found in the installation folder. Not just that, with this app, you can also pick out images from PDF and many other document formats.

Glary Utilities 3.6


For a system to work in shape, you should perform its tuning every once in a while. A tuning typically involves cleaning and defragmentation of registry and hard drive, weeding out unwanted programs from system startup, fixing missing shortcuts, removing redundant objects, and similar repairs. While there are many apps that do this task, Glary Utilities packs all the aforestated functionalities in one. Resembling pretty much to TuneUP utilities in terms of interface and features, Glary Utilities is more responsive and faster as well.

1-Click Maintenance, one of its features lets you clean registry, fix shortcuts, remove spywares, repair the disk, erase all the tracks, and clean temporary files in just a click. In addition to that, the suite also has a third party process explorer, a context menu editor and a disk explorer. It also has a software updater which scans your computer for the apps you have installed and checks if all of them are running to their most updated versions. It also bundles system tweaking tools that let you free up the memory of your RAM. The app includes many more small utilities that will help you gear up variety of operations.

PirateBrowser 0.6b

Overlook the word “Pirate” for a minute, and you have a full-fledged anonymous browsing tool. The application bundles the client of popular anonymous browser Tor and portable version of Firefox with foxyproxy add-on installed in it. You can use it to surf censored and blocked websites, and also, you can use this browser if you don’t want any 3rd party application to track you or your online activities.



An alternative to Speccy, which we featured a few weeks ago, HWiNFO does a classier job at providing more than enough information about the red hot components of your computer. It can also help you keep the drivers of those components up to date.

Software Upgrades

Mozilla Firefox 23

The new update brings a new logo and many new features to both its Windows and Android clients. The desktop version now has an in-built share functionality that lets you share any webpage with your Facebook friends. Firefox 23 also features mixed content blocking which essentially prevents the loading of unsecured pages traversing through secured connections. Alongside that, the new version also has a Network Monitor which provides information such as size, source, file-type etc. of all the loaded page elements.

TeamViewer 8.0.20202

The remote-access, desktop sharing, and file transferring tool, TeamViewer got updated recently. Apart from the bug fixes, its user interface has been improved and made a lot simpler for even the first time users. The chat functionality and the user experience within mobile device support have been improved.

Auslogics Disk Defrag

The powerful alternative to Windows built-in disk defragmentation tool, Auslogics Disk Defrag got updated this week. Its performance looks sharp, and the general responsive time and usability of the program too seem better now.

Browser Extensions



If you ever wanted to bookmark pages in Chrome and didn’t because you have to share the computer with others, meet Hush, the Chrome extension that sets password to your bookmarks. To use this feature, you need to browse in Incognito mode and appreciatively, people using Chrome the regular way won’t even know the existence of any such extension.


Once you’ve installed the extension, you’ll need to go to the settings and from the left pane, click on extensions. Once you are there, locate Hush and tick “allow in incongnito” placed right beneath it.

Android Desktop Notifications


This Chrome extension can fire up your Android device’s notification in your browser. You can also set a sound for those notifications. You need to first download its Android app, install it in your phone or tablet. The beta version of this extension is available for Firefox users.

Show/hide Passwords

If you don’t like deleting the entire string for a little mistake you did while entering your password on any login page, Show/Hide Passwords can help you with that. This Firefox add-on can help you reveal what you have typed. Once you have cited your mistake, you can turn it into the usual asterisks again.

PizzaTimer Extension for Opera


Not recently released, but this extension for Opera is worth mentioning. Although the PizzaTimer extension might’ve been designed to save your pizzas from burning, you can use it as count down timer for all other things as well.

Tip of the week: Set timer in Google

Speaking of countdown timers, did you know you can use Google search engine as a timer too? Just Google the query set timer and it will start the count-down timing. Once the time is up, it also starts ringing.

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