It’s that time of the week when we sum up only the latest and greatest applications from the Google Play Store. Some of you who follow Technology Personalized and our weekly lists of the best Android apps, probably still have some apps installed from our previous roundup. Make sure you have room for some more Android apps, as this time we’re enlisting ten that impressed us the most.

Among the most important Android news in the past week we find the launch of LG’s new flagship smartphone: the LG G2 and the fact that Android Device Manager tool is now active. Also, a new technology, the resistive RAM, has all the chances of revolutionizing the flash market. Now, if you’re all set up, let’s have a look at the best Android apps for the week ending on 11 August.

1 Second Everyday (Free)

I remember seeing a video on Youtube where somebody has recorded the first year of life of their kid and I was wondering what would be an easy solution to do that. 1 Second Everday is one Android app that lets you record just one second of anything you want. You can then access the recorded videos and sort them by date which is the whole point of the app, after all – to have everything in chronological order.

Sine Mora ($5.99)

With so many positive reviews and ratings from dedicated gaming websites and users, Sine More is one shoot ’em up Android game you shouldn’t miss. Inside the game you will have at your disposal over 50 weapon combinations to help finish all seven beautifully crafted levels.

You have four different control options: virtual and floating joystick, relative touch control and reversed relative touch. Awesome music is also present in the game, being composed by Akira Yamaoka who was also Sound Director of Silent Hill.

Respawnables (Free)

Zynga doesn’t make only social games on Facebook, but also such gems as Respawnables, a third-person shooter that has recently hit the Play Store. With graphics à-la Team Fortress, this game promises a lot of fun both in online and offline modes. You will have more than 100 single missions to complete and fast paced gameplay is a guarantee. There is also the Team VS mode that allows you to choose a team and play in multiplayer mode. Twenty killer weapons, superb quality 3D cartoon style and ultra smooth controls are things that will make you glued to the screen.

Blueprint 3D ($1.99)


Now, this is one unusual 3D motion puzzle game for your Android device. You will have to finish more than 300 levels that seem to filled only with chaotic dots and lines. But the secret and what makes the game unique is that you have to connect them to find a beautiful blueprint image. Use your fingers to rotate the figure to see the image better. It’s a truly original concept, so the single way to discover more about it is to play the game. I have now more than one hundred levels and can tell you that it’s a delight for your brain.

Shrek Alarm ($1.99)


Yes, we have yet another alarm app, if you think our recent list with top 10 apps was not enough. Shrek lovers will be thrilled to discover that they now have an alarm featuring their favorite character. You can start your day with some fun activities, as you are allowed to poke Shrek to make him roar or tickle him if you want some Shrek laughter. Even more, you can get interactive and animated weather forecasts. The app also features a world clock, stopwatch, timer and a flashlight.

Samsung Wallet (Free)

The Samsung Wallet Android app has gone out of beta to rival with Apple’s Passbook for iOS. The bad thing is that the app is currently limited to a few Galaxy devices: the Galaxy S 3; Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. You can use the Samsung Wallet app to add boarding passes, membership cards, coupons, and event tickets. Albeit at the moment the app doesn’t have a great rating, I’m sure Samsung will fix the glitches and make it available for more Samsung devices.

Suspect in Sight ($1.99)


Suspect in Sight is and Android game where you play as badass police officer Rob and you fly the police chopper to catch criminals across three great American cities – Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The visual aspect is quite pleasing for the eye, as the comic frames are drawn by reputed comic artists. You have 30 addicting  missions to finish, filled with real police sounds and cool music. And you don’t have only one helicopter, but four of them to fly. And there’s some sarcastic humor in the game, to make it even more enjoyable.

Twisty Launcher (Free)

There are always new Android launchers in the Play Store that deserve our attention, but despite its name, Twisty Launcher’s job is another one – it opens your favorite apps according to some predefined hand gestures that you make. Twisty launcher lets you use up to three different gestures. For example, you can hold your Android phone in your hand and flick it to the left twice in order to open your camera. As Twisty Launcher stays in the background, you can perform the hand gesture from inside any app.

FableScapes 2 (Free)

We know kids are mesmerized by touch devices, so the best way to avoid addiction is to find some apps that will actually help them evolve as human beings. FableScapes 2 is an entertaining Android storytelling game that lets your kid’s imagination create fantastic tales. Having a big range of scenarios, your kids can become authors themselves by creating amazing animated adventures. Watch the video to understand better what the app is about.

1941 Frozen Front (Free)

Strategy war games are one of my favorite types as they allow me to feel like I’m a famous troops commander. 1941 Frozen Front is a strategy game where you play with the infantry, artillery, tanks and warplanes to overrun enemy positions and win numerous battles. The game comes with detailed graphics and super-realistic sounds and can also be played on your Android tablet.

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