If you are done wasting your valuable time watching creepy TV shows and movies, you might want to start doing something useful and meaningful like say, watching podcasts. Hearing opinions from technology experts and journalists not only keeps you updated with all the important news, but also makes you aware of the challenges and other concerns of operating systems, apps, security etc. We have listed some of our favorite tech podcasts below which we are sure you will love to hear and watch.

The Vergecast

The Webby award winning podcast, The Vergecast, is one of best podcasts you could watch on the internet. Hosted by one of the most reputed technology journalist, Editor-in-Chief of The Verge, Joshua Topolsky with Nilay Patel and Paul Miller, The Vergecast is a place where these folks talk about “technology, technology culture, culture-culture” and anything else they want to talk about.

Often blamed for going off-track, the folks over at The Verge do know serious things about technology, and the podcast sometimes gets funny as well. In the absence of any of the aforementioned names, David Pierce and Ross Miller, Senior Editors of the site jump in to save the day. The podcast is streamed live every Friday or Saturday. You can also find it on The Verge’s YouTube channel and iTunes.

AnandTech Podcast


Subtract the side-talks from TheVergecast, add more information to it, go more nerdy, and you have AnandTech’s podcast. Hosted by Anand Lal Shimpi and Brian Klug, the show, as well as their website, is as awesome as a technology publication could get.

If you want to get some insight opinion on the inside components of a CPU or more detailed information about mobile’s hardware, AnandTech’s podcast is the one you should follow, since it is one of the few podcasts on the internet which stalwartly covers motherboards, processors, RAMs, hard drives and SSDs. The only thing you could complain about is the scant frequency with which they tape down new episodes.

Engadget Podcast

Produced by one of the most reputed technology publications, Engadget, the show is hosted by its founder Peter Rojas and senior associate editor Brian Heater. Terrence O’Brien and Ben Giert too sometime come infront of the camera. The show definitely misses its former Editor-In-Chief Tim Stevens who left the site last month.

The podcast covers weekly news in tech space, and the editors give their insight opinions on new gadgets and any spike at consumer concerning tech. They air a new episode on Tuesday and sometimes on Friday.

Lifehacker Podcast


Hosted by LifeHacker’s Editor-in-Chief Whitson Gordon and Editor Adam Dachis, Lifehacker’s podcast is one of its kind. They talk about big tech news, and along with that they also talk about daily life troubles and remedies to fix them. The show also features “Ask LifeHacker” where they answer readers’ questions.

They are often accompanied by other Lifehacker writers Alan Henry and Thorin Klosowski. The new episode is usually aired on weekends.

The Verge Mobile Show

Another gem from VOX Media, The Verge Mobile Show is hosted by four senior editors of The Verge – Dieter Bohn, Chris Ziegler, Vlad Savov and Dan Seifert. They talk about new mobile devices, carriers, data plans, hardware, apps and other aspects that circle around mobile ecosystem. They take immense pleasure at berating bad things.

Engadget Mobile Podcast


Pretty similar to The Verge Mobile Show, Engadget too has dedicated an entire podcast to talk about mobile phones and everything that is related to it. Hosted by experts like Myriam Joire, Brad Molen, Joseph Volpe and Sean Copper, the show is really cool and covers all the facets of mobile. The show usually airs on Thursdays.


Hosted by Professor Allan Jude and the tech guy Chris Fisher, the show discusses big stories from the world of computers and networks. They also converse about security related issues. If you are a network administrator, you would get to hear ample of networking tools.

The Linux Action Show!

Founded by Bryan Lunduke and Chris Fisher, it is a one stop for all your Linux updates. The show focuses on Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Open Suse, LiveMint etc. Although Bryan Lunduke left the parent Jupiter broadcasting, which again, was founded by him, Matt Hartley took over his place, and has been fully justifying his position.

The show apart from Linux distros, also goes through any Linux related news, new applications and open source platform.

The Tech Guy


Hosted by award winning technology journalist Leo Laporte, the show covers all popular platforms on the planet– Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. They sneak peek into rumors, talk about lesser-known features of devices, apps and almost every aspect of consumer technology. Leo is often accompanied by other technology experts and journalists.

All About Android

Another TWIT.TV gem, All About Android, as the title suggests, cover things about Android. The show is hosted by Lifehacker’s founder Gina Trapani, Ron Richards and Iyaz Akhtar. So, whether it’s a new Android update which is about to release, or a new flagship device from any popular manufacturer, or how much discount a carrier is giving you on a new Android device, the show has got everything covered. New episode of it usually airs on Tuesdays.

Noteworthy Mentions

Speaking of technology podcasts and forgetting Dan Benjamin would be a disaster. Dan is a well-known software developer, user interface designer and a technology writer, which makes his insight opinions worth listening to. He is presently hosting around two dozen tech related podcasts on his website 5by5 where he and his partners are producing many useful podcasts.

Apart from 5by5, we would also like to mention Technology related Ted talks. TED is a very popular conference where people talk about ideas and how those ideas hold the power to change the world.

CNET’s The Apple Byte is a cool resource to tune your iDevice knowledge and get updated with related news. Geek Beat TV is also a nice show which is hosted by Cali Lewis and John P who cover tech news and new devices and camera gears.

Do let us know if you are following any other cool technology podcast in the comments.


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