Another week is coming to an end and we’re back with our list of best apps that made the buzz in the PC universe. This week we have listed tools that can help you manage your clipboard data, a tool that lets you download websites, and an app that can throttle your network’s speed to save bandwidth. Along with that, we have some amazing extensions, and round-up on which of your favorite apps got updated over the last 7 days.

Browser Extensions


Textual replies have become so old, it’s 2013 and cool people prefer to use memes and gifs to express their feelings. Perhaps that would explain why somebody developed a Chrome extension that helps you with that. It lets you store, share and copy the link address of gif files in just a couple of clicks. Once you have installed the extension you will be able to save the gifs in your browser’s folder.

Hey Girl


Another extension that went viral this week is Hey Girl. Personally I don’t get the point of this extension, but I have been told our female readers will love it. What this extension does is, it detects image on the websites you visit and replace those images with Ryan Gosling’s pictures. Why ‘Hey Girl’? Well, if you remember, back in 2008, memes with Ryan Gosling’s image with caption “hey girl” went viral, and even today there are many tumblr blogs on the same.

Adblock for Internet Explorer

The stable version of popular ad-blocking extension has finally arrived on Internet Explorer. Coming out of the beta, the extension helps you block ads, pop-ups, and all the other annoying things that hinder your internet pleasure.

Document Font Toggle

Many websites have odd fonts. Though you can manually fix them, but if you donít really want to get your hands dirty, this Firefox add-on will do that job for you. It automatically resolves the size, font type, and converts it into a readable layout.

Best Applications

Clipboard Master 3


The built-in clipboard functionality of Windows does its job pretty well. But, it has limitations. For instance, as soon as you copy another text or file, the previously stored information gets overwritten. Clipboard Master 3 can help you fix that. In addition, the app brings many more exciting features with it. If there is any data that you have to copy-paste several times in a day, you can use this app to speed up that process. Further the app also has a screenshot tool and a password manager.



We download tons of images, videos, movies, apps and whatnot. But have you ever thought of downloading a website? That way you won’t require internet access to view the content of any site. Thankfully, there is an app for it. Though there are many paid tools available for this particular job, WinHTTrack, a freeware stands tall in front of all its competitors. You can save a website present on the internet to your local hard-drive in a matter of few clicks. The app makes a true replica of the site by building recursively all directories, typical HTML files, media content and all other files. Depending on the website, you might be dealing with several GBs of data. But don’t worry, if your download for some reasons get interrupted, you can certainly resume it. As we know the internet keeps on changing every day, the site you downloaded too will put new contents on it, the best part is, you can update your existing downloads and add new files to it.

BWMeter 6.6.0


If you want to keep an eye on how much data you consume while surfing the web, BWMeter is what you are looking for. Essentially a bandwidth meter, the app also details several other network parameters like, traffic information and the route your computer traversed to reach a particular website. You can check your upload and download speed, and can also put a limit to the speed of your network if you want to save some bandwidth. It’s a nifty tool for administrators to control flow of internet at their offices, cyber cafes, and other institutions.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4


If your computer has started working anomalously, but your anti-virus suite seem topsy-turvy at detecting any malware, getting a second opinion is a smart choice. Emsisoft Emergency Kit 4 is an anti-malware suite which can work from the command line. It has a tool called HiJackFree which can help you remove bogus software from your system manually. Very often, rootkits and other malware injecting tools lock files and folder which becomes dreadful to get rid of. This app has a tool called BlitzBlank tool that can help you delete such files.

Software Upgrades

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10

Finally, the version number of this super awesome freeware media player has touched the 2 digit figure. The latest update has codecs for both 32-bit and 64-bit system. Other than that, various tools and other codecs such as MPC-HC, LAV Filters, ffdshow, Codec Tweak tool, GraphStudionNext have also been updated. The popular Media Info tool that comes bundled with K-Lite has received an update as well.

Vuze 5.1

The popular BitTorrent client, Vuze too received an update this past week. There are number of improvements in its interface design and functionality. You will find a new ‘open-torrent’ dialog design. Show/Hide the icon, lifecycle operations, and pairing commands have been added to the console UI. You will now be able to check the ‘Per-File’ availability in the column. Among many small ups and downs, “Tags” feature has been added in the Library views, the new RSS Feed Scanner can now work with the default proxy. In addition to that, a simple IPv6 connectivity tester has been added too.

Paint.NET 3.5.11 Beta

The popular free alternative to Microsoft’s default image editor – Paint, has improved many of its features. The incorrect alpha values while putting Gaussian Blur effect has been resolved. The performance of Sharpen effect has reportedly been improved by 25%, similarly, the performance of Median effect, Unfocus effect and Fragment effect have got significant upgrading as well.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

This cloud browser which is getting popular by the day, in its new update, fixes many of its past glitches. For instance, the skin problem while installing the software has been fixed, the browser doesnít require double click to hide the Sidebar. The unresponsive download manager has been taken care of as well. Other than that, the browser has implemented its core to the new web standard Webkit. The extension platform has got a makeover as well

Tip of the week: Get more out of your right-click


When you right click on an object (file or folder), you see a lot of context-menu options. That’s normal. Did you know if you press Shift key while right-clicking on an object you get more options? Try it, but keep in mind that the extra options that you will be getting depend on the type of file or folder you have clicked on.

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