Foursquare has managed to carve a niche for itself in the overcrowded location apps space. By adding points and leaderboard, Foursquare brought the gaming aspect to the mundane location sharing activity, and with the latest update, the app has gotten smarter with Google Now like feature added to it.

In addition to finding friends and great stuff around you, Foursquare will provide interesting insights, like the best dish to order when you sit down for dinner, or the three must-see places to go when you arrive in a new part of town. And these recommendations (tips) are proactive, and pops up in your notification center. The tips usually comes from Foursquare users, and at times, from the merchant.


The idea is nothing new and in fact it was previously tried and tested by many, but without much success. Most of the times, the battery drain being the bottleneck. Foursquare claims that it has managed to find a way out, wherein the battery drain is as little as 0.7% per hour, or, over the course of a day, the equivalent of about a 20-minute game of Angry Birds. This is very much believable, specially after we’ve seen apps like Saga, which continuously monitor and logs your location data without adversely draining out the battery.

The new feature is being rolled out slowly for few thousand Android users starting today, and will expand to all Android users over the course of coming months. iOS users would have to wait a bit more, as Foursquare says they’re taking it a bit slow to make sure they get it just right. We think it’s a brilliant addition to the app, considering one don’t need to open the app to get the recommendations, and that’ll eventually help the app itself to increase its active user base. This is just a peek into the future of location sharing services. Manual checkin and manual searches will be a thing of past, albeit it seems creepy for some privacy freaks.

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