Qualcomm, a company known by many as the birth place of powerful processors, is going to target a rather new segment of the market this year, with the newly unveiled Toq smartwatch. The wearable gadget is said to be a limited-edition device that will sell in only in thousands and can be seen as the company’s attentive of making a statement not against smartwatch competition, but in front of those seeking a new-age display.

Mirasol, the display panel mounted on Toq is a rather impressive creation that manages to render important content under good quality in intensive sun-light conditions. Unlike most smartwatches on the market, including Samsung Gear, Kreyos Meteor, Pebble and Sony, the Qualcomm Toq Mirasol display has borrowed principles from the E-ink technology to save precious battery life, while making almost no compromises on viewing quality.

What’s special about the Qualcomm Toq?


Besides the Mirasol display which can produce vivid colors and refresh quickly enough to display videos, while staying far away from a plug from weeks, the Toq smartwatch integrates a back-lit light to accommodate darker environments and a nice design.

In matters of functionality, the Toq is somewhat limited when compared to other competitors in the same price rage. Denying to include the same functionality of a smartphone, Qualcomm’s smartwatch can only sync content from an Android device and notify users in case of alerts. In other words, the Toq can only display phone calls, text, calendar alerts and WhatsApp notifications – and that’s pretty much it.

On the inside, the Toq is powered by Qualcomm’s own operating system and can sync only with Android devices at the time (iOS compatibility may be added in the future).

The body of the gadget is rather slim, thanks to the bright idea of removing the battery from the main body and placing it inside the watch band clasp. Speaking of battery, developers claim a five day reuse time in medium usage and three days under heavy conditions. Recharging is done in style, thanks to a wireless dock included in the purchase.

Availability and price

The watch will retail for $300 and will be available in black or white variants, with wireless Bluetooth headphones included. While pre-orders have already started, Qualcomm stated that October 10th will be the day when the watch will be sold online, as well as in some retail stores. Careful though, as the unit will only be available in tens of thousands.

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