In order to have a healthier life you have to work on your eating habits and to do a lot of physical exercises. One can choose from various types of exercises that can help them through the process of improving their health, body and mind. Either they go to a gym or do the exercises from their home,  results tend to be basically the same.

We are sure that many of you already heard about Yoga and many of you are practicing it. In order to come in help, developers created applications for smartphones and tablets so that Yogis could start a virtual yoga exercises from anywhere. We searched and created a list with the best choices that one can find, which are included and explained in the following piece.

Some of the Best Yoga Apps


Yoga is a discipline originated from ancient India that combines mental, physical and spiritual practices in order to obtain a state of mind full of peace. In the Sanskrit language it commonly means “to add”, “to unite” or “to join”. This discipline’s purpose is to reach a goal and the most important principle here is “moksha”, which is traduced as “liberation”. Yoga has lots and lots of fans, being very popular in the western side of the globe were it’s considered a physical exercise and not a way to live a life.

Pocket Yoga


Pocket Yoga is an application that was awarded at many app contests and which was voted as “The Best App for Practicing Yoga” by Mac | Life. The app is the perfect way to practice yoga because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. It has step-by-step instructions, so that even beginners can enjoy the wonderful benefits that yoga provides.

Basically, users can choose between three practices, three different durations and other three different difficulty levels. So in total, users can have up to 27 different exercises with over 150 beautiful and high quality pictures containing the correct positions and postures. Furthermore, it has a pose dictionary where users can read about the poses and their benefits, to see their name in English and Sanskrit, to demonstrate future poses and more.

The app has a great feature that allows users changing the music and selecting one from their own, the environment, changing the voice of the character and more, in order to offer a better and enjoyable experience. Also, it can be connected via wireless to a TV that has AirPlay support or via TV Out to other TVs, using the corresponding AV cables.

When practicing yoga, you must know that it has to be done on a regular basis in order to become beneficial for your body. That’s why, this app represents one of the best choices one can have. It costs $2.99 and it’s available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

Simply Yoga


Simply Yoga is an application made to substitute your yoga instructor wherever you are.  The average review rating is over 4.5 stars of 5 and users are extremely pleased with the capabilities of the app, saying that is very easy to use, beautiful and user friendly and so forth. The app was even presented in the Wired magazine as a trustworthy yoga application.

The software has video instructions and demonstrations for every pose, audio guides and different difficulty types. One can set between 20, 40 and 60 minutes workouts where users can find over 30 poses and three default routines. It also permits users to start their exercises from the starting point by doing a complete workout or to start from a particular point.

Another good things is that poses are organized in two different levels so that beginners can start with simpler poses and then advance through time. The app can be also used in the landscape mode and it can create custom routines using the existing poses. All in all, it’s a beautiful and very useful application for each user, even if they are just beginners or they practiced yoga from long time ago.

The application can be downloaded as a free version (without having essential features, like the one that allows creating custom routines) –Android and iOS devices– or as a paid version for $2.99. The paid version of Simply Yoga is available for download for Android, iOS and Nook Tablets from their own online stores.

Daily Yoga


Daily Yoga is another yoga application that offers great sessions for all kind of users, either beginners who just want to start doing yoga or more experienced people. It has lots and lots of features, being the best coaching that makes users feel like they are attending a real yoga class in a professional environment.

The applications has a beautiful interface and provides a great amount of various sessions which are covering almost every part of your body. Through the 40 sessions, one can change the difficulty (casual, moderate or intense) and the duration (5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes) of each session in order to make them more suitable for them. Every exercise is accompanied by step-by-step HD yoga videos that can be run on mobile device’s home screen in full screen mode.

Basically, the app has over 200 poses acquired and more are added with every update, each one of them having a thorough description. Furthermore, you can connect with your friends and share achievements online. Send direct messages, make other friends, be the best in the community rankings list and more when using this app.

Daily yoga is a free download application available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Note that it also has a subscription program that costs $9.99 which will unlock more features, like deluxe music albums or new sessions and programs.



Yogify is an application made by the grand and worldwide-known Electronic Arts company that offers a great way to bring more peace in users’ life. By practicing, users can find their strength, balance and flexibility because all that this app does is to help you achieve that peacefully state of mind. Also, a great thing about it is that it can be used both by experienced yogis and users that try yoga for their first time.

The application offers a library with over 275 unique poses that can be practiced from anywhere, thanks to the portability of mobile devices. The poses are organized in 50 classes which are created to be progressively challenging. Also, users are able to change the music with their favorite selection and connect with the Yogify community via the most important online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).

The app is free for download, but only the first 35 hours are really for free. Users can enjoy the free sample classes and after, they have to buy either pieces of it, different levels from programs which cost between $1.99 and $3.99, or the entire collection which is at a discounted price of only $9.99.

The application is compatible only with iOS devices, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and it can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

Yoga Studio


Yoga Studio represent the pocket-size way to practice yoga from anywhere, which is very useful for beginners and veterans too. The application is very good reviewed by both simple users and well-known publications because it offers a great alternative for practicing yoga from your own home. It has 30 unique classes which contain over 16 hours of HD videos.

When entering the app, one must choose its level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, the duration of the class, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, and the focus, strength, flexibility, relaxation balance or combination, and the app will find the perfect class for you. Also, they offer the possibility to create your own classes with just simple steps. The great thing about the application is called video stitch, a feature that stitches together every pose you choose for your class in a beautiful and flowing video.

The app also has other features, like pose blocks and smart-link, which makes it unique when it’s about of yoga applications. When somebody practices yoga everything has to be very smooth, so when you try to create your own class the poses might not naturally lead into each other. That’s when the smart-link feature comes into help and “glues” everything, letting you know how to step from a pose to another.

The application has included over 280 poses alongside approximately 1700 yoga clips, and permits users to change the background, music to ambient sounds or even choose them from their own library. Also, users can schedule classes that are automatically synced over the Internet with their calendars and can track history, where they can verify things like their most recent class or the class that was played the most.

This application is like a guru of yoga applications because it has lots and lots of beautiful and stunning features. It was especially designed only for iPhone and iPads and it can be downloaded for $2.99 from here.

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