While new gadgets and their new features are being showcased at IFA 2013, there are plentiful software and extensions that cropped over last few days. This week, we are taking a look at a program that organizes and adds information to your files, an OCR reader for Windows, and a tool which notifies you every time a malware attempts to make changes in your computer’s settings. And as always we have written down about the software updates which took place since our last meet and all the exciting extensions and add-ons for your browsers.


Data Crow (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 75 MB)


Things were quite meek some years ago when 80 GB of hard-drive space was “enough”, not to forget the slow internet connection which would take enough time to fill that hard-drive. We didn’t have much digital data, ergo there was no urgent need to place them together. But today, computers are laced with TBs of storage space, hence it has become of utter importance to organize all the files we have. To do such task, we have many software, but one that stands tall in that category is Data Crow.

The app lets you categorize all the different types of files residing on your hard-drive. In addition, it detects the content and tags along relevant information to it. For instance, if you have installation file of some software, the app detects the software and puts description about it. Same goes for your music files and movies. So suppose you have any movie, the app retrieves a cover image of that movie and fills up all the credits and other information about it.

FreeOCR (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 12 MB)


Last week, SkyDrive added the optical character reading functionality to its image processors. The feature is really very useful as it grabs the text off an image. But for those of you who don’t use SkyDrive, there is a freeware available for Windows platform that does the same task, the OCR part. Once you have downloaded it, at the time of installation, the app will download 11 more MBs of data. Make sure to un-check useless things at the end of the procedure. The interface and file menu are very easy to navigate. The software supports JPEG, PNG, TIF as well as PDF document files.

WinPatrol 28.9.2013.0 (Type: Free/Commercial, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 1 MB)


This is an all-in-one system tweaking as well as Anti-Spyware software. The app alerts you as soon as any program (usually malwares) tries to alter critical settings of your computer. You can enable more notifications for other changes as well. Through the app, you can also block or delay an app from running in the startup. Delaying could help your computer log-in a little faster, as WinPatrol will check and delay a program’s running time and execute it once your computer is at idle state.

Extensions and services

Pocket for Windows


Perhaps the most popular read it later app, Pocket which was already available on Android, iOS, OS X and web browsers, this week became available to Windows and Chrome OS users as well. Once you have signed in with your log-in credentials, all the bookmarked apps will start downloading (saving) on your hard-drive making it available for your offline viewing. The app resembles to its web-browser counterpart, which on some level is irritating as it hasn’t been ported the way most of us had wanted it to.



Some people don’t necessarily like the tabs placed horizontally below the address bar. If you too share the same problem and would rather have your tabs vertically standing, thankfully enough, there is an extension for that. Veritabs for Chrome places your opened tabs on left side of the screen. It only appears when you hover your mouse to the left part of the screen and disappears as soon as you take your mouse away from it. You can also go to the settings and change the side to right, if that is what you prefer. Also, in coming updates, the developers claim to bring grouping option and support for full-screen.



As we know, there are many news reading applications that support offline reading. Apps like Pocket, Instapaper, readability are all great for reading things that you have saved on them. But, do we have an RSS reader that could allow offline reading functionality for every website you are subscribed to? A nice solution of it cropped a few days ago, when JellyReader arrived at the Chrome store. The app, unlike its competitors provide integration with two popular cloud services, viz DropBox and Google Drive. Once you have integrated your Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can decide for how long you want articles to stay, thankfully, the range is from a day to forever. Sadly there is no option to import opml files or any other way to sync your subscribed list as yet, so that is something we are hoping to see in coming days.


Whether you are simply annoyed with the layouts and extra glitter, or want to save bandwidth by turning off Flash, Java, CSS, JavaScript, Silverlight, images, cookies and other animations, there are many ways for it. NoWay, a Firefox addon however seems the easiest one, the add-on lets you turn off all the unwanted elements.

YouTube Center

Remember when YouTube used to buffer the entire video instead of just a part of it? Yeah, good old times. Ever since YouTube switched to Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over the existing HTTP framework, dozens of changes can be seen on the website, one of which sadly has something to do with the buffering. YouTube Center is available for all popular browsers, and provides many more exciting features.

Note: The link to Chrome’s extension mentioned on its homepage is incorrect, you can use any of the mirror, and install it by dragging the crx file on Chrome’s extension page

Software Updates


Buffer is a great service which lets you bucket all the links, images, and status updates that you would like to post on your social networks, and runs them through the day. It essentially keeps your social media profiles seem active even if you are busy with something else. The team behind the app, on popular demand added support for Google+ Pages as well. The setup is really easy, and you can find it on the above link.


After quite a while, this popular note-taking app received an update for its Windows client. First of all, you would notice some changes in its UI, as many unnecessary elements have been stripped. The update makes the app seem faster, the search functionality has been improved, and the authenticator has become more durable.

WinPatrol 28.8

We have featured the new version of this app this week, and the old version too has got an update. The new update brings a custom and more powerful task manager for Windows 8, pushes more functionality to computers running Windows XP, and other program updates. Other than that, the update notification has been added for many more categories as well.

WindowBlinds 8.01

WindowBlinds is a very popular appearance enhancing tool for Windows. In the new update the app has brought too many new features along with bug fixes. The support for Windows 8.1 has been pushed, and bug causing Windows explorer to not being able to move files have been fixed as well. Other than that, the software has brought support for many other 3rd party apps including Opera, Internet Download Manager, Trine 2, Dragon Age Origin and more.

Tip of the Week: Listen to Wikipedia edits


This is an amazing website that notifies you every time a new entry has been added or modified on Wikipedia. You will hear a bell when something is added to an entry, and string sound whenever some text is removed. There are different colored circles which makes it easier to know if a registered user has made the changes and whether it has been verified, or is it just a spam-bot. It also highlights the newly added parts.

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