Today is a big day. Apple will be announcing not one, but two iPhones at an event at their headquarters in Cupertino, California at 10 am PT. As you can see, the invite for today’s event which was sent a week back to select invitees from the press has the tagline “This should brighten everyone’s day”, with colorful and abstract circles all around. The expectation is for Apple to announce the successor to iPhone 5, which will be iPhone 5S (and not iPhone 6), and a low-cost iPhone, aptly named iPhone 5C.


Interestingly, Apple is holding the launch event at their Cupertino headquarters and not at Yerba Buena in San Francisco. The last time they announced an iPhone at Cupertino HQ was when they launched iPhone 4S two year back. There are some rumors about the new iPad and iPad mini being announced as well, but that’s highly unlikely, as Apple usually reserves a separate event for iPad unveilings. What’s certain though, is the GM build for iOS 7.

Other possible announcements include an upgraded Apple TV, Haswell based Macbook Pros and retina based Macbook Airs. The event kickstarts at 10am Pacific sharp with a keynote from Tim Cook, and we expect some bloggers to live blog the event as and when it happens. Click here to know the start time in your timezone. Below are some of the best live blogs to follow.

iPhone 5S Event Live Blogging Links

1. The Verge

2. Engadget

3. Slashgear

4. MacRumorsLive

5. CNET Live

6. Ars Technica

7. TIME Techland

8. The Loop

9. GigaOm

10. TechCrunch

11. 9to5Mac

12. Anandtech

More links will be added soon.

Watch iPhone 5S/5C event Live Streaming Online (#hope)

Apple has traditionally resisted live streaming their launch events to the public, but the things are changing a bit these days. When they announced the iPad mini last October, they also live streamed the keynote, much to our surprise. But the fact is, they have resisted live streaming iPhone launch events for some reason. Moreover, today’s event is being held at the more intimate Cupertino headquarters of Apple, so the probability of having a live stream is minimal.

But what kindles our hope a bit is the fact that Apple will be live streaming the September 10th keynote in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin. There are conflicting reports about this though. Some claim it will be a replay, rather than live stream of the keynote for select members of press and business partners. In any case, if at all Apple decides to live stream iPhone 5S event today, this is the link you should bookmark:

Apple Events Webcast

Even if they don’t live stream the event, expect them to upload the video on the above page right after the event ends on September 10th. Other possible live streaming links include Twit Live TV and CNET, though the chances of live keynote streaming are pretty slim. But these two are great links if you prefer a video coverage over live blogging.

Someone on UStream is claiming to livestream the iPhone 5S event here (embedded below), which, in all possibilities, is fake. But every single time, someone has managed to avoid the eagle eyes at Apple and unofficially stream the event live. We shall update such links right here, once we find them later today.

Update: Less than an hour to go for the keynote to begin and it now looks extremely unlikely that Apple will be live streaming the event. Even the embedded stream above looks very fake. CNET though is live streaming, but from outside of the building, that’s as useless as not streaming at all.

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