PPL Connect is a Montreal-based startup co-founded by Jenviev Azzolin and Densil D’Sa with a mission to make your smartphone a virtual phone that you could access from anywhere, at any time you want, from any other device that has an Internet connection. At the moment, PPL Connect is in private beta, but this doesn’t stop us to think that this Android application has a big potential ahead of it.

The PPL Connect service ressembles to more traditional software solutions that give you remote access to devices like your PC. However, with PPL Connect you will be able to access to all the basic content and services of your smartphone with a native interface tailored to each environment that you use.

Access and use your smartphone from any device


Currently available only for Android users (an iOS application is already in the works, to be released in 2014), PPL Connect will provide you with aweb-based interface where you can do such things as:

  • Calling and receiving calls with your own number
  • Sending and receiving text messagess
  • Viewing stored media
  • Temporarily transform another device into your own

Denzil D’Sa, one of the two co-founders, said:

Our system is actually a complete phone on its own, so you can use it as a standalone smartphone. So you could use it independently, but the idea is we link this with your hardware smartphone, and your contacts and information are accessible and usable in every web-enabled device. If you receive a text on one, you can receive it on all devices at once.

The unique feature and the one that will attract users the most is Hotel your phone. Jenviev Azzolin, the second co-founder explained:

Hotel your Phone is the idea that you can even borrow someone else’s phone and login with yours. So you can login and make a call with your number, so the receiving person doesn’t even realize that it’s coming from a different device.

Since the app is still in beta, you can’t “take-over” the apps from your smartphone yet, nor you can access your calendar, which you definitely might want to do, if you have an important appointment set up there. However, the team behind PPL Connect says they are working to bring this features when the application exits beta.

Co-founders Denzil D’Sa and Jenviev Azzolin and their team have worked on this project for two years and not without results. The app has managed to raise $800,000 through an innovation grant and an additional $150,000 from private equity firms, so they’ve got almost one million dollars to invest in the development of the service, which truly has a future for itself.

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