Biking lovers know that to make the most of their passion, they need some help from technology. That’s why they’re using biking apps and bike GPS devices. Hammerhead is a very cool gadget for bikers, still in the crowdfounding stage, that is basically an elegant bike tool to guides riders to using bright LEDs that are capable of a wide range of signals.

Being hands-free, Hammerhead lets you keep your eyes safely on the road and mind your biking while you enjoy discovering the world around you. Hammerhead is not a GPS device itself, as it uses your smartphone’s GPS system to get a more accurate GPS reading. The team behind this innovative device says that your smartphone’s GPS is better than the one in standalone GPS units. With Hammerhead you get to create biking routes, share them with friends, so that you could even compete with them in real time. So, in a way, this is also a social bike navigation tool.

Must-have navigation tool for bikers


The Hammerhead is a T-shaped device, hence the name, that clips onto your bike’s handlebars and whenever you are approaching a turn you need to take, it will light up its right or left LED. It relies on your smartphone for GPS capacities, so you definitely need to have a good battery before leaving into the unknown. But if you’re really lost and your smartphone’s battery has died, you should know that Hammerhead also comes with an internal compass that is indicated by the red dot pursuit, but at the moment we don’t know exactly how that works.

Hammerhead’s accompanying app provides local crowdsourced routes and can also handle re-rerouting if you miss a turn. You might ask yourself how will this fare when it’s raining, snowing or during the night? Well, Hammearhead works well in all types of light and weather conditions. Also, you can customize the light array within the Hammerhead app according to your own preferences. It will also come equipped with headlight for night visibility and side lights to indicate turns to cars.

There is also the Bike Share Clip which is a light array that can reveal how much time you have until you have to return the bike to the share rental service; it can also direct you to the nearest bike station. Hammerhead already has partnerships with bike-share outfits B-Cycle and Canadian-based Bixi. If you feel like competing,  then you can compare your cycling pace on the popular cycle fitness sites Strava and MapMyRide.

Hammerhead’s founder and CEO Piet Morgan:

We think there is a huge gap in the biking market, in which we can not only promote safer, more frequent bike riding, but also leverage existing smartphone hardware rather than duplicating it as is done by standalone GPS units. Hammerhead offers users a simple, safe and efficient means of navigating. We are bikers ourselves, and aim to bring the power of real-time social navigation to biking, all in an affordable and simple package.

Currently, Hammearhead’s application is available on iOS and Android and it will work even when with your smartphone’s screen off. The device itself has a battery life of over 20 hours, but when coupling it with your smartphone, your phone will run for over 5 hours. When it will exit its crowdfounding stage, Hammerhead will retail for over 100 dollars, but you can still get it for $75.

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