If Apple managed to convince you to buy the new iPhone 5c, chances are that you might want to customize it a little further. Of course, many of you might consider that a color that’s different than white and black (red, yellow, blue, green) is already enough to serve as personalization for your smartphone, but for those that want even more, then what you need is a beautiful case for your iPhone 5c.

I don’t know if you’ll agree here with me, but I think Apple’s own silicone cases for the iPhone 5c actually don’t look that good. While the leather cases for iPhone 5s are simple and gorgeous, the ones for the iPhone 5c have a serious dose of bad-taste, if I can say so. The design of Apple’s own iPhone 5c silicone cases makes it similar to Crocs shoes. Also, it seems that Apple actually presented an altered image of how their case would look like, to avoid the exposure to an obvious design misstep. We know one thing for sure – Steve Jobs wouldn’t have approved of that.

Luckily, there are so many case manufacturers out there and we get to choose from a broad offer of beautiful iPhone 5c. Without further ado, let’s see what are the best 10, in your opinion.

Neo Hybrid from Spigen


The iPhone 5C Neo Hybrid Case comes with an UV coated hard polycarbonate frame which is also combined with a high polymer coated soft premium cover. As a result,  you get strong protection for your iPhone 5C while having a stylish look. You can choose frames with different colors: satin silver, infinty white, dante red, reventon yellow or metal slate.

This iPhone 5c case also has an advanced shock absorption technology as you can see that the case has a spider web pattern which increase its resistance.

Barely There ID Case from Case-Mate


If you think your iPhone 5c should come with more functions, then you need to check out the Barely There ID Case. With a stylish look and slim profile, this iPhone 5c case comes with a built-in wallet that can hold two credit or identification cards. The case has a lay-flat bezel that comes as a protection for your iPhone 5c’s screen. You can choose from three different versions: black, glossy white or chrome. Yours for $25.

iPhone 5c Pouch Case from Snugg 


Snugg has always been great at providing stylish case for smartphones. This time, it also doesn’t disappoint with the iPhone 5C Pouch Case in Tan Suede, which gives it a beautiful aspect. There are seven other colors that you chould choose from, though: black, distressed brown, baby blue, pink, orange, red or electric blue. As you can see, this case also comes with a space where you can house some cards. The soft nubuck fibre interior won’t leave a single scratch on your iPhone 5c and will keep it safely inside. You’ll have to lay down $20 to get it, down from $30.

Corsa from Sena


Corsa is an iPhone 5c case that is clearly not aimed at protection, but the luxurious feel that it gives to your smartphone definitely makes up for it. To be precise, this isn’t an iPhone 5c case, but rather a pouch that comes with a pull strap and colored stripe. Currently, only the black/red model is available but black/orange, white/red and navy/white stripes are also in the works.  The Corsa iPhone 5c case comes with a dual-textured construction with vincado leather that makes it feel really soft and premium when holding it in your hand. The case now costs $35, down from $40.

Armor Shell case from Luvvit


This is one iPhone 5c case looks like it could be used by soliders in the army. The hybrid design means that the case combines a soft feel hard shell with a shock absorbing protection. The case is combined from two pieces: a TPU hard rubber core that is wrapped with a hard shell outer layer. This rubber iPhone 5c case is constructed so that it could offer a firm grip when you hold it in your hands. The Luvvit armor shell double layer shock absorbing case can be yours for $20.

iPhone 5c Commuter Series case from OtterBox


OtterBox is one of the most respected companies on the market when it comes to reliable cases. And that applies to your new iPhone 5c, as well. The iPhone 5c cases from the Commuter Series come both with protection and customization. Having two different layers: the shell and the slipcover, this means that you get an increased protection. And you can also choose different colors for these two parts, to make it look really glossy. And you also get with your case a self-adhering screen protector that guards against scratches. All this starts at $35, for the black/back color option.

Diary Wallet iPhone 5c case from iLuv


We’ve previously showed you two iPhone 5c cases that had some special made space to house in a few cards or even money. The Diary wallet iPhone 5c case from iLuv is made with the same concept in mind, but it offers a bigger space and the wallet pocket is right on the front. Made of a smooth, premium leather, this case doubles as a convenient wallet with multiple pockets for cards and cash. On the back, we find a hard cradle. The interior is made of polycarbonate interior. You should know that you can answer calls and keep the screen cover closed in the same time.

iGlaze Remix case from Moshi


At the moment of writing this article, the iGlaze Remix iPhone 5c case from Moshi is not yet available, as we’re waiting for it to exit production, so we don’t have a price tag at the moment. What we do know is that it comes in six different colors and it has a pliable construction made for 360-degree shock absorption. Access to all the buttons and cameras is kept in a stylish way.

Micra Folio Case from Belkin


The Micra Folio iPhone 5c case from Belkin might look a little dull at first sight and for $40, you might think that it’s a little too much. Well, what makes it special is the durable, finely brushed material. You will perhaps understand just how  super soft to the touch it is when you will hold it in your hand. It’s not the first time for Belkin to release on the market the Micra Folio cases, as they have already built a name in the cases market. As incredibly fitting as it is, this case also has inner pockets for business and credit cards.

Survivor from Griffin


Last, but not least, we’ve got the Survivor case for the iPhone 5c. At $50, it’s not the cheapest around, probably because Griffin has managed to convince users for the past years that the Survivor series represent one of the safest and most resistant cases on the market. It is one of the few cases that have been designed and tested to meet or even exceed the US Department of Defense Standard’ 810F, which means these iPhone 5c cases are resistant to dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and many other factors. The case is composed from ashatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing silicone. Also, a built-in screen protector is also present.

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