If you have enjoyed the Android apps featured in last week’s list, then it’s about time for a new one. We would have included in this week’s list the official BlackBerry Messenger Android application, but it seems that the global roll-out app has been put on hold because of some issues and the isn’t currently available. Most likely, the official app will be back just in time for next week’s round of the best new Android apps.

As for this week, we have compiled a list of 10 best Android apps that contains more games than usually, a health & fitness app, one designed for crosswords and scrabble lovers, one for learning quicker and better and another one that deals with “dumb” characters. Now let’s dig deeper and see what each is about and if it’s worth downloading on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Angry Birds Star Wars II ($0.99)

No, the Angry Birds fever hasn’t cooled off yet and Rovio has released yet another sequel of its famous mobile game. The game is actually based on the Star Wars movie prequels. You can choose the good or the dark side, if you choose the former, then the Force will guide you against the greedy Pork Federation. If you join the Pork Side, you will get to play as fearsome Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and many others.

Moves (Free)

I have bought the FitBit Zip pedometer eight months ago and I can say now that it has been a wise investment, as I’ve managed to lose weight and be always in shape. That’s how I came to appreciate similar apps and devices. With Moves, you can track your everyday life and exercise. The app records daily walking, cycling and running through the pedometer function that also counts steps. You can also set and see routes on the map and visualize your daily effort.

Madden NFL 25 by EA Sports (Free)


If you love American football and video games, then you definitely have heard about Madden NFL, EA Sports’ series that has been running since 1988. With a such a huge tradition behind, it was only natural for EA Sports to enter the Android world, as well. In Madden NFL 25, you get to choose from 32 REAL NFL and more than 1,500 REAL NFL players.

Dumb Ways to Die (Free)

“Dumb ways to die” was initially an animation released by the Australian train company, Metro Trains Melbourne, as safety message that combined music and dark humour to warn people against behaving recklessly around trains. And now the popular video has produced an Android app that has become equally popular.

Chirp (Free)

Chirp is a clever new Android app that shares photos, links, notes and other content by sound. Anyone with an Android phone that has at least 1Ghz dual-core processor and is in the listening range to hear the chirp sound, will receive the picture or document you’re sending. You can also share photos with more friends in the same time.

Incredipede ($1.99)

In Incredipede, you need to help Quozzle grow new arms and legs wherever and whenever she needs them. The game was released for iOS users quite a while ago, but only now it has made it to the Android world. Help Quozzle, the lonely Incredipede, to find her way through trees, cliffs, rivers of lava and even thermal winds. The game is long and entertaining, with 120 levels in three worlds. You can create more using the Level Editor,

CleverDic Crossword Solver (Free)

Passionate about word games, like Crosswords or Scrabble? The this Android application should definitely be on your smartphone or tablet. Use the app by entering the letters you have for a crossword or jumbled letters of an anagram. CleverDic will help you find what you are looking for. It also comes with a very broad vocabulary. Searching for words with missing letters is no longer a pain with this simple, but clever app.

Simple Rockets ($1.99)

As a little kid, I was fascinated by rockets and I remember that my brother once succeeded in making a small one that managed to fly for a few meters. Boy, was I trilled! With Simple Rockets, you get to design your own rocket ships and bast them into space to explore the solar system. After all, that’s what rocket scientist are all about, right?

Learnist (Free)


You can learn a bunch of things with the power of the Internet, such as online video libraries or guides, learning and educative websites for kids. Learnist puts together videos, ebooks, maps, blogs, podcasts, surveys on a given subject and and elegantly organizes the informatiom for a more effective learning. The app also curates content from websites and blogs, YouTube, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Books. Definitely an app worth exploring.

Infectonator Hot Chase (Free)


Infectonator was played by lots of players even before it became a mobile game, as it was accessible online and was one of the most popular zombie flash games. You control a horde of zombies that go through all kinds obstacles. You can upgrade your zombie’s speed and health and you can also unlock new breeds of zombies that have their unique powers.

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