free-skype-free-sky-drive-surface-2We all love goodies and tech deals, and Microsoft is also aware of that. But in this case, Microsoft is trying hard to sell its new-generation Surface tablets, so it hopes it can attract our attention with some of its offers. When you purchase a new, 2013 generation Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2, you will get an entire year of free international calls on Skype and 200 Gigabytes of free SkyDrive storage that you can use for two years.

The free Skype calling offer is available to landlines only in the 60 supported countries. You will also get free Skype WiFi at over two million hotspots. For those that have forgotten, Microsoft can easily offer this Skype deal because it owns Skype. You should also know that the Surface 2 now comes with a 3.5 MP front camera and a 1/3 inch sensor, which makes it perfectly suitable for a Skype conversation. And, just as we’ve seen in the demo, Microsoft’s executives assure us that thanks to its 72-cores and Tegra 4 processor, you can also play a game like Halo and even resume your work on documents shortly after.

The Skype team also talked about the deal:

We are excited to announce that everyone who purchases a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 will receive the “Best of Skype”* which includes one year of Unlimited Worldwide Calling and unlimited Skype WiFi. This means, you can get online and stay close to those you care about most worldwide.

Whether you want to IM, voice or video call, Skype on Surface is perfect for keeping up with everyday conversations. And with Snap, a feature in Windows 8.1, that allows you to run more than one app side-by-side, you can use Skype alongside whatever else you have going on – whether it be watching a movie, checking Twitter or browsing the web. With Skype on Surface, you can do more wonderful things at once.

To make you “realize” that this is actually a great offer, Microsoft has also launched a new storage option that lets you add 200 GB of additional storage to your SkyDrive for $100 per year. So, according to this, with a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 purchase, you’re saving two hundred dollars. Or, at least, this is what they want us to believe.

Is this offer good enough to attract consumers? And, after all, do you really need that much storage space? The fact that you can only call to landline numbers is a big letdown, since most people these days use mobile phones. Also, we’ve showed you that it isn’t that hard to get huge and free storage space online. Is Microsoft desperate to sell its new tablets? If it won’t it will have to slash the prices again, just as it did with last year’s Surface tablets.

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