Now, when technology shares the world with us, a new Google product has arrived and it’s stunning and revolutionary. The new Google Glass (GLΛSS) is an innovation in wearable technology through which a user can take pictures, translate words, record what they see, ask whatever they want and much more, only with voice commands and some simple gestures.

Being so new and being the single one of its type on the market, the application possibilities for Google Glass are not so many. So, in order to enjoy the most of this marvelous and newborn innovation you have to know which applications are the “must haves”. That’s why we decided to do the dirty work of digging out the Google Glass app store and present some of the best applications for your new Google Glass device.

The Best Google Glass Apps


By definition, wearable technology is a combination between a clothing piece or an accessory and a computer that is incorporated into them. This was the starting point for Google Glass, which has an optical head-mounted display where information is displayed. The experience is very similar to the one from your smartphone, with the plus of not using your hands so much.

Sadly, the device isn’t available for general public yet, but was made available for select developers and consumers under the Google Glass Explorer program for $1500. If you are interested in buying this product, go to the following link and apply for your own pair as and when Google opens the program again.



The beloved online social network, Twitter, comes to the Google Glass offering worldwide users a new way of sharing their photos and connecting to other people. Whenever you share a new picture using your Glass, the application will automatically tweet it with the following words and hashtag: “Just shared a photo #throughglass”.

Also, the app permits users to tweet texts and even to send and respond to direct messages, reply to tweets, retweet messages or favorite different notifications. This represents the best and the easiest way to keep up with your friends and colleagues you follow on Twitter and the best of all is that you will only have to give some voice commands in order to do all of these actions.

If you already own the Google Glass, and eager to start using your Twitter on it, go to Google’s my glass page and turn this app on.



Genie is a very useful application that gathers multiple features in only one place. Using the application you’ll get more from your Google Glass, because you will be able to organize your daily life and routine in just some simple steps. It has six features included: a daily log, an application where users can point the location where they’ve parked (I Parked Here), contacts, alarms, a section where they can take notes and a shopping list feature.

Having so many features that are very important in the daily organization, it could transform this program into the most useful application that is out there on the market for your Google Glass. The bad thing is that for now, the sign-up is based on an invitation system. For more information, visit Genie’s official page.



KitchMe is a beautiful and innovative cooking book application that helps Google Glass users to prepare food in a great environment. How do you feel receiving information and handy step-by-step instructions directly beamed to your eyes while cooking? We think that this changes everything you ever thought about preparing food, because this app and your special glasses can easily become your trustworthy hands-free assistant.

All users have to do is to speak to search their favorite recipes and swipe between the results. After they decided which plate they will prepare, they have to tap on it in order to choose that particular recipe and the ingredients list will pop up. The best thing hasn’t come yet, because besides all of these, the app will speak the instructions directly into your ear creating a revolutionary experience.

If you are interested in having this application, go to KitchMe website and connect to your Google Glass account. Also, you should try another cooking application that is called Cook With Glasses that can be accessed and added to your product from here.


The well-known Evernote application comes to the new platform of Google Glass. At this moment, it’s only capable of doing two of the basic actions that the original app can do: taking photos or videos and saving them as a new note in Evernote and view notes that were sent from your other devices.

To do this, you have to log into your Evernote account using a computer or a tablet, choose the desired note and press the “Glass” button under the sharing section. This feature is very suitable when you make a shopping list using Evernote, because everything is much easier when you see the groceries in plain sight.

The Meetup application is especially designed to gather around people with specific interests. So, if you are attending at a concert you can find friends or strangers that are doing the same and organize a meeting directly through the app. Also, the app provides names and photos of each attendee. If you are interested in using this app, go to Silica’s webpage and connect their Meetup application to your Google Glass.


Winkfeed is an application that brings RSS feeds directly to your Google Glass device. The service works like this, all that you need to do is to log into the Winkfeed’s website and set up the RSS feeds you want to receive. They permit users to select from a bunch of well-known sites or even to add the links by their self.

When a new article is uploaded, the app automatically loads it to Google Glass. The app will only show the title of the article, but it can also read out loud the whole information. Another useful feature is that permits users to select and save the articles into their “Pocket” section of the app. They can access the information later, through a phone or from a computer.

The application’s sign up process is based only on invitations, but you can request an invitation code from the Winkfeed’s official page.



Fancy is an application which can be used by users to shop directly from their Google Glass devices. The items are showed as cards that can be explored, by only swiping them, and bought, by tapping the touchpad. Furthermore, the app is able to take a photo with your Google Glass and find objects and products that color match with your accessories or whatever you want to buy. To have it, just go here and connect the app with your device.

Another shopping application for your Google Glass is the VoiceBuyer for Amazon which simplifies the buying process, just search for something and do a few quick taps and swipes and the product is in your personal Amazon chart.

ThroughGlass for Facebook

The official Facebook for Google Glass app is much simpler than other applications that were ported to Google Glass. It’s so limited that you are only able to share photos and videos on your timeline with the choice of audience (Only Me, Friends or Public). After it’s uploaded, you can edit and write a description for the newly upload, but you will not be able to see if someone commented your post or if someone gave a “Like”.

A better, but unofficial application is available for Glass users which is simply called ThroughGlass. The biggest advantage of this application is that it permits users to post text messages, as well as view and reply to their Facebook friends’ comments. Start using it by visiting the official website here.


Trulia for Google Glass is a very useful application, because it can help you easily find your dream house, according to the criteria you select, such as the range of the price, the neighborhood, the number of rooms and many others. With just a simple touch, you are able to see the property listings and view photos of them. If any of these houses arouses your interest, you can read their description and also you can get directions in order to see it yourself.

Furthermore, if you see a property that suits your needs and preferences, you can always save it to your Trulia account and check on it from your personal computer or from your Android or iOS device. After you decide that a property is worth seeing, Google Glass has the option to directly call the real estate agent in order for you to set up a meeting as soon as possible.


CNN’s application is the best source of information for every Google Glass user. The advantage besides the other news applications is that it permits users to filter the incoming news, such as picking their favorite topics, setting the range of times of receiving their news and it even predicts how many subjects you should expect from each topic. Also, the newsfeed has videos included, which is a great asset that truly sets you into the future.

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