The month is finally coming to an end, and although it was rather a slow week in the tech universe, lots of new software arrived in the market anyway. This week we find you the best RSS client for Windows, and take a look at an application that adds rich information to your movie collection. We will also see how you can star in a movie alongside Captain Jack Sparrow! And as always we have spotted the best extensions and software that cropped since our last meet.

FeedReader (Type: Free, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 6MB)


There are tons of RSS feed readers available for Android and iOS devices. But surprisingly, there aren’t enough desktop clients for Windows. But thankfully, we do have FeedReader which although isn’t ground breaking, but does what it advertises. The interface isn’t something you are going to love, it has 3 simple panes, on the left pane you can check all the websites you are following. On the middle pane, you will be able to see the content of the website, and on the right pane you can read the articles.

Subscribing to any new website is very easy, and from settings, you can also decide how many articles you want the app to retrieve. Don’t set the number of articles value to infinite as it will make the application lag.

ClipboardFusion 3 (Type: Shareware, OS: All Windows versions, Size: 2 MB)


When you copy any text or image it gets stored in the clipboard. The built-in clipboard of Windows OS is pretty basic from the functionality standpoint. The problem is that when you copy something, it overwrites the existing data. ClipboardFusion 3 will allow you to access the older entries from the clipboard. In addition, the app also automatically aligns and formats the clipboard data in accordance with the program you are accessing it on.

Eric’s Movie Database (Type: Free. OS: All Windows versions, Size: 2MB)


If you watch a lot of movies and TV series on your computer,  you will find this app very useful. EMDB lets you punch useful information like plot, director’s name, cast, year, IMDb rating etc. to the movies you have on your hard-drive. The app uses several popular databases to retrieve content information. Once you have grabbed all the information, you will no longer require internet access to view them.

Disney Infinity: Action (Type: Free, OS: Windows 8, Size: 687 MB)


Using this application, you can create your own movies starring the various super heroes from Disney universe – Mr Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley and at last but not the least, you! The app offers over 30 animations that you can use to fill life to the characters.

Browser extensions

Gliffy Diagrams


Gliffy Diagrams is a Chrome extension that lets you draw various kind of diagrams from within the browser, all at absolutely free of cost. The app supports a vast range of shapes types. You can use this extension to create complicated pictorials such as Venn diagrams, flow charts, network shapes or other architected frames.


If you are annoyed with how Firefox manages your bookmarks, thankfully, this add-on will mark the end of it. QuickMark is an add-on which once installed lets you easily place your bookmarks into subfolders. It is a very intuitive way to arrange your bookmarks.

Incognito Filter

If there is any website which you extensively open in incognito mode, you can save all the hassle by getting this Chrome extension Incognito Filter. The extension lets you decide the websites you would always like to open in incognito mode, and afterwards, every time you will open those websites, Chrome will automatically open them in the incognito mode.

Web of Trust

The online helping community Web of Trust recently released its extensions for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. The extension makes your browsing secured and weeds out any harmful element from coming your way. It fights against spam, viruses, adware, spyware, exploits, phishing and other vicious things. It also warns you if you try to visit a compromised website.

Search in YouTube

Search in YouTube is an add-on for Opera browser which essentially allows you to make YouTube searches from any tab. The extension adds an option in the context menu which lets you click on any word and search for that keyword in YouTube.

If you are planning a spring clean and would like to remove your accounts from many popular websites (or all), this Chrome extension can come handy. The extension supports a vast range of websites including 4shared, 500px, 9gag, Artsy, Amazon, Digg, Dashlane, Duolingo, Hi5 etc. It glows different colors depicting the difficulty level while removing your account from that website.

Software updates

VLC Media Player 2.1.0 “Rincewind”


The popular open source media player VLC got a major update this week. The biggest addition to the player is the playback support of 4K videos. The audio core has been recoded to make better volume management. Many new codecs including G2M4 and CDXL have been added to the player. A new technology Microsoft Smooth Streaming have been added to improve streaming. MKV video playback has been brushed off too.

AVG AntiVirus Free 2014

One of the best AntiVirus suite out in the market, AVG released its new AntiVirus recently. The virus definition has been fully updated. It includes a new tool called PrivacyFix which analyzes the privacy settings of your online accounts. The AntiVirus suite includes FileShredder which helps you remove files thoroughly to slim the chances of their future recovery. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app have got the update as well.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1

The popular free alternative to Microsoft productivity suite, OpenOffice got a major update this past week. This update mostly concerns with bug fixes and preventing crashes. The crash while switching sidebar panes and opening certain extensions have been taken care of. Other than that, support for many new languages such as Swedish, Dutch, French, Tamil, and Greek etc have been added. The built-in English dictionary has been updated as well.

Tip of the week: Zip the file to save the timestamp

If you have ever noticed, when you copy or move your file to a different location, Windows changes its date (modifying date) to the present date. To preserve the timestamp, you can place the document or any other file in a zip folder. Now if you would like, you can move that zip folder anywhere.

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