Having a baby is both wonderful and exhausting, because you must always be careful at what they do and watch their every move, in order to keep them protected. There are lots of parents who choose to hire babysitters to foster their children, because they lack time and energy after a tough day at work, but not all of them have enough money to afford the services of one, so they must be around the baby all the time, day and night.

Due to the fact that most parents have a stable daily job, they are extremely tired when they return home and they need some rest in order to be fresh the next day. This is quite difficult when having a baby, because they need continuous attention, even when they are sleeping. In order to ease this permanent job of being parents, some very useful baby monitor devices have been created and from which we have chosen the best ones to present in the following piece.

Baby Monitor Devices


Baby monitor devices have a big importance in the daily parental job and also a great history, not many of you know that they were actually invented long time ago in 1937 (Radio Nurse). Basically, a regular device is used to remotely hear sounds that are made by the little one, letting their parents know that they are awake.

Some of these devices are a little improved with other good and newer features, which allow parents to speak back to the baby directly through the station, play music to the child or even use a video camera and show real-time imagining of the baby through a TV or a built-in screen into the receiver.

Philips AVENT SCD600/10


The Philips AVENT SCD600/10 is a stunning piece of technology, and not the only one from the company, which permits careful parents to monitor the actions of their children. This device is capable not only of broadcasting audio from the other room, but it can also do a video transmission letting you know every move that your child does.

The baby monitor has a great sound and video quality, making it one of the best solutions that are available on the market. Its specifications are very good and complete, from which we think that the most important is the capability of working even at 150 m distance between the receiver and transmitter. Furthermore, it has a night vision mode that makes it suitable even late in the night.

Also, you may love its ability to play different songs and rhymes, like popular lullabies, in order to send your child back to sleep without having to get out of the bed. Its single lack is that it cannot communicate both ways, so that parents cannot talk to the baby directly. If this product managed to catch your attention, go to Philips’ official page and buy this amazing baby monitor device for $219.99.

Motorola Digital Baby Monitor – MBP16


Motorola Digital Baby Monitor – MBP16 permits users to stay always connected to their children, from anywhere in the house. The device has two different units, the parent unit and the nursery one, which have a very nice rounded shape and offer an enjoyable experience thanks to the technology that is implemented into them, for example the high sensitivity microphone.

With this device it was never been easier to hear your baby sleeping in the other room, thanks to the audio operating distance of almost 1000 feet (330 m) and reliable wireless connection. The device is able to monitor only the audio, it’s available in two colors (white and silver) and it’s built with a useful belt-clip to keep your unit tied up to your pocket everywhere you go in the house.

Furthermore, the parental unit shows on the backlit LCD display the temperature from the other room and a sound level indicator. Also, from the unit that is especially designed for parents, users being able to remotely play lullabies on the child’s unit or to directly talk with their babies thanks to the two-way communication system.

Motorola is a well-known company that always offered only reliable devices and Motorola Digital Baby Monitor – MBP16 doesn’t make an exception. By accessing the following link you can buy it for prices that are starting from $59.24.

Lindam Clarity Digital Audio Monitor


Lindam Clarity Digital Audio Monitor is a useful device for every parent that is out there and who is looking now for a good and trustworthy baby monitor device. Easy to use and simple are the best words to characterize this device, which has great reviews from first time parents. They say that this device was a tremendous help in their struggle of keeping an “eye” on their children when they are doing house chores.

The product is made by Lindam which is the best UK brand in baby and child safety. That’s why, they equipped this little device with the latest technology, making possible to hear what happens in the other room even from a range of 300 m. Also, in the package you will find besides the two units (one for the parents and one for the little one), a dock to recharge them. No further setting up is needed, because you will only have to switch the units on and start using them.

The quality of the sound is incredible, because the device has 120 channels that are automatically switched in order to reduce interference. In addition, two important features are implemented in Lindam Clarity Digital Audio Monitor, the night light and the two way communication. To sum up everything, it’s a good product that can be bought online from the manufacturer’s official page.

Oricom Secure 700 Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Oricom Secure 700 Wireless Video Baby Monitor is one of the best solutions that gives you a clear and real-time picture of your baby’s room. It even works in the dark, thanks to its infrared camera that has the ability to offer a top quality picture whenever you want. A very important thing that you should know is that this device has a 150 m range and whenever you pass it a warning message will appear.

The device has great features and awesome capabilities, it offers a crystal clear sound and two way communication system. On the parental unit you can always check on the 2.4 inch color display the nursery’s room temperature and what’s your baby doing, while on the child’s unit a glow is twinkling in the night to provide comfort to the little one.

A big concern is that many users have complained about the short battery lifetime, but we think that everything is subjective and we still recommend the product. The price is approximately $159 on eBay.

BT digital monitor and pacifier


BT digital monitor and pacifier is a simple, but very efficient device that permits users to remotely foster the sleep of their children. It offers a great and clear sound on distances that can go up to 300 meters, which represents a very important thing for every parent who wants to comfort their child from anywhere in the house, even from the garden.

The device has a rich suite of features, from which we can remind the ability of playing almost 20 lullabies, a light show projector and more. Also, users said in their reviews that the battery lifetime is excellent and that they thoroughly recommend this device, so you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. Don’t forget that when you first want to start it, you have to charge the batteries 16 hours in order to keep an optimum performance and to avoid future battery problems.

The most important feature, which doesn’t exist at the other presented baby monitor devices, is the capability of playing the user’s own music, by plugging in their MP3 player. So, if you think that this device can be very useful for you and your baby, go to the following link and order it ($95 – $100).


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