For those of you who haven’t heard, Pressy is a very intuitive approach to handling an Android smartphone by adding a new physical button to your device, that will allow users to complete different tasks by…well, pressing this button. After the massive success of Pressy on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, the developers are looking to make it even better by adding an extra feature.

How does Pressy work?


Well, if you imagined it is just a button that you have to glue on your phone, then you definitely need to read further. The developers of Pressy have found a more elegant solution to this problem, and that is: using your headphone jack as the input for their gadget. So users will just plug the device in their audio jack, and when they want to listen to music, they can just take it out and use the headphones controls just like they would use Pressy.

So, in essence, Pressy is a button that you plug into your Android smartphone’s audio jack, and the tip of the device is a button, which you can press. The number of presses and the length of the press is what the device recognizes and  then translates to an action that the smartphone will do. This is somewhat similar to an automation app, although you might find it easier to view it as a physical shortcut.  The device can be customized by the users to interpret a variety of presses via its dedicated app.

It seems that users think very highly of Pressy, as the Kickstarter campaign managed to put together over $600.000, which is more than 15 times the amount they needed. Also, the team is working on the API and SDK’s that developers will use to further customize the Pressy device.

Pressy will have yet another feature!


Recently, the team made an announcement that they are working on another feature to add to the Pressy. When users will long-press the button, it will take a screenshot of the screen, which they can edit by writing over it. After they are done editing the snapshot, they can share the photo via social networks or email.

At the moment, this feature is appropriately named “long-press-take-screenshot-draw-share-with-friends-be-happy“, but the team is asking users to come up with a name for this feature. So, if you think Pressy is a good idea and you want one, then you can help the team come up with a name for the new feature. Visit their Kickstarter page and leave a comment with what you think this feature should be named.

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