We’re right in the middle of autumn but Android apps keep popping out. If you’ve already consumed and handpicked apps from our last Android roundup, then I guess it’s time for us to arouse your curiosity with a new selection. For the week ending on Sunday, October 14, we’ve chosen ten of the best new apps that have been launched in the Google Play Store. If you have an iOS device, then you probably should take a look at our sister roundup of the best iPhone/iPad apps.

If our last list featured a lot of games and paid apps, this time we have only one paid app and just two games. But you’ll find apps that will help you find files in your phone and email, play video files everywhere you are, shop smarter and help you recognize the songs you’re listening to.

The Washington Post (Free)


If you have been following The Washington Post online or regularly buying the newspaper, then you’ll be glad to know there is now an official The Washington Post app for Android users. Use the totally free application to read breaking news on politics, sports, business and technology that you can even send to your device‚Äôs message center.

Besides news reporting, there are also opinion columns and entertaining lifestyle coverage. Android phones owners get the following special features: weather information and traffic updates for local users while tablet users get 40+ comics strips and a replica of the Washington Post print edition.

SoundHound (Free)


Shazam is one of the applications that I use the most on my Android smartphone. While I think the app is the best in its field, I do welcome some competition aboard. Meet SoundHound, an Android app that is specialized in “blazing fast music recognition”. The big difference between this one and Shazam is the fact that you can sing or hum and it will try to recognize the song. There’s more: with the LiveLyrics feature you see see lyrics move in real time with the music and the SoundHound Headlines brings some free song streams and lets you discover new artists.

Google Shopping Express (Free)


Google is a company that should no longer be associated with only its search engine functionality. Proof to that is incredible force of expanding towards other areas, such as commerce. Google is challenging Amazon while providing consumers with a very useful new same-day delivery service, called Shopping Express. What started out as a limited trial for San Francisco customers back in March is now available to residents of the greater Bay Area. Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Staples and Whole Foods are some of the retailers partnering with Google. To help expand its service quicker, Google also launched the Shopping Express app for both Android and iOS devices.

Pebble Tasker ($1.99)

Those of you that own a Pebble smartwatch will be deeply grateful for this app. This is actually an add-on for the Tasker app that is one of the best Android automation apps. Pebble Tasker installs a companion app on your Pebble smartwach and lets you assign any three tasks you want to be triggered with the top, select, and bottom buttons of your smartwatch. For example, you could be taking a photo as a remote shutter, putting the phone on silent, or changing the screen brightness.

RealPlayer Cloud (Free)

The RealPlayer video player wasn’t my favorite one when I first installed it on my computer as it could beat the likes of VLC or BS PLayer. But it does a pretty good impression in the Android world. The RealPlayer Cloud app lets you “move, watch and share your videos”. The idea behind the app is appealing – you pload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud and watch them on your Android or other devices through Roku and popular browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You get 2 GB of free space and you’ll have to pay if you want more.

Findit – email and file search (Free)

It always happens to me – I forget where I put or store my files, whether we’re talking about an important email or a document. In my mind – it’s all the same. So, good thing somebody came up with an app that lets you search through your email accounts (only Gmail for now) and your own phone storage. Cloud accounts aren’t ignored, the app supporting Google Drive and Dropbox. The Findit app lets you have 30 free email or file previews each month. To get more, you either choose to pay or to share the app with five more friends to unlock unlimited searching for a year! I say you go for the second one.

The Blockheads (Free)

Finally, a game! With a Minecraft-like design, The Blockheads is, indeed, a game that mimics somehow the more popular Minecraft. In this sandbox game you explore, mine, craft and build. The world around you is actually more mysterious that you can assume, as you’ll find along your way complex cave systems, flowing water, arid deserts and snowy mountain tops. There are so many things you can do such as building a boat and fishing, craft and dye clothes, open a shop, find treasures and much more!

Pen.up (Free)pen-up-android-app

If you have a Galaxy Note II or a new Galaxy Note 3, chances are you’ve already created some artwork with your S Pen. The Pen.up Android app is designed for those Galaxy Note 3 or 3 users that want to share their drawings. It can basically be considered to be like a social network for S Pen creations with categories ranging from animals, characters, food and more.

Pinball Rocks HD (Free)


If you love pinball and loud music, then you’ll fall in love with this game. Pinball Rocks HD is now available on Android and features hits from Three Days Grace, Red, The Sword, Queensryche, The Virginmarys, Filter, Norma Jean, For Today, Anvil, Krokus, Lordi and Richie Kotzen. You get to play pinball on a rock club themed table where 20+ missions and 3 bonus games await you.

boxed-wholesaleBoxed Wholesale (Free)

Buying in bulk is many times a good way to save money. Mobile warehouse club app called Boxed Wholesale looks to do just that by helping customers buy in bulk from their Android smartphones. The app offers warehouse club prices with a 1-2 day doorstep delivery and you won’t have to pay an annual membership fee. Everyday, more than 400 products are being offered for those currently residing along the East Coast.

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