nokia-lumia-2520After launching the 1520 phablet at its event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia has finally unveiled its first tablet – the Nokia Lumia 2520. The tablet comes with Windows RT 8.1, alas, and is priced at $499. A great thing is that for this price you also get LTE connectivity. For increased productivity, you can opt to buy the $150 Power Keyboard. Taking pictures on this tablet might not seem awkward anymore, as it comes with a 6.7 Zeiss Optics camera on the back, especially good in low-light and a 2-MP on the front.

The tablet comes with what seems to be a quite powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (clocked at 2.2GHz Quad Core). It has an integrated 8000 mAh battery which means it will have a standby of up to 25 days over WiFi and 11 hours of video playback. Nokia Lumia 2520 will be available in the colors that you can see below – red, white (glossy), Cyan, Black (matte). The tablet has 2GB of RAM, 32 GB internal memory and a micro SD card that support up to 32GB.

nokia-tabletThe initial roll out of the Lumia 2520 will be in the US, the UK, and Finland, with additional countries to follow shortly after, but we don’t know the exact dates. Just like the 1520, the Lumia 2520 tablet is designed to offer good outdoor and indoor readability. Nokia’s first tablet comes with a 10.1-inch 1080p HD display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Is has bright 650 nit screen made out of Gorilla Glass 2, as well.

lumia-tabletTo a certain extent, it is similar to Microsoft’s Surface tablet, probably because it gets launched with the $150 Nokia Power Keyboard, something that you’ll definitely look to get, if you have the same job like me and you’re not only consuming content. What’s awesome about it is that it comes with a gesture trackpad. For that price, it’s good to know that the keyboard also increases your tablet’s battery life by five more hours. On the connectivity part, it has two built-in USB ports. Nokia’s first tablet doesn’t come with wireless charging but instead, it has fast-charging capability which means it charges up to 80 percent in one hour.


Nokia really needs to be congratulated for releasing the Lumia 2520 with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. You won’t see to many tablets nowadays at this price, this build quality do that. Granted, the fact that it is running a Windows RT is a no-no for many, but at least you get Microsoft Office and Outlook preinstalled, which should help with your tasks.

nokia-lumia-tablet-announcedAn important feature is the HERE Maps that comes preinstalled, as well. This is really good, since it brings maps to be used in offline mode and might constitute another selling point for those looking to use the tablet also as a GPS device.  Also talking about apps, the tablet also comes with Nokia Music for unlimited streaming of ad-free music. The recently announced Nokia Storyteller application is also making its way to the tablet, as well as the exclusive Nokia Video Director.

Nokia has an interesting partnership with DreamWorks Animation’s bringing the  Dragons Adventure game exclusively for Lumia 2520 owners. I am curious to see early videos of Nokia’s first tablet in action. The Lumia 2520 has almost similar specs to the Surface 2, so I am wondering whether it won’t cannibalize already weak sales, now that Nokia is basically bought entirely by Microsoft. I will leave you with the launch video of the Lumia 2520.

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