Apple has finally announced the much awaited fifth-generation iPad Air, endowing it with a much lighter size, making it thinner and more powerful thanks to the A7 64-bit chip architecture. The iPad Air will be available to purchase from Apple’s online stores starting with November 1st, at the moment even pre-orders are not allowed, probably hinting to bottlenecks in the production of Retina display panels.

If you are going to buy the fifth-generation iPad Air, then you are probably also looking to get some of top covers and cases, as well as accessories for it. Since we’re talking about cases and covers for Apple products, perhaps you’d be interested in acquiring some for your iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, as well. Without further ado, let’s explore together some of the best offers in the market when it comes to iPad Air cases and accessories.

Top 9 iPad Air cases and covers

Apple’s own smart cases and smart covers

Since the iPad Air is thinner and lighter than the previous generation iPad, then Apple needed to come up with new Smart cases and Smart covers for the fifth-generation iPad Air. The Smart Case for the iPad Air comes in six different colors: brown, beige, black, yellow, blue and PRODUCT (RED). The case is made out of aniline-dyed leather, costs $79  and features a soft, color-matched microfiber. The iPad Air Smart Case protects the back as well as the screen and when you open the Smart Case the iPad Air will wakes. It will go to sleep when you will close it.

The iPad Air Smart Cover is cheaper at $39 but it will cover only the screen of your device. It is made of polyurethane, not leather and comes in six colors: black, pink, yellow, blue, green, PRODUCT (RED). You can use the iPad Air Smart Cover as a keyboard stand which puts your iPad into a more comfortable writing position.

Belkin iPad Air QODE Keyboard Cases


One of the best looking iPad Air cases, Belkin’s QODE Keyboards Cases, as the name suggest, double as keyboards that have a very good looking design. There are three different versions – thin, ultimate and slim style. The most premium of them all is the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case that costs $129. Being extremely thin and light, this iPad Air case is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy . It is designed for a great and accurate typing experience thanks to the well-spaced keys.

Incipio Flagship Folio


Incipio’s Flagship Folio case for the iPad Air has a very stylish look that makes your eyes get drawn to it. Still, despite inspiring luxury, the Flagship Folio case for the iPad Air can be yours for $69. The case is made out of Plextonium, which is Incipio’s proprietary technology, micro-suede and carbon fiber styling. You can put your iPad Air in multiple viewing angles, such as leaning it on its back to see a few pictures or even watch a movie.

M-Edge Sport


Just like the name suggests, M-Edge’s Sport case for the iPad Air is meant for those on-the-go, with an active lifestyle. The case is made with M-Edge’s propietary GripTrack Technology that lets you put the case in any stand position. M-Edge Sport iPad Air case is made out of ballistic nylon and strong silicone. Available in black or purple, this iPad Air case can be yours for $49.99.

Griffin Survivor


Griffin’s Survivor line of products needs no introduction – this is one of the most appreciated cases brands in the market. While the Survivor case for iPad Air isn’t yet in stock, like many in this list, we already know you will have to spend $79 to get it. The case is designed and tested to protect your iPad Air from dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, and other extreme conditions. It will also come in more designs and color combinations. The iPad Air Survivor case is built from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate material covered in shock absorbing silicone.

DropTech Color


Gumdrop is another reliable case maker for Apple products. The DropTech Color is a rugged case for the iPad Air that comes with “hard-core readiness for all adventures”. It will protect your iPad Air’s screen and port covers, thanks to its multiple layers designed to absorb shock. On the corner, the DropTech Color case has reinforced rubber bumpers, since we know how fragile corners can get. Design is not overlooked neither with this $60 iPad Air case, as there are eight color combinations to choose from.

Cygnett Grey Folio Case for iPad Air


Cygnett’s Grey Node case for the iPad Air comes with a specific textured feel, as you can guess from the above presentation image. Having a business style, the Node iPad Air case is the one to carry with you during meetings and conferences. The hard wearing woven material ensures not only a texstured feel, but also impact absorption, in case you drop it. It also comes with an elastic closure and a handy inner document pocket. The price is currently not available, but my guess is that it should be around $50.

iLuv StepFolio


iLuv’s StepFolio case for the iPad Air is one that doubles as a shoulder bag, ensuring maximum portability. Thanks to its removable shoulder strap, you can take the iPad Air with however you want. Of course, being so light, be careful not to lose it! For $60, the Step Folio can be used as a stand for, so you can put your iPad Air in landscape or portrait viewing modes. With this case, you don’t have to worry about a bag anymore, so after you have finished working on your iPad, attach the strap and off you go.

Top 4 iPad Air accessories

M-Edge iPad Air Stylus


Some of you might remember Steve Jobs’s memorable quote: “if you see a stylus or a task manager, they blew it“. Still, there are enough people out there who uses styluses on tablets and with the iPad Air, this is not changing. M-Edge’s Stylus for the iPad Air will cost you just $15 and it comes in seven different colors – red, violet, pink, blue, black, chrome and white.

Cinema Seat for iPad Air

cinema-seat-ipad-air-caseThe second product from Griffin is an iPad Air accessory designed at the folks that take the backseats in your car. We could be talking about your kids or your friends – they all will not a refuse an Angry Birds game or an episode from The Simpsons! The CinemaSeat is the right iPad Air accessory for your in-car entertainment system thanks to the adjustable strap that routes around your headrest. It can be yours for $40.

Outback Solo for iPad Air

outback-solo-ipad-airJust like iLuv’s StepFolio, Outback Solo a bag where you can put your iPad Air and safely carry it around. It is definitely not a case and it doesn’t double as stand, as you can see. But for $69, you get a really good-loooking iPad Air leather satchel made of tan waxed canvas and neoprene along with top-grade leather. It als comes with a magnetic closure. You can definitely put inside an iPad Air covered in another case, if you’re really concerned about its well-being.

ZAGG iFrogz Audio Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones

ifrogz-ipad-air-bluetooth-headphonesListening to music on your iPad Air can be really cool if you are using ZAGG’s Coda Forte Bluetooth headphones. They come in black, blue and pink and the positive ratings show that users like not only the sound it makes but also the design. For $100, you will buy yourself an iPad Air accessory to listen to music free of any cords. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack and if you really need it, then a 1.2 meter cord is also present. The battery resists for up to 12 hours per charge.

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