Everybody knows how frustrating is to explain to a friend or a family member how to fix a problem that occurred to their computer if they have no kind of experience in working with these “complex”devices. Also, many people need to access their personal computer when they are not at home, while others must work from home and they need some files from the office computer. How can you deal with these difficult situations?

The solution is represented by remote access applications, which create ways for users to access remotely any computers via Internet or via a local area network, from their own computer. So stay on, because in the following article you will discover a list with the best remote access software that is available on the market for personal and corporate use.

Remote Access Software Solutions


The remote access software is a program that allow users to access and administer other computers through a distant interface. They are organized in three different categories: Attended (when someone needs to be present on the remote computer), Unattended and Self-Hosted RPC Proxy Servers, but in this article we will focus only on the first and second categories. Also, they can be split in two kind of packages: the ones that are downloaded and don’t require any installation and the ones that need one.



TeamViewer is an all-in-one application for remote access and online meetings, which has at this moment more than 100 million users that trust their services. This top class app can easily realize a connection to any computer in the world via Internet and create an amazing experience, as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer.

This program is very handy and suitable for various scenarios, like when you want to provide tech support to your family and friends, secure the maintenance, administer servers or work from your home. Furthermore, it has a special module for customers, so that if one of them has a problem you can connect to their computer in just seconds, without the need of installing extra apps.

Another thing that takes this app to a higher level than most of its competitors is the fact that its services are available regardless of time or day. With simple steps you can administer a server whenever you want, without having to have someone on the other end. Also, it permits users to rapidly transfer files or folders between the two computers, using simple gestures like the drag and drop feature.

In order to increase its portability, developers created mobile apps for the time you are on the road and you need to connect to a computer. The apps are available for the major mobile operating systems and can be downloaded from each one’s official store: Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

TeamViewer can be used as a free of charge application or a paid version that has three different account types: Business (€499, without any other monthly fees), Premium (€998) and Corporate (€1890). A good thing about this app is that if you are not pleased with its capabilities, you can always ask for a full return within 7 days from the buying date.



LogMeIn is one of the most well-known applications of its type, being in the same time one of the pioneers in the remote access software business. It offers a quick solution to remotely control other computers via the comfort of your favorite browser. The motto of this applications is: Access, Manage and Support computers from anywhere.

Make the desired modifications and transfer the files, as if you were sitting right in front of the remote computer. The app can be downloaded in various types: Free, Pro, Backup, Hamachi, Central and Rescue. With the Free edition users can access their computers, remotely start their sleeping computer and use their applications from anywhere in the world in just seconds. In addition, the Pro version offers HD quality, remote print, share files and many more.

LogMeIn Central is one of the best cloud-based connectivity solution for businesses, whether they are small companies or if they are corporates. The most interesting thing about Central is the fact that you can easily manage multiple computers, as if this app was a command center. It permits users to automate different routine tasks, work proactively and save a lot of time, while in the meantime customers remain happy.

The LogMeIn Rescue is another type of this amazing program, which is especially designed to remotely diagnose and fix problems that appear on computers and mobile devices. It delivers high quality services anywhere, anytime with just a couple of clicks, thanks to the amazing remote support toolset which can resolve any problems.

Only the LogMeIn Free version can be downloaded and used without having to pay other fees, while the other version have 14 days trials. To see a full list of prices, go to each version’s personal page, by accessing the following links Pro, Central, Backup, Hamachi and Rescue. Developers also created applications for mobile devices powered by Android and iOS  OS that can be downloaded for free, the Apple version, and for $36, for Android users, from their own stores.



GoToMyPC is an award winning web based application that offers a great way to work remotely with your files and applications, as if you were at your desk. This powerful app is one of the best remote access tools that are available on the market, thanks to its simple setup, the capability of using any browser to work from it and many others. The most important thing is that you can rely on it because it will never disappoint you.

The app is stuffed with the best features that a remote access app can have, like the evident remote access, easy installation, privacy, high security and so on. Furthermore, the app connects to the remote machine in just seconds and permits users to transfer files between computers. They can also hear the sounds and music that are playing on the other computer and enjoy their 24 / 7 technical support whenever they feel the need.

Developers created apps that can run from mobile phones that are very simple to use and convenient, which offer quick and smooth connections. They are available for free only for mobile devices that are powered with the Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle operating systems. Also, the app has a vast number of datacenters placed across the world, making it to work flawlessly even from the farthest countries.

If you are interested in buying this program, you should probably try it before buying it. Its developers offer GoToMyPC for free for a 30 day trial and after that, for prices that start from $9.95 per month. For other pricing plans, go to the following link.



Mikogo is a remote access software that helps you to host the ideal online meeting or webinar. This app has more features than its competitors among which we can remind: remote control, white board and file sharing, presenter switching and many others. It can even record the session and playback it later, using its own video player application that can be downloaded for free from their official website (links for Windows, Mac and Linux).

The program is suitable for multiple actions, like when you want to offer tech support to friends and family, have a meeting with you coworkers, share different files and do many other things. Furthermore, it has a Chat feature which allows users to send messages to different participants at the meeting. Also, it has a Session Scheduler for all of you who like to plan your meetings way ahead.

If you will choose to use this application you will enjoy some unique benefits, like the capability to join a session from any computer and mobile with any browser, thanks to their award-winning HTML Viewer. Another thing that you may like is the ability of customizing the app in order to fit your needs, such as adding your company logo to the Mikogo interface or changing its language between more than 30 choices.

This application can be bought for prices that start from €240 (one-time payment) or €10 (monthly) with all the features included in the Basic account type. For more information about the pricing, go to the following link and choose the account type that is the best for you. To download the app, click here.



You should also take a look at TightVNC, which is an open-source remote control software that helps users to control another machine, using only their local mice and keyboards. This app is suitable for people who have to administer a server, offer tech support for family and friends and for many other things.

If you will decide to use this app, you will cut your expenses and save a lot of time because it will simplify everything, especially when you are traveling. Without further presentations, we can admit that TightVNC is a very nice solution, which also permits to transfer files between computers and offers high compression levels for slow connections.

TightVNC has two licensing options: GNU (General Public License), which is a version that is completely free, and Commercial Source Code, which is a version that can be integrated into different products. For more information about the second version, fill the form that can be found on the official site in order to request further information about the payment.


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