For the week ending on October 28, we have picked ten of the best new Android apps that have been released on the Play Store. If you missed the last week’s roundup where we featured 15 best Android apps, you might want to have a look now as there are plenty of interesting apps to download and install on your Android device.

One of the biggest news for Android users is that the BBM app is officially live, being the first time the messaging service has been available on non-BlackBerry devices. If last week we had quite a lot of games, this time you won’t so many but instead, you’ll be surprised by the diversity of apps that range from taking care of your plants to getting read for Black Friday with a deal finder app. Without further ado, let’s start exploring together!

BBM(BlackBerryMessenger) (Free)

The official BBM app for Android and iOS users has finally been made available, after a half-baked version had leaked previously from bbm-android-best-app-this-weekBlackBerry’s servers. The free BBM Android app lets you send messages for free with your friends, share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more. Privacy is taken care of as  BBM uses PINs and not phone numbers or email addresses. It’s also very easy to handle groups, as you can share pictures, lists, and appointments with the members.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

If you’ve been playing Plants vs Zombies on your Android device, it’s now time to stop and upgrade to the sequel, as Plants vs Zombies 2 has been made available in the Play Store. The game is filled with countless hours of fun, just like the previous version, and you get to fight zombies, collect coins to get power-ups, use new plants to defend your lawn and even complete brain-teasing challenges. The game also makes use of the Game Services so you can unlock achievements and compete against friends or other online players on the leaderboards.

uTorrent Pro ($2.99)

best-android-apps-this-week-utorrent-proThe free uTorrent Android app has been around in the PlayStore for quite a while, but now BitTorrent has released the Pro version of the uTorrent app, which doesn’t contain any ads at all.  The $2.99 is an introductory pricing and will be increased in the future. Besides being ad-free, the pro version also comes with personal developer support from Just like the standard app, it has no speed or size limits. The drawback of running only on Wi-Fi remains, though.

Waterbot (Free)

waterbot-best-android-apps-this-weekNot so long ago, we shared with you some of the best gardening gadgets and tools to use. Some of them, just like the Waterbot app, had the option of reminding you to water your plants. To use it, just pick a plant and capture it with your camera and it will transform the picture into an avatar. You can then set watering interval and you will be notified on your Android device when it needs to be watered.

Square Cash (Free)


Square is seriously challenging PayPal with the launch of the free Square Cash Android app. It will let you send money to anyone in the United States that has an email address. Yep, you don’t even need to have an account, linking your debit card will do it. Send and receive money completely free to your U.S. bank account. A secure connection keep your precious financial information private, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Kingdom Tactics (Free)

The second game in our roundup with this week’s best Android apps is Kingdom Tactics, an addictive action strategy game. Build your army, upgrade your city and hunt the dragon and take part in 40 battlefields filled with 13 character classes. In-app items are available to be bought with real money if you want to gain fast advantage over your enemies.

Black Friday Deal Finder 2013 (Free)


black-friday-deal-finder-best-android-apps-this-weekWe’re one month away from Black Friday where a lot of online shopping is going to take place. If you want to be prepared with the right tools, then you need to download and install right away the Black Friday Deal Finder 2013 Android app. Launched by, it will let you search deals by store, category, brand, price or doorbusters. You can also compare more than one hundred major store ads and even put certain products head-to-head. A wish-list is also present for you to save the hottest deals and you can also share them via email or by SMS.


Wordament (Free)


Passionate about puzzles, crosswords or any other word game? Then you need to get Wordament, a free Android app published by Microsoft after the Redmond giant has initially launched it for Windows 8 consumers. What’s different about this app is that you get to compete with players from all over the world in real-time tournaments. Face challenges such as 2 and 2 letter tiles, themed words, speed rounds and much more.

Oil Rush ($4.99)

The third and last game is another strategy, but one that takes places on the water. A 3D naval strategy game, Oil Rush comes with impressive 3D graphics and great audio consisted of 18 awesome music tracks. Prepare as best as you can for a naval war that has started over the scarce supplies of oil. Employ military technology to conquer your enemies in breathtaking naval battles.

doctape Viewer ($2.49)doctape-viewer

Last, but not least, doctape Viewer is a very hand app, as it lets you have access to all your documents and media files on the go. doctape Viewer converting every file that you want to open and makes it readable on your Android device.  You need to be running at least Android 4.0 to run it. Wherever you are, if you have this app with you, then you will be able to open any type of extension – that is their saint promise.

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