The gaming industry has progressed a lot and now it’s over saturated by so many devices from which the user can choose, like the famous PlayStation and Xbox consoles, tablets, smartphones, handheld game devices (like the PSP and Nintendo 3DS) and overpowered PCs. Because of this saturation, manufactures and developers have focused on creating different accessories for each one of the above devices in order to increase the gaming pleasure.

Today, we will direct our attention to the new iOS devices accessories that can simply transform mobile devices into authentic game centers. At this moment, there are only two game controllers compatible with devices that are powered with the latest iOS 7, made by ClamCase and Logitech, but in the near future many others will be released. Until they will be available at full scale, we will turn our attention to the iOS games that already have the iOS 7 Controller Support.

Best iOS 7 Games with iOS 7 Controller Support


According to developers, the popular Unity game engine, which underlies many of the games that are compatible with iOS mobile devices, was recently updated to support the new iOS 7 game controller framework. Due to this fact, many game developers have already updated their applications with support for these controllers that will probably be in stores late this year. That’s why, we decided to focus only on the games right now and in the future, on the peripherals.

Phoenix HD – A Modern Arcade Shmup


Phoenix HD – A Modern Arcade Shmup is a game which has over 2 million players that played over 100 million games only in the last year. The game is created by the Dutch developer Firi Games and represents a remake of a game that was initially launched late in 1970s in Japan. This game is a modern arcade with beautiful graphics and exciting action, which has unique walkthroughs and features.

Many of you can imagine that this game will play decently only on a premium mobile device, but you have never been so wrong, because it has also great capabilities. The amazing visuals are powered by a modern engine called Flare, which it’s able to provide thousands of particles at the same time. Furthermore, it maintains a 60 frames per second frame-rate that increases your gaming experience making it more enjoyable and exciting.

The story goes like this: you are guiding your ship through the deep galaxy and enemies are attacking you. In your defense you can use a various number of power-ups and a wide variety of weapons, each one of them having their own characteristics. Just imagine, playing this shoot-‘em-up game from an amazing controller integrated in your iPad. The game is already updated with the iOS 7 game controller support and at this point, we only have to wait for the accessory.

The game can be downloaded for free in multiple languages on your iOS devices from iTunes. Also, users can buy different power-ups and extras through the in-app purchases.

Cro-Mag Rally


Cro-Mag Rally is a 3D racing game that won the Golden Medal at Apple’s “Best Racing Game” category and the Silver Medal at PocketGamer. Its amazing gameplay and cartoon-like graphics that seem a lot to Nintendo’s classic Mario Kart made this game one of the most thrilling games on your device. Furthermore, being so user-friendly and fun are the reasons for which this game is so loved by many users from all around the world and why it always represents a must have on every iOS device.

This game brings you in the middle of nowhere, in a wild environment and puts you in a primitive car in the skin of a caveman called Brog (or Grog for the female character). He has to race around 9 different race tracks through the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages in Flinstone-like cars and weapons. Users can choose between 11 cars and 9 types of power-ups, from dinosaur bones to Chinese bottle rockets and homing pigeon missiles, things which create a really exciting experience.

Also, the game offers a multiplayer section where players can race with other players that have a device which supports the Game Center app. In this section users will find 8 additional multiplayer tracks and the capability of tagging (feature which can be bought through an in-app purchase for $0.99). It’s good to know that Cro-Mag Rally was recently updated to support future controllers and that it can be downloaded on you iOS devices for $3.99.

Walking Dead: The Game


Based on the award winning comic book series that has the same name, the Walking Dead: The Game is a five-part episodic game series that follows a very interesting storyline. The environment is set in a truck stop on a Georgia highway, where deputy sheriff Rick Grimes has to lead a group of people in a world full of zombies.

This game is not another shoot-em-up, because it’s a game where users have to experience events that happen so quickly and explore a strange environment full of zombies. The gameplay is very simple and goes like this: users have to solve puzzles that are harder and harder as long as you advance in the action.

The storyline will change across the entire series depending on the decisions and actions you make in each part of the game. You will have to live with the consequences of your decisions in the whole game, because you can influence even who will live or die at a certain moment. Furthermore, you will have to take rapid decisions, because your character will be always surrounded by aggressive zombies and in a constant fight for survival.

Now, there are only 5 episodes available and a special one: Episode 1: A New Day, Episode 2: Starved For Help, Episode 3: Long Road Ahead, Episode 4: Around Every Corner, Episode 5: No Time Left  and the Special Episode: 400 Days. If we managed to catch your attention, go quickly to iTunes and download for free the basic game. Note that the episodes are not free and they can be downloaded only after you pay a $4.99 fee within the game for each one of them.



Bastion is one of the greatest and exciting games available for iOS mobile devices, which won lots of distinctions, like the Best 2012 Pick from App Store, a Must Have by and many more. It’s a beautiful adaption from the original PC game, because it was fully reimagined for iOS devices in order to offer the best experience when playing.

Users can enjoy over 40 stunning environments that have hand-painted artworks, amazing music and narration made by Logan Cunningham that makes this game to worth every penny. Basically, you have to discover what happened when the Calamity came, a catastrophe that split the world into small pieces. In order to be able to do this, developers created a huge arsenal of weapons that can be upgraded as soon as the action advances.

The mechanics are very intuitive thanks to its touch controls that were especially created for the iOS devices. The buttons for the melee attacks are situated in the right placed and the D-pad is always reachable from every situation. The good thing is that Bastion is already prepared for the new iOS 7 controllers and now the fans only have to wait for the accessories to be launched.

All in all, this exciting game that has a beautiful and detailed world can be downloaded from iTunes on your iOS devices after you pay a $4.99 fee.

You should also take a look at the following games that were updated with controller support so that they can be compatible with the new accessories:

  • Limbo is a game that won over 100 awards, which tells the story of a little boy that enters in the strange world of LIMBO because he is concerned about his sister’s fate. The game has lots of interesting puzzles and can be acquired for a price of $4.99 from Apple’s store.
  • Tennis in the Face is a game that has very little to do with tennis, because it’s a game that looks very much with Angry Birds. Basically, the main character, a disgraced tennis champ has to save the city by bouncing the ball to the walls and hit the targets in order to destroy them in a hilariously way. This exciting puzzle game can be downloaded for $2.99 by following the next link.
  • King Oddball is a funny and exciting game where users have to blow up tanks and helicopters, destroy huge structures and so forth in order to destroy the world. The game can be bought for $2.99.
  • Alien vs Predator: Evolution is a bonus game added to this list whose action is taking place on another planet. Users can play both, aliens or predators, and fight until one of them disappears. The game is a finalist of the 2013 Mobile Excellence Awards at the “Best Mobile Game” category and can be downloaded for only $0.99.
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