It’s that time when we review ten or fifteen best new Android apps that have been launched in the Play Store. If you missed our past week’s roundup, why don’t you go ahead and have a look at it to see whether you might find something interesting apps to download and install on your Android smartphone or tablet. This week has been filled with Android news, such as the launch of the Nexus 5, the unveiling of Android 4.4 KitKat and Motorola’s upcoming Project Ara.

For the week ending on November 3, we have gathered fifteen new Android apps comprised, as always, of various apps to help you be more productive and have fun. Gamers will be glad to know that this time we’ve got a lot of new interesting Android games, but also a bunch of other apps meant to transform your Android device into a helpful piece of technology.

Google Maps Engine (Free)google-maps-engine-best-android-apps

Google Maps Engine on Android shouldn’t be confused with the Google Maps for Mobile app as this one enables you to view your custom maps anywhere you are at anytime. You can create your own Google map from your Android device and share its coordinates with your team. You and your colleagues can easily toggle on and off relevant layers.

Call of Duty: Strike Team ($6.99)

Call of Duty is one of the most played PC games in the world and its popularity remains the same in the Android ecosystem. That’s why the launch of Call of Duty: Strike Team has been met with a lot of downloads and positive ratings. The all-new, first-person and third-person where your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team to hunt down U.S’s unknown enemy. You can follow the story and play in campaign mode or put your skills to the test as against incoming waves of enemies in survival mode.

Telegram (Free)telegram-best-android-apps

Nowadays, people are getting more concerned about their privacy, and that’s why such an app like Telegram is much needed. Use the app to create secure group chats with up to 100 people. You can even share videos up to 1GB and send photos. The Secret Chats feature comes with end-to-end encryption; also, the messages self-destruct after they have been received and no records are being stored, whatsoever. Despite the fact that Telegram is free, you won’t encounter any ads at all inside the application.

The Activision Decathlon ($1.99)

Sports games is my favorite type of Android and that’s why The Activision Decathlon is on my to-play list. It includes such legendary sport as the 100m, 400m, 1500m, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Javelin, Shot Put and Discus. Win contests, and earn stars, coins and skill points that you will use to further customize your athlete with pieces of gear, training packs and energy supplements.

Snapdragon BatteryGuru (Free)

We’ve seen a lot of battery saving apps for Android devices, but you won’t so many that come from such a big name like Qualcomm. Snapdragon BatteryGuru is a battery life saver app for devices with Snapdragon mobile processors that lets you optimize your device to get a better battery life. What’s awesome about the app is that it equires no user configuration, automatically learning and adjusting the smartphone’s settings.

Dead Trigger 2 (Free)

You’d think that yet another game about zombies might be boring, but wait until you try Dead Trigger 2. The new sequel to Dead Trigger comes with “mouth-watering graphics”. It’s not just a boring zombie game, but one that comes with real time story development where you take part in the Global Resistance and even with a personal hide-out.

VPN Unlimited (Free)vpn-unlimited-best-android-apps

There are many Android VPN app in the Play Store, but the reason why we’re including this one is that it is currently being offered for free. So, you should hurry and install it on your device until the promotion lasts. It comes with unlimited bandwidth VPN and a very easy setup. VPN Unlimited lets you unlock geographically restricted websites through the encrypted tunnel technology between your Android device and a server. Using a VPN

Real Steel World Robot Boxing (Free)

Boxing is one of the most dangerous sports, but not when you play it on your Android smartphone or tablet. The Real Steel World Robot Boxing Android game is the follow up to the first Real Steel game based on the movie with the same name. Become the robot champion as you get to fight against 24 mean machines in 10 different arenas. There are four different gaming modes for your robot boxing pleasure: Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring.

Power-Grid (Free)

Our Android smartphones can do so many things and with ROCCAT’s Power-Grid app, a new useful function is added. The app transforms your Android device into a fully-customizable remote for your PC, letting you connect, monitor and control your PC from your smartphone. It will monitor your CPU load, memory & hard drive usage and even let you operate Windows Media Player and iTunes.

F18 3D Fighter Jet simulator (Free)

Only the best pilots in the world get to fly an advanced jet fighter trough the skies while the rest of us can resort to games and apps. The F18 3D Fighter Jet simulator Android app is one of the best to use to simulate the experience of while piloting a F18 jet fighter. 20 missions lie ahead of you where you have to know how to dodge skyscrapers. At the moment, you don’t get to fight with other plans but that is on the cards, as well.

Spy Camera Ultimate (Free)spy-camera-ultimate-best-android-apps

I’ve installed the Spy Camera Ultimate Android app from the first minute I heard about it. The reason? To be able to see what my tomcat is doing when I’m not at home. Use the app to record videos secretly without anyone knowing. Your phone’s screen won’t reveal that it is actually recording so you’ll be able to know what certain person are doing. One of the best Android spy apps in a while!

I, Gladiator ($0.99)

We’re now playing Gladiator games, but they were once a tragic reality. I, Gladiator lets you relive those moments in a “almost too real experience of a bloody gladiatorial combat”. You get to choose from a huge inventory of weapons and armors to fight against your enemies who are not just gladiators like you, but even wild animals, such as fierce lions.

TeamSpeak 3 ($1.99)team-speak-3-best-android-apps

Longtime Team Speak users have been waiting for quite a while for Team Speak 3 to make its way for Android users and the day has finally arrived. The third version of Team Speak comes with server, channel and private chats, automated away status on incoming phone calls and with the ability to control as an administrator such user features as moving, banning, kicking, complaining, blocking and much more.

Fist of Awesome ($3.99)

This might seem like a silly game if you look only at its description, but it instantly becomes interesting after you start playing. With a weird slogan of ” punch bears in the mouth”, the Fist of Awesome game has become a hit among Android users who also have awarded it a good rating. You play as Tim Burr who fights a world now ruled by bears punching them in the mouth. Have a look at the video to learn more about this ingenious title.

Rummi Plus (Free)


Rummy is one of the games that I play even now with my friends when we meet. Rummi Plus is one of the best Android Rummy games and it is completely free. You can play with your friends or with players from all over the world, and even listen to music while playing. You can either login with Facebook or a guest account. Start playing Rummy on your Android device with Rummy Plus and join thousands of gaming rooms.

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